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Air superiority on the Western Front 1916


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It seems clear that the Allies had air superiority over the Germans on the Western Front in May-July 1916. At what point, approximately, could it be said that they gained this superiority and the introduction of which aircraft achieved this? When, also, did the tide turn?

Any help gratefully received.

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The German Fokker Eindekkers ruled the skies over the Western Front from mid-1915 until around April 1916, when three Allied types proved to be effective against the Fokker: the British DH 2 and the FE 2b, as well as the French Nieuport XI. All three Allied machines were able to fire their machine guns forward, a massive improvement over the inadequate and almost indefensible BE 2c.

The Germans regained air superiority in August-September 1916 when new aircraft, primarily the Albatros D.I and D.II, and the Halberstadt D.II appeared, and, most importantly, were organised into dedicated fighter units, the Jagdstaffeln.

That's a very brief summary of events.



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