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Remembered Today:

Our Peace Time Army


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I thought I'd share this, it appeared in a recent local magazine.

Diss, Harleston, Beccles, Bungay and Eye Journal, dated 30th November, 1918.


A new peace-time army is to be formed and attractive terms are offered to men already in the forces who wish to remain soldiers.

Men are needed for overseas garrisons, and there must be the necessary reserves at home, so it has been decided (says the official announcement) that certain men now in the army (general service men between the ages of 19 and 35, who are serving on "duration of war" engagements, or whose terms of colour services has expired, or is due to expire before April 1st next) may extend their service for another two, three, or four years in any of the following units:-Household Cavalry, Line Cavalry, RA, RE, Foot Guards, Infantry, Machine Gun Corps, Tanks, ASC, RAMC, AOC, AVC, APC, Military Police. Men not in any of these corps may go into that for which they are suitable. All will retain their existing substantive rank up to that of sergeant.

Existing rates of pay and seperation allowances will continue. In addition to pension, reserve pay or gratuities, bounties at the following rates will be given to men extending their service before January 1st:-Men extending up to March 31st, 1921--Three sums of £5 13s 4d, the first payable at once, the second on March 31st, 1920; the third on March 31st, 1921--total £20 (sic). Up to March 31st, 1922--Four sums of £10, the first payable at once, and the others on March 31st 1920; March 31st 1921; and March 31st 1922, respectively--total £40. Up to March 31st 1923--Five sums each of £10, the first at once, the others on March 31st 1920, and each succeeding March 31st.--total £50.

Special furlough--two months for two years' extension, and three months for three and four years, to be given as soon after the extension as possible.


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Very interesting -thanks for posting it.

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