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M.M. Winners from the Leeds Pals


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Hi Pals

Can someone out there help this "Numpty" please.

I've just spent the last two hours looking for information about these two Leeds Pals and the Military Medals they were awarded, but to no avail.

They are:

15/1387 Corporal Clifford Best &

15/1137 Private Arthur Binns

Now I information that Arthur was awarded his 3rd May 1917 and Gazetted on 9th July 1917. But this didn't seem to help me :rolleyes:

Also does anyone have an "idiots guide" to using these publications please? before I assassinate my computer.

Cheers in advance


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Here is Binns:


Type in A. Binns (Capital A is important, as is the full stop)

Publication date of 6-7-1917. Usually about a 3 day difference between street date and publication date.


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This is Arthur BINNS entry:


There's no real answer to the Gazette search engine I've always found it a real pain in the a***!

What other details do you have for Best?


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Thanks Guys :D



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Did you ever find any information our on Corporal Clifford Best 15/1387? The reason I ask is that I literally found out yesterday, on the 100th anniversary of the armistice that he was my great grandfather. My dad has his medals and commendation from the King. I was wondering if you'd discovered anything more?



J Tiffany

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