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there are many Gallipoli' scholars that may reply, however as someone very new to this campaign proir to a trip out there last October I read 'Defeat at Gallipoli by Nigel Steel & Peter Hart which I enjoyed and gave an overview, its quite a new publication i think.

I also read an interesting account printed in 1916 that i picked up in an 'old book shop' Gallipoli by John MASEFIELD.

Also I found the 'Holts' Battlefield Guide and a couple of the 'Pen & Sword' Battleground books very helpful as well.

Good luck,



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Never read it (still in the pile), but "Gallipoli" by L A Carlyon is supposed to be good; and "Gallipoli" by Robert Rhodes James is an old standard.

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For a good, modern overview - "Gallipoli" by Michael Hickey. Michael leads many visits to the peninsula.

For a more 'Turkish' view - "Gallipoli 1915" by Tim Travers.

For a soldier's view - in truth a sailor's because he was RND - "Gallipoli as I Saw It" by Joseph Murray.

For the views of midshipmen involved in the landings and naval support - "Gallipoli" by Eric Bush and Dardanelles - A Midshipman's Diary" by HM Denham.

That should keep you busy!

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Wow! For once I am ahead of Broomers!

I have read Carlyon's Galipoli...a thought-provoking and interesting read. I enjoyed it, even if it is a bit big.


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