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I'm new to this and I'm looking for help in finding out what happened to my mothers uncle. I have very limited information on him, I've tried the CWGC with no joy and not sure where else to try.

His name was Alick Simpson he was born in 28/12/1901 in Rothes, Morayshire his parents were James & Mary Simpson. As as far as I've been told he was joined the Seaforth Highlanders during WW1 and that is all I know of him.

I know my information is limited but I would really love to find out what happened to him it would solve a family mystery.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Gillain,

I couldn't find anyone on the National Archives site with the first name of Alick serving with the Seaforths. However, you have a number of possibilities, of which some can be discounted on the National Archives site:


These are references to Medal Index Cards, see this link for info on them:


Looking at the first link you have 3 possibles. The MIC will not provide you much info on him though unless you can pinpoint him. Do you have any other reference such as a service number?


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Amend the first name to Alexander and you quote a few more.....

He would have been underage during the war period, although it is not impossible he lied about that on joining.

Depending on when he did join, but assuming it would have been late in the war, I think he would have had a number in the S/20000's series.

My grandfather joined the Seaforths sometime end 1917/early 1918 and was S/26900.

There is also the possibilty, again due to his age, that he was conscripted and called up to serve only after hostilities.


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I have the Morayshire Roll of Honour which contains all those who served (although it's not perfect) there are no "Alick" Simpsons so going the Alexander route as suggested by Ian throws up an Alexander from Rothes but not with the parents names you have. The only Alex Simpson from Rothes was:-

Alexander Simpson born 9th August 1898 1/6th Seaforths son of Alexander and Christie Simpson of Craig Cottages Rothes

There are some other Simpsons, but not Alex from Rothes also they are not matching the other details you gave

James and Annie Simpson from Rothes had a few sons serving if they're any relation

The Seaforths were the local Regiment alright, most of the men from that area were in the 1/6th (Territorial) Battalion for which D Company was based at Rothes and had a a drill hall at Archiestown up the road it's possible he was in the TA but was too young to serve overseas.

If any other of the Simpsons are of interest let me know


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