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no. 11 squadron rfc


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does anyone have access to any information on 11 squadron RFC during the great war. i have a list of airfields and aircraft used but is their any more information available or any photos of members of the squadron pilots etc or groundcrew. My grandfather won the military medal whilst in the squadron but i cannot find out fully why.

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Formed at Netheravon on 14 February 1915 from a nucleus provided by No. 7 Squadron, No. 11 Squadron claims to be the first RFC unit specifically equipped as a scout unit. By the time the squadron moved to St Omer, France in July, it was equipped with the Vickers 'Gunbus' and was quickly pressed into action. In November 2nd Lt GSM Insall was awarded the VC. Having forced down an Aviatik and destroying it with a well-aimed incendiary bomb, his aircraft was then damaged by ground fire. After force landing the aircraft, Insall and his observer/gunner repaired a fuel leak and flew back to base the following morning.

In May 1917, the squadron became involved in offensive patrols, and joined the Army of Occupation after the Armistice, returning to the UK in late 1919 prior to disbanding shortly after

Hope this is a good start


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FLYING UNITS OF THE RAF - by Alan Lake (not ME)

Formed at Netheravon 14th February 1915 by re-designating an element of 7 Sqn. Became 11 Squadron RAF from 1st April 1918 whilst at Lienvillers, France.

Included these aircraft -

Henry Farman F.20

Vickers F.B.4 649

Vickers Gunbus 5455

Vickers F.B.9 7665

Bristol Scout C 5313

D.H.2 5918

Nieuport 16 A126

Nieuport 17 A200

Nieuport 24 B3591

Vickers E.S.1 7756

F.E.2b 7023

F.2b A7174 F

Disbanded 31st December 1919 at Scopwick.

Re-formed 15th January 1923 at Andover by re-designating Air Pilotage School RAF.

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Have a look for the book, Against the Odds. The Life of Group Captain Lionel Rees VC, by W. Alister Williams.

Chaptre 3 is 11 Sqn RFC 1915.


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