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Cuthbert Pickett 5th Dragoon Guards/RASC


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I'm seeking advice and or assistance, if possible, to research Cuthbert Pickett a 5th Dragoon Guard. Cuthbert is very much a skeleton in the family history closet. He was completely unknown to us until we saw a copy of the 1891 Census for Hampshire where he is listed as the reputed son, born 1888, of my wife's grandfather. Her grandfather migrated, by himself, to Australia around 1895 and started a new family over here.

Cuthbert  appears in the 1901 UK Census under the name of Rickett( enumerator's error I suspect) He was living with his mother Ada and his sisters Florence and Githa.  I checked the NA for a potential MIC and came up trumps. He has two MICs, one for his mons star and clasp trio and one for his MM gazetted 13/11/1918. There is an additional MIC which covers his award of the LSGCMedal in 1926. He was also later awarded the MSM in the 1950s.

The War diary and regimental history give his MM for the 5th Dragoon Guards charge at Harbonnieres on 8 August 1918.

His trio MIC gives the following

5th Dragoon Guards Shoeing Smith Cpl No 937

5th Dragoon Guards Cpl Shoeing Smith D/937

RASC Sgt EMT/ 54671

He was probably a regular at the outbreak of war as he went to France 15/8/1914.

Did the cavalry have its own farrier school?

What does the "E" in EMT mean? The rest is probably means motorised transport

How would I go about researching his pre WW1 service in the 5th Dragoons and post WW1service in the RASC?

I've tried engaging a researcher but unfortunately to no avail. His records are probably with the MOD or they were destroyed.

I presume that the 54671 would be a new service no. in the RASC.

Any help would be most appreciated.



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The London gazette shows he was from Southampton


and you are correct with your assumption re the number

E could mean "electric (al)" ?

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Today, Nov13th, is the 98th anniversary of the gazetting of the award of the MM to Cuthbert for his part in the charge on the german troop train at Harbonnieres on August 8th 1918. 


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