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Hello I am trying to search the gazette to see if my Grandpa is mentioned for a French MM or other similar bravery medal from France but I am having a h@*l of a time getting anywhere. Any tips? He is Pte Thomas Smith RIF 17181. Also how do I find out about medals preWW1 they would have been issued to Edward Patrick Hennessy 8432 KRRC (he was a regular pre war). Any help is always welcome. Thanks


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Unfortunately I'm not surprised with Smith it is going to be a "B*gga" to find...{Searches have to be "as printed in the Gazette" punctuation,initials etc; as printed{+ a space between each Initial & Full stop/Comma;eg:R. J. Smith}

You could try just entering his Number in the search box,that may help

prewar awards [south Africa/India/Etc;]are entered on the Medal Rolls for the Campaign by Regiment/Corps & are held @ the NA WO/97 I think.

If discharged prior to 1913 his papers might survive{less than WW1 ratio though}

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