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Northumberland Fusiliers


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I have quite a few Northumberland Fusiliers on my Local Roll of Honour and am looking for further info.

Did the St Georges Gazette carry obituaries and casualty lists for the NF?

Are there searchable copies at Alnwick?



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There were no searchable copies of SGG at Alnwick they have many sets of the bound volumes and you can, by appointment, sit and browse through them - a long labourious process.

They do contain casualty lists but they are extracts from 'The Times'. It is far easier, I find, to use Times online search facilities if you have access, a lot of local libraries offer this facility.

There are some obituaries, for officers, some with photos, published in SGG but they are by no means a complete set.

I am willing to do limited look-ups in the bound copies of SGG for 1914-1917 I have managed to acquire for a small fortune.


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The St.Georges Gazettes are by regimental journal standards very good, but as Peter says the lists are repeats of those recorded in the 'Times' and so do contain omissions. From April 1916 they cease to record casualties by Battalion and then lump them together in a number, rank, name and place of residence order. Nor are they accurate as regards date as they eventually become months out of date, the last list appearing in November 1919. They are also alphabetical, but the printing process by which they were created has them all over the shop.

Regarding those on local Rolls of Honour it would be far easier to go through the Northumberland Fusiliers section of "Soldiers Died in the Great War", which many libraries now have on CD-ROM and then go to the Commonwealth War Graves website for further information, as this site contains a boatload of NF casualties/deaths who died at home which are not recorded in SDGW.


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