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16th or 17th HLI July 1, 1916

Peter Shand

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I'm trying to find out where the 25th Division battalions (2nd. S. Lancs, 8th Borders, 11 Cheshires) made their futile attack from on July 3, 1916 against the Leipzig Salient. I believe they probably relieved the 16/HLI beteen Tyndrum Street and Thiepval Avenue. during the night of 2/3 July.

Does anyone have information which would confirm this? Or, am I too far north, in which case the 17th HLI who attacked from (in front of) trenches south of Tyndrum St. to about Sanda Street may have been relieved by them.

I would appreciate advice from anyone who can help from a war diary, history, or other source.

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From the History of the 16th HLI. At 1.00am on the 2nd the remnants of the 16th Battalion was reinforced by a detachment of the 17th HLI, to anticipate further attacks, the Germans laid down a heavy barrage between 3 and 5 o'clock in the morning and sniped continuously from dawn. All day there was intermittent shelling. More reinforcments, consisting of one officer and 206 other ranks of the 11th Borders, reported about 6 o'clock at night. The next morning - the 3rd - at 3.30 am, the 16th was relieved by the 8th Border Regiment of the 25th Division.

I hope this is of some help to you. Cheers Rob.

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Great, Rob. Thanks for the information. It's a real help confirming that I'm on the right track.

Thanks, Pete.

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