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Are these 1882 Pattern pouches?


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Hi All

Below is a photograph of a section of the Isle of Wight Rifles at Sandown Barracks in 1914. Am I correct in thinking that the pouch being worn is from the 1882 valise equipment? As I want to reproduce this interesting kit querk for my living history activities, does anybody have a good picture of the back of the pouch so I can make one?

Thanks Gareth


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Hi Gareth

There is a new book out by Pierre Turner called "Soldiers' accoutrements of the British Army 1750-1900"

This has most of the valise equipments etc., excellently drawn in various scales (each page has a scale bar!) most items covered from different angles, including the back etc. (93 A4 pages, full colour)

The RRP is £19.95 - a bargain if you have any interests, outside of just WW1.


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These are indeed 1882 pattern pouches. Sorry I don't have a photo of the back, but they should have a pair of riveted belt loops and a D square at the top.

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Reproductions are already available, one I know of is for sale at:


for £38.00.

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