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8th BN Royal Irish Regiment

Guest Caroline

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I am trying to find out more about my Great Grandad his name was Henrey William Sanger of Nottinghill. He was Private 12441 8th BN Royal Irish Regiment, his grave is in Terlinchun British Cemetery Wimillepas de Calais France, He died 19/11/1918 aged 34.

I want to know what his position was and did our family receive any medals for his service. All of his Children are now dead.

I have looked on the War Graves Commission but can not find any further information.

We are looking for service records/medals and if he has a marked grave.

Many thanks

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Some more information for you taken from 'Soldiers Died in the Great War'.

Private 12441

SANGER, Henry W.

Born: Kensington, Middx

Enlisted: Harlesden, Middx

Residence: Kensington

Died of wounds 19.11.1918, France & Flanders.

Formerly 31872 Hampshire Regt.

He has a marked grave, reference Plot XI. Row B. Grave 29 in Terlinchun British Cemetery.

Alan Seymour

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You can be certain that your Great Grandfather was entitled to some medals but you can also be certain that they would have been sent to the person named as his next-of-kin when he enlisted. Medals were sent in the post and the person they were sent to had to complete and return a receipt for them.

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I will look him up in the regimental history I don't have the book but will probably be in the national library tomorrow it is unlikley that he is mentioned in the book but it might something about there movements.

Conor :)

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This unit was part of 40th Division in 1918; the divisional history shows that the last time they were seriously in action was in the crossing of the Escaut river on 29th October 1918. Some patrols also went out to the villages of Pecq and Warcoing.

There is a fair chance he was hit in one of these actions and has died of his wounds in a base hospital; there were several around the area where the cemetery is located.

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Thank you to you all for the information you have given me.

Does anyone know how I can trace who signed for my Great Grandfathers medals?

Nobody seems to know what happend to them when my Great Grandmother died.

I would really just like to know which ones he would have been awarded? Any Ideas?

Many thanks once again guys.

Caroline :)

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Go to the links section and the researchers at the bottom. His Medal Index Card will be in the PRO which tells you which medals he got and I think there is about a 40% chance his papers will be there worth a try though and as far as I know there is no way of tracing who signed for the medals.


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Tom Tulloch-Marshall

Conor - a fair proportion of the surviving Other Ranks service records at PRO include the signed receipt slip(s) for the men's medals - ie the receipts returned to the War Office by the next of kin. Regards - Tom

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As to what medals he would have been awarded you need to take a look at the MIC (Medal Index Cards) at the Public Record Office - they are very easy to access and understand and the staff are extremely helpful. Unless something is very unusual he would have received the British War Medal and the Victory Medal at the very least and, depending on when he first saw service, possibly another one.

Also, as Tom has stated, if his service record has survived there is a reasonable chance that details of whom the medals were sent to will also be there - I've certainly found several such cases, though there is no guarantee - about 50:50 on the ones I've seen, but I can't say if that's representative of the records as a whole. Once again you need the PRO for such information, but as Conor has said, you've got less than a 50% chance of tracing this (especially as the alphabetical order they are supposed to be presented in is often a little erratic!).

You could also contact the RIR museum at:

Museum Curator

RHQ The Royal Irish Regiment,

St Patrick's Barracks,


Co Antrim,

Northern Ireland

Phone: [+44] 126 666 1323

[+44] 126 666 1385

Fax: [+44] 126 666 1378

I've never dealt with them but they may be able to help in some way - some regimental museums are extremely helpful, others less so.

Good luck in your research,


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