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Any idea on finding info on this person?

Ken Harris

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Looking for a bit of advice on this one.

From what I have been told my Gt grandfather took part in WW1, I have no idea of No, regt, dates or anything else.

He was born in 1880, that would make him 34 in 1914 "is that to old to get called up?"

What makes finding him during my family research is he kept switching his name - he was born Sampson Harris - Got married as Samuel - on his grave is Sampson :blink:

Is it possible to do an online search which will cross reference his next of Kin "maybe wife May Harris"?

I know this is a very long shot.


Ken Harris

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I presume that you have him in Salford, Lancashire, in 1901, as Samuel Harris aged 21, with wife May Richardson , daughter May Harris, 7m, and sister-in-law Maud Richardson, aged 13?


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You might think about trying the Manchester Regiment ..... to start with !!

Although if he had a Salford connection, Lancashire Fusiliers might be a better bet as a starting point for an infantry regiment.

Nor , of course, should, you discount the various Corps - artillery, army service corps and, very possibly for an older man, the Labour Corps.


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Don’t know if you have them but their marriage GRO references are

September Qtr 1900 Salford District Vol 8d p.26




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How about trying the absent voters list if its available.

Has worked for me when having no other info.

Once in Rotherham and once in Londonderry.


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Many thanks for all your answers - I will have a look at the local regiments first

Annie I found "Father Ring" for you, think you should find my gt grandfather :lol:

Samuel/Sampson was born in Birmingham and moved to Salford in 1900 and married May - I cant see him joining something in Birmingham ---- but then I just dont have any idea.



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