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I have located the Attestation Papers of 3 x relatives who served with the Canadian Forces. All appear to have Attested in 1918. I wondered if anyone could tell me whether any of them may have made it to units...or will I have to obtain service papers?

1. 3207860 PTE Alexander William Smart, 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment. Attested 15/04/1918.

(notation says he refused to sign his Attestation Papers)

2. 3208579 PTE George Douglas Smart, 1st Depot Battalion, Calgary/Alberta Regiment. Attested 03/05/1918.

3. 3214487 PTE James Smart jnr, 1st Depot Battalion, Alberta Regiment. Attested 16/07/1918.


Tim Dawe

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Here are some close ones


3206572 October 18, 1918


3215097 October 6, 1918 (on the Halifax Memorial, so probably died at sea)


3314082 October 8, 1918

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Thanks Michael. Think I will have to bite the bullet and order the papers.



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