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A very disappointing MIC!

Ron Morris

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I have a 1914-15 Trio in my collection to Captain Edward David Brodie, RASC.

When I first bought it a couple of years ago, I also obtained his Medal Index Card and his WW1 service papers.

A few days ago, I was searching for other MICs and, on a whim, entered Brodie's name again. I was very excited to find two MICs! The first was the one for his WW1 service medals which I already had but the other had the magic number which refers to MSMs, TFEM/TEMs and Mentions in Despatches! YOU BLOODY BEAUTY I cried!! A Mention in Despatches I didn't know about!

I couldn't pay the 3.50 quickly enough and as I sat there waiting for the document I was wondering where I could pick up an original WW1 MiD emblem.

Imagine my disappointment when I read the card!!

I can laugh about it now but I wonder what such a card was doing in the system? Are there others like this lurking there to catch other gullible folk like me? Has anyone else come across one like this?




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Rotten luck, its that little moment of exitement :o when you think youve found something interesting :) , then POOF gone in a whisp of smoke (and in this case £3.50) :angry: .

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