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I have just found out that my Great Grandmother's elder brother Harry (Henry) Knowles died of wounds on 5 April 1915 at Le Treport France. He was in the 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment. His medal card states that they disembarked on 4 November 1914.

Where is Le Treport and what was it? And what were the 2nd Lincolnshire Regiment doing in the days before he died?

Its pretty sad really my great grandmother Kate looses her youngest brother Tom who was washed overboard on TB No 7 in October 1914 and then looses her elder brother in April 1915 and then she dies in 1918 from TB, after my grandfather was born. But I guess lots of families went through the same during this period.


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"Where is Le Treport and what was it?"


The Le Treport that I know and have visited is a small fishing port on the upper Normandy Coast.

There may be another but I have found a link to the one I visited Last Year.


If its not the correct one then Someone will be along in a minute with more info.

Ian. :rolleyes:

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Hello Heather,

Le Treport is a French coastal town near Dieppe and during the Great War the town was home to a number of military hospitals. If Harry Knowles died of wounds there you can be fairly sure that he died in one of the hospitals that was station in the town.

Given that his date of death was 5 April 1915, I would suggest that it was either No. 3 General Hospital or No. 18 General Hospital, the latter of which was taken over by the American Army in June 1917.

No. 10 (British Red Cross Society) and No. 47 General Hospital were also in Le Treport, but not until much later in the war.

Harry Knowles is buried in Le Treport Military Cemetery, and you can see his page on The Commonwealth War Graves Commission's Website.

I hope this clears a bit of it up for you. As for the activities of the Lincolns around this time, I'll leave that for the experts - in other words, I have no idea, sorry.



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As I said I visited Le Treport and the cemetery..........I was more on a WW2 mission that Holiday and didn't really take any pictures (i know i'm an idiot). :rolleyes:

All the best with the research,your in the right place.

Ian. :D

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