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Remembered Today:

Juliet and Oblong Farms in German (2nd Ypres)

Nathan Greenfield

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Forgive me for askingthis one again, but Icannot find it via search.

What did the Germans call:

1) Juliet Farm

2) Oblong Farm

3) Did the English have another name for Roode Karrier Farm, or is that Juliet Farm.

--My maps have confused me.



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According to a list I have :

Oblong Farm = Hof Soetaert

Juliet Farm = Hof Roode Karriere

And this is confirmed by my trench maps.


(If you want a photo of how they looked in May 2004, let me know.)

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Nathan, please circle Brit names on a Brit map, and the Hunnish community (s'cuse me to include the Flemish of course)here can compare with their German maps. A 100% identification with German names should than be possible

P.S Aurel could you mark them on your map and post it here?

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- Not good quality after resizing

- I'm not good at marking and encircling things on map.

Area west of Sint Juliaan.

Hof Soetaert and Hof Roode Karriere right in the middle.

If you want the original unresized version (approx. 600 kB and 800 x 900 pixels) let me know and I'll send it off forum.



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