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Light Horse


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Im sure our ALH aficionados have seen this before ? But I have never come across it. The men are wearing the famous light horse Emu plumes(at least that what it looks like )but they are wearing them with a Wolseley Helmet. :lol: can anybody tell us more ? "MO" post-13272-1177921109.jpg

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On Tuesday 11th May 1915 the 3rd Light Horse Brigade were issued with the British Wolseley helmets for active service at the Dardanelles. All Slouch hats were handed into the Base Store.

This was four days before the Brigade embarked for Gallipoli.

With the handing in of their slouch hats, many men had removed their Emu plumes and placed them in their helmets, but just prior to embarkation an order was issued that all plumes were to be removed and none were to be taken to Gallipoli, ostensively so that the enemy would not be able to distinguish them from all other infantry units.

With the re-organization of the Light Horse Regiments in January 1916, after the evacuation from Gallipoli, many men continued to wear these helmets, hence the plumes as seen in your photograph.

As a matter of interest, do you know which Light Horse unit this was and where the photograph was taken?

Could shed some further light to your question.


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Sorry Jeff I have no Idea Where or when. A mate forwarded the pic to me from France. Sorry I cant be of more help. Your information is of interest though. "MO"

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