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Guest Patricia Welna

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Guest Patricia Welna

I am trying to find out about THE BUFFS(EAST KENT REGIMENT), my grandfather SERGENT JOHN CROSS 6279179 served in the 1st Battalion of the Buffs from 02/09/1910 to 12/04/1933. I wou;d like to know where they served and any other relevant information. It has been very hard to get any sort of information even from The Buffs themselves. Heres hoping someone out there can help. Thank you so much

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I have ALL Buffs regimental histories from it's conception to the 1960's. If you care to Email me I would be happy to help you out. Let me know exact dates you are interested in and I shall let you know what the 1st Buffs were doing that day and where they were located.

Mick Mills (another Buffs enthusiast and active forum member) will I feel sure also be prepared to help you out.

Where was your Grandfather from? Have you his regimental number etc...

The Naval and Military Press (NMP) sell a re-print of the Great War regimental history (Col Moody). It sells for about £22. Last time I went to Canterbury Buffs museum the Curator wasn't even aware of this publication! I complained bitterly and wrote to the Canterbury Council complaining that the museum was being run by idiots with no real interest in the regiment... I went back to the museum a few months later and noticed the regimental history was now on sale. Last November (2006) I again returned to the museum and was clearly informed that no such current publication existed! I gave up trying to change anything...

The problem is that the Canterbury Buffs museum is now being run by the local authority instead of the National Army Museum. It's a great pity because the museum holds a very impressive Buffs collection (especially of medals).

Kindest regards


My email address below on my signature

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Before he was renumbered to the long Army number, his Regimental number was L9339 and he went overseas with the 1st Battalion as a Corporal on 7/9/1914.

I don't know if you aware but he was awarded the Military Medal (a bravery medal) which was gazetted on 19/8/1917.

It looks like he was given a new Regular number when he signed up for further service either at the end of the war or very soon after. This number was L11850. By now he was a sergeant.

I'm sure Neil will agree that he is a very rare example of a prewar Regular who served solely with the 1st Battalion and survived into post war service.

I'm sure Neil and I can help you fill in the gaps. I have his medal rolls if you would like copies along with the war diary for the Battalion.

Neil, I agree that the museum is rather disappointing with regard to information. There are wholesale changes to be made to the museum in the next few years. I hope they will be for the better. Maybe we should stage a coup and take over the place!


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Hi Patricia,

Was the John Cross you are researching born in Maidstone in 1885? I too am looking into Sergeant J Cross Service numbers 9339 and 11850. He was a cross country runner and won several medals and trophies for this in 1912/13 and 1920 running for The Buffs. Would this be your grandfather?


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You may already be aware but from the above information it appears that your Grandfather probably served after the armistice in the post war regulars. If so his personal record should still be with the MOD. As a direct descendant you should be able to obtain his papers. Fortunately these were not destroyed in WW2 during the London blitz. there is a fee and it can take around 9 months but well worth the wait. I believe you can obtain the address by completing a search on line.

Tony P

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