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Army Order 42 1919 re Officer Cadets


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Under another thread I have been asked (by Dogflud) what happened to Offcier Cadets who were still under training at cessation of hostilities and the Officer Cadet Battalions were disbanded.

I have traced a number of cadets who were in this position through the London Gazette and found they were given temporary commissions as 2nd Lts 'under the provisions of the Royal Warrant dated 30th December 1918, promulgated in Army Order 42 of 1919'.

Does anyone one the terms of this AO and what is likely to have happened to these men?

Thanks in anticipation


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I am afraid that I am not familiar with the particular orders, but, from a cursory reading of various instructions concerning demobilisation, I suspect that these men were near the end of the queue for a ticket to Civvie Street. The process of demobilisation took about two years, and, in the mean time, there would have been a need for officers in all sorts of places - to include the Army of Occupation in Germany and the forces involved in the many little was that broke out at the end of the Great War.

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As it happens I have just acqured the medals of such a man.

* Posted to 21 Officer Cadet Battalion, Crookham in Hampshire [date unknown]

* Commissioned and appointed a temporary 2nd Lieutenant in the Dorset Regiment (Service Battalions) under the provisions of the Royal Warrant dated 30 December 1918, promulgated in Army Order 42 of January 1919 ... with effect from 17 March 1919

* Departs Liverpool, bound for Rangoon in Burma aboard the Lamport & Holt vessel, Martaban ... 13 May 1919

... Not in military employ but to go out as an assistant on a plantation !!

* Resigns his commission in the Dorset Regiment ... with effect from 1 September 1921

He seems never to have served with a Battalion of his new regiment!!

Any comments from wise Forumites ?


p.s. If officer training took 14 weeks - he may have been posted to his OCB just AFTER the Armistice came into effect.

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Sorry to resurect this old post, but while researching a man recorded in the London Gazette's promotions section as follows:

"Regular Forces. Infantry. Service Battalions. The under-mentioned Cadets to be temporary 2nd Lieutenants under the provisions of the Royal Warrant dated 30 December 1918, promulgated in Army Order 42 of January, 1919."

I looked here to see if anyone had posted the actual meaning of AO42.

As no-one (apparently) has, here's what The Daily Mail, 29 June 1920, printed in a column titled The Soldier's Friend:

Q. What is the Royal Warrant dated December 1918 promulgated in Army Order 42 of 1919?

A. Army Order 42 of 1919 states as follows: Whereas We deem it expedient to regulate further the future grant of commissions to officer cadets during the period of the present war, Our Will and Pleasure is that such cadets as, on or after January 1, 1919, have completed a satisfactory course of training, may be granted Special Reserve, Territorial Force, or temporary commissions, but that they shall not be entitled to any outfit allowance, gratuity, pay or any other emoluments as officers in respect of the grant of such commissions. On leaving the Army, or on being demobilised, they shall receive such gratuities as they would be eligible for as warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and men had they not been granted a commission.

Although it may be related to demob, as suggested above by Hoplophile, it looks more to do with penny-pinching on allowances granted to some of the newly commissioned officers.

Hope this helps others who were wondering.


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