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MIC Information

Will O'Brien

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MIC Information……….how accurate is it?........Should it be taken as gospel or do the Pals know whether there were occasional/regular errors?

There is a basis for this question. Today I received a photocopy of my Great Uncles MIC courtesy of Alie & the gang who did the MIC Charity Look Up. The original reason for wanting a copy of this was to find out whether my Great Uncle had been entitled to a 1914-1915 Star.

His entitlement had always been a matter of some debate (this due to a number of pieces of circumstantial evidence)……..Within the few remaining documents regarding his service in my possession, there is a letter dated March 1920 (presumably in response to an application for a 1914-1915 star made by his mother – my Great Grandmother) advising that the matter of whether my Great Uncle was entitled to the medal would be looked into. Regrettably I had no correspondence regarding the outcome of this investigation……………..Secondly no one left alive in my family could verify ever seeing the medals. They were kept hidden away from sight at my Grandmothers house & stolen 20+ years ago (yes I know who did it & if I ever pass him on the street there will be more than words said!! :angry: ) so no one can remember whether there was a 1914-1915 Star amongst them………Thirdly, one of the family stories was that my Great Uncle died quite soon after being sent abroad (he died in February 1916)……………..So you will understand that when I looked at his MIC this morning & saw the 1914-1915 Star entitlement marked on it, I was somewhat pleased that a little mystery had been solved…………………I then did a double take…………..The date of entry into the theatre of war is listed as 3rd December 1914……………Not at all what I expected for a number of reasons…………….This does not tally with the reluctant volunteer who dies shortly after arriving at the front…………This is the date of entry of a man who volunteers very early on in the war, receives very little training indeed & is at the front within 3 months of joining up…………..& who goes on to serve for 14 months at the front before dying………….

Secondly my Great Uncle served with the Royal Scots Fusiliers throughout his army career (or so I thought & possibly still do). Another family story suggests that he chose a Scottish Regiment because his mothers family originated from Scotland (although both my Great Uncle & his mother were born in Leicester), also there is no evidence that he served with another regiment prior to the Royal Scots Fusiliers (nothing mentioned in SDGW as sometimes occurs) However, when he died he was with the 6th Battalion which did not land in France until 11th May 1915. To have served from December 1914 at the front means he served with another battalion prior to the 6th…………….The hand written entry on his MIC states ‘1/RScFus’ under ‘Corps’….Does this indicate he once served with the 1st Battalion?..............If so would a regular Battalion being taking volunteer replacements as early as December 1914?

I know I have rambled on a bit & this little mystery may well be solved IF his record is at the PRO/NA but as that is quite a big if, I thought I’d pick the brains of the Pals before I took the plunge on that score…………….& Alie apologised that the MIC didn’t contain very much information :lol: .

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have you considered the possibility he was a Special Reservist, or even had served in the regular Army previous to 1914 and was recalled reservist?

What was his regimental number ?

Jock Bruce

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have you considered the possibility he was a Special Reservist, or even had served in the regular Army previous to 1914 and was recalled reservist?

What was his regimental number ?

Jock Bruce


His regimental number was 11055.

I hadn't really considered the possibility that he had any previous army service.............mainly as that would blow apart the family 'story/myth' for him joining up................He was meant to have been a timid, pacifist of a man, completely unsuited to the army who only volunteered to get away from horrendous bigotry regarding his illegitimacy.

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looking at SDGW for 1 RSF casualties with 1xxxx numbers it looks perfectly possible that he was out by the end of 14 -

10600: 23 Aug 14

10107: ditto

10014: ditto

10661: ditto

10513: 15 Sep 14

10476: 16 Sep 14

10901: 17 Sep 14

10614: 27 Sep 14

10781: 18 Oct 14

10894: ditto

10879: 21 Oct 14

10539: 22 Oct 14

11040: 23 Oct 14

10427: 24 Oct 14

10817: 25 Oct 14

10110: 27 Oct 14

10385: ditto

10843: 5 Nov 14

10977: 6 Nov 14

10970: 11 Nov 14

10725: ditto

10956: ditto

10380: ditto

11107: 12 Nov 14

10017: 13 Nov 14

10742: 14 Nov 14

11059: 17 Nov 14

11874: 18 Nov 14

11080: 3 Dec 14

13945: 2 Jan 15


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Guest Ian Bowbrick


Two things:

1. The medal roll (BWM & Victory) will show the Battalions he served with. Suggest this is your next step.

2. Family legend is the biggest pain in the butt to researchers! If I believed any of the stories about my relatives..........oh boy!

I am sure Tom T-M could quote some interesting examples :D


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Hi Will,

i'm right with you in the confused department. I was expecting a star with my look up, it would have made things easier! However no star on the form. As my subject was a Territorial i'm thinking that perhaps he took the option to not enlist immediately, or maybe he was too young and parents refused.

Then in the hand written entry under corps it says: *2/Lincs

I've checked through SDGW for the 2nd Lincs and his service number does not correspond to any in that battalion. His service number does tally with a lot of the original 1/5th Lincs who were out in France from Mar 1915. :(


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Jock...........Thanks for that, it's all come as a bit of a surprise to me....but I like a mystery & this one will be a pleasure to get to the bottom of :D

Ian..............Thanks for the tip regarding the medal roll..........I've given this some thought since first reading your post & due to the constraints of time, family & work I think I'm going to take the plunge & pay a professional to do the remainder of the searches at the PRO..........I know that the chances of his record being available are less than good, but could you tell me how intact the medal rolls are?

Yes I know what you mean about the 'Family legend'. This particular legend has been falling apart piece by piece ever since I first started digging. It wouldn't surprise me if by the end of my journey there's nothing left of it.

Steve............Keep digging..........it's all you can do

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