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Calling All South Staffords Experts


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I know that a number of people out there are interested in the Territorial Battalions of the South Staffords.

Do any of you know the significance of a very low (3-digit) service number, given to a man in the 5th Battalion? Does it imply pre-war service?

Any help gladly received.

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Hi Chris

The 5th Battalion of the South Staffords had a different series of numbering from the 6th Battalion. The 6th Battalion's numbers commenced from 1 on the creation of the Battalion as part of the Territorial Force in April 1908. The 5th Battalion, however, retained the sequence used by the 2nd Volunteer Battalion. Therefore, a new recruit for the 5th Battalion who joined in 1908 was given a four-figure number, which makes things very confusing I think you will agree!

By December 1914, on the allocation of the regimental number 9999, recruits for the 5th Battalion were given numbers beginning from 1 onwards. Soldiers with 3 digit numbers start to appear in the 1/5th Battalion by the Autumn of 1915 when they were drafted to the unit from the 2/5th Battalion.

As it happens, Chris, I have a nominal roll for the 1/5th Battalion at home, so if you let me know who this chap is I can have a look to see if he is mentioned in there.

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  • 19 years later...

I wish I had a photo of my Grandad  Cpl Bertie Henry Crick of 7th South Staffords Reg, who was killed in action 17/07/1917  in the 3rd Battle of Ypres. Buried at St.Jean , just

outside the city of Ypres  . Bombed to pieces yet rebuilt  after the war         Any help please       My gran must have had a photo before he disappeared of the face of the Earth aged 27,

in one of the worst battles ever.                                                                                  


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  • 3 months later...



17th July 1917               Cpl  Bertie Henry CRICK , 7th South Staffs Regiment. Killed In Action , Ypres , Belgium. Buried  St Jan CWG Cemetery .  Still remembered by Mark R Cooper

                                              and his family. R.I.P our grand dad.

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Today is the 105th Anniversary of the death of Grandad    Cpl Bertie Henry CRICK , aged 27 who was killed in action 17th July 1917 in Belgium and is buried at CWG St Jan La Brique, No2  military cemetery , Ypres, after heavy shelling and sniper fire from the German high ground, which is said was one of the worst positions on the front at that time. It was recently

vacated by the Black Watch regiment

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