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What ho troups!

How is every one doing?

Sorry I haven't been around much but I am off work until January 5th and my home hook up to the net is pretty hit and miss (NTL...gotta love them ... not! Broadband?? broad increase on my monthy payments more like!)

Any hoo, just thought I'd stop by, seeing as how NTL has deemed fit to let me have access to the WWW and say hello to every one ....

And also to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to any one who's birthday it is between now and January ... I might not be available for the usual celebratory sing along :(



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Hi Fleur,

Good to see NTL ("Not Tonight, Luv") let you in! I was eagerly looking forward to a birthday chorus on the 11th December but was desperately disappointed (alliteratively so, it appears) that none came :(


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Great to see you are still around. Watch the withdrawal symptoms - but then no-one is addicted to the Forum, :rolleyes:

.............are we.



ps. B & S were FANTASTIC on Sunday. Possible summer festival concerts next year. Keep you posted. :)

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oh thank god for that .

it not the same without you .Theres no madness it seems empty.

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