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Blood Alley not Blood Alley Trench

Beau Geste

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Hello Joan,

It seems that by talking about Blood Alley Trench I might have been leading you and others on a 'wild goose chase'. It's no wonder no one was able to identify its position and for that I apologise to all concerned.

As I mentioned in an earlier posting the phrase "Blood Alley" was mentioned in the war Diary of the 2nd Borders and I assumed it was a trench. However, the asst curator of the KORBR Museum in Carlisle, Tony Goddard was good enough to do some research on the topic and "having studied the relevant trench map" he believes that Blood Alley was a "German sap leading from their front line, out into No Man's Land towards trenches F 11 c to the left hand side of Mansel Copse.

If you have a map that covers this area it would help enormously.


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