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13th Btn AIF at Gallipoli August 1915


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I was researching a member of the 13th Btn AIF who was wounded on the 15/08/1915 and have pulled his papers from the Australian archives but my knowledge of the Gallipoli theatre of war is pretty limited so was looking for some help from the experts.

The only info I have been able to find is that the 13th were heavily engaged at ANZAC during August and were invloved in the attack on hill 971. I have also found a photo of the 13th with the caption "a platoon of the 13th Btn being addressed before marching to attack 6th August 1915".

Were the 13th Btn involved in the Lone Pine attacks on the 6th August and can anyone let me kow the action on the 15th in which my chap was wounded?

Thanks for any help


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You will find that the Australian Offical History of the Great War is on line on the AWM (Australian War Memorial) webb site.

The volume to look for is Volume 2 which covers the AIF on Anzac (Gallipoli) between April 26 1915 to 20 Dec 1915.

The attack involving the 13th Bn AIF on the 7th Aug was the left flanking advance by the 4th Bde (13Bn, 14Bn, 15Bn and 16Bn) under General Monash which attacked the area of Chunuik Bair and points towards the british landing at Suvla Bay.

The atacks on Lone Pine were by the 1st Austrlaian Div mainly 1st Bde (1Bn, 2Bn, 3Bn and 4Bn) and Bn's of the 2 and 3 Bde's.

But I am sure others will give you where to look and other details.



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Richard - if you PM me your email address - I'll send you a scan of the relevant page from the 13th Bn History.

Cheers, Frev

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You will probably read of how the 4th Infantry Brigade got lost in the range of hills and gullies below Hil 971. Whilst this seems almost unforgiveable, it's not until you have been there that you realise how easy this would have been, particularly in the dark on the eve of the August attack.

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