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Signaller R.H Dorning, HMS 'Patrol'

Mark Hone

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Signaller Robert Henry Dorning of HMS 'Patrol' drowned on 17th December 1915 and is commemorated on the Chatham Memorial. At first I assumed that the ship sank, but research on the internet indicates that it survived the war. (One of its sister ships, Pathfinder was sunk in 1914). A long shot, but does anyone know any more of the circumstances of Dorning's death, or did the poor chap just fall overboard?


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Cross of Sacrifice Vol IV indicates that he was drowned in an accident (unspecified) - a hazard of the Naval Service since time immemorial.

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Have you looked in the ships log ADM 53/54632 to see if it has any details?

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Mark, from the the Admiralty death record:


Best wishes


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