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Remembered Today:

Quiz Wednesday 11th July 2007

Alison Arnold

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Yep - got back in time for part 2, and jolly fun it was too.

By the way; who collected the door money? Nice to let late-arrivers in for free.

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I collected the door money. I put Malcs share in the old teapot above the fire shhhhhhh don't tell anyone. You only got in for free because I was distracted.:lol:

Right now for the questions see what you missed Broomers

1 What is the name for the dot above the letter i?

2 In which country are the first class cricket sides First Bank and National Bank based?

3 Campaigns' avator shows Patrick McGooghan in his famous role the Prisoner what kind of car did he drive?

4. Horse racing distances are measured in furlongs. How many feet in a furlong?

5 Valencia Island is off the coast of which European country?

6 The going at turf tracks is good, soft heavy etc what is the going at an all weather circuit called?

7 What is Postman Pats surname

8 The phrase "a green eyed monster" originated in which Shakespeare play

9 I was born in 1965 which famous Racehorse was also born in that year?

10 How much liquid does a flagon hold?

11Who is the murder victim in a game of Cluedo?

12 In 1974 Red Rum won his second Grand National. Name the horse which came second?

13 What is the third book of the Bible?

14 What was the name of Tontos horse in the Lone Ranger?

15 Which European Queen was a widow at the age of 18?

16 Which pirate sailed the ship The Queen Annes Revenge?

17 Which American city is home to the Padres and the Chargers?

18 On a clear day from the top of Ben Nevis what is the furthest thing you can see?

19 Aintree Racecourse was closed for three years during the Great War. An alternative race was held where?

20. What is the only word in the English Language to end in mt?

Other half in a few minutes


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21 What is pogonology the study of?

22 Where would you most commonly find the inscription "Standing on the shoulders of giants"?

23 What starts with T ends in T and has T in it?

24 In what year was the first hot air balloon flight?

25 How many stomachs does a cow have?

26 Why is it not possible for a man to marry his widows sister?

27 In which year was the numbering of houses introduced?

28 In horse racing what betting terms are known as "carpet"

29 Who was the first US president to die in office?

30 Who invented the piano?

31 Which famous artist also invented the scissors?

32 When the Titanic sunk on April 15th 1912 1523 people are believed to have died. How many survived?

33 Which distress signal was used by the Titanic?

34 What was Williams the Conquerors wife called?

35 Which musicians original name was Declan McManus?

36 What type of animal is a Garron?

37 What is Zurichs main river called?

38 What is the collective term for a group of Woodpeckers?

39 What is the fictional Island setting for the 1973 film The Wicker Man?

40 The Cheltenham Festival is the most prestigious event for what type of racing?

Thats your lot. Answers in a bit


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1 Tittle

2 Pakistan

3 Lotus 7

4 660 feet

5 Ireland

6 Standard

7 Clifton

8 Othello

9 Red Rum

10 2 pints

11 Dr Black

12 L'Escargot

13 Leviticus

14 Scout

15 Mary Queen of Scots

16 Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

17 San Diego

18 The Sun

19 Gatwick

20 Dreamt

21 Beards

22 Edge of a £2 coin

23 Teapot

24 1783

25 4

26 Because he is dead

27 1463

28 3-1

29 William Harrison

30 Bartolomeo Cristofori

31 Leonardo Di Vinci

32 705

33 CDQ followed by SOS later

34 Matilda

35 Elvis Costello

36 Pony

37 Limmat

38 Descent

39 SummerIsle

40 National Hunt


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'Five' --- 5 --- lovely cinq!! Am I the winner? :D

Very tough test, Ali! Sort the knowledgeable from those who wish. :o

Teapot :P

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As a quarter of the questions featured gee-gees in some form or other, and my ignorance of that mammal is encyclopedic, I answered 'Dobbin' to most questions.

Seemed to work.....

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You over exaggerate. I did the woodpecker question especially for you :).

Jim nope sorry Ian beat you by 2 points

Anyway the scores for those who couldn't hang around

Mandy, apwright and keith with 1

Marc, Taters, lynz, Andrew Hesketh and 59165 with 2

Marina (her madgeness) with 3

Tom and Bruce with 4

Broomers, Allie, Garron, Kevin, Glyn and Lyn on 5

and the Winner

Ian A with 7

Ali :) Points were being dished out like sweeties by the scorer

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What a quiz! Chris refused to wake at 4, but looking at it now, we could have answered 6!!! Mind you that is with a time factor. It sounds as though you had fun :)



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My very own question!! Nom d'un nom!

Apart from family groups, I have never beheld a flock of woodpeckers. Do they go round mob-handed??

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The combined sound of the 'baa'-ing of the former and the 'chirrup'-ing of the latter is enough to make grown men tremble. The terrible noise is exceeded in its fearsomeness only by the 'chatter'-ing of a posse of Hell's Grannies in full maraud.

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Suppose if Woodpeckers did go around in a group that is what you would call it. Depends on the species I suppose. Never seen more than two Great Spotteds at once.

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Apparently in Australian Cluedo (and american 'Clue') the murder victim is Mr Boddy. A shame we didn't have any aussies to answer that one and confuse us!


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Apparently in Australian Cluedo (and american 'Clue') the murder victim is Mr Boddy.

Ohh thanks Allie. I'll add that to my supply of horrible questions for future reference. :lol:


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