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I have come to a bit of a grinding halt on this man and wondered if someone might have an answer or a clue.

This gets a bit messy but something is amiss here and I must be missing something.

Charles Bertram WOOD

Joined the Rifle Brigade as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1915.

Posted 2nd Lieutenant in the 14th Battalion 29/5/1915.

London Gazette entry as 2nd Lieutenant Rifle Brigade 28/5/1915

Joined 8th Battalion from the 14th 4/12/1915.

Mentioned in War Diary as having joined the 8th

Appears in the Nominal Roll for 18/12/1915

Last entry in the Army Lists is June 1916.

So far so good, apart from last entry in the Army Lists and nothing more.

SDGW have him as a L/Corporal #764591, 28th London Regiment, DOW 5/11/1917

Born: Pickering, Yorkshire, enlisted: London, Resident: Pickering, Yorkshire

CWGC have him with the same details except: Secondary unit: R.N.V.R. attached R.N.D. son of William and Eliza Wood, of Pickering, Yorks.

He appears in the Record of Service of Solicitors and Articled Clerks as a Solicitor, admitted 1913.

No other Charles Bertram Wood appears in either SDGW or CWGC.

So far I have not been able to find his officers papers at Kew.

2 possibilities floating around in my head. Wounded and enlisted at a later date, but no mention in any War Diary of him being wounded. Cashiered and re-enlisted.

If anyone of you gazette gurus can have a check it would be much appreciated to see if commission resigned due to ill health or cashiered.

He is mentioned on the Pickering War Memorial and the only C.B. Wood

Any help would assist me a lot to tie down this fellow.


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Ive noticed that the NA dont always include middle initials - just to make it harder for us

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BMD lists the birth in Q4 1886 at Pickering of Wood, Charles Bertram.

In the 1891 Census, living at Castle Gate, Pickering:

WOOD, William, age 60, Draper And Grocer, b. Cropton Yorkshire

WOOD, Eliza, age 40, b. Kirby Moorside Yorkshire

WOOD, Ernest G, age 7

WOOD, Percy, age 6

WOOD, Charles B, age 4

WOOD, Eva L, age 2

(all kids born in Pickering)

(+ 1 Governess, 1 Cook/Domestic Servant, 1 Nurse/Domestic Servant)

So his age and parents' names tally with 764591 L/Cpl. Charles Bertram Wood on SDGW and CWGC.

Mel has given the link to his MIC two posts up. Maybe that will tell you more.

Hope this helps,



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Thanks everyone,

gives me a little more to go for my next trip to Kew, thanks again I will post what else I can find on him next week.


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Got him,

Charles Bertram Wood was cashiered.

September 1916 Army List Supplement (Rifle Brigade section)

T/2nd Lieutenant C.B. Wood (att'd M.G.C.)

Dismissed the Service by General Court Martial, gazette of 21/9/16, as of 11/8/1916.

I believe the Artist Rifles have a ledger book in their records of when and where enlisted, has anyone any experience in dealing with the Artist Rifles recently???

Was not aware of thye M.G.C. attachment though, so still got to dig through the gazette.


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Found the Court Martial papers in his Officers papers. Dismissed the service for being drunk on duty. Re-enlisted in the Artist Rifles and was recommended for a commission with them, but was killed in action.


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Guest simonbentley


I know this is an old thread, but I just came across it. My name is Simon Bentley and I am the great grand nephew of Charles Bertram Wood. I would love to know where your research led to. I found the following records, some mentioned in the thread previously (all from the London Gazette).

Thanks and regards,


Gaz Date Eff Date Detail

02JUN1905 03JUN1905 Charles Bertram Wood, Gent, to be 2nd Lt.

2nd Volunteer Batt, Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment)


25SEP1908 01APR1908 2nd Lt. Charles B Wood made Lt.

5th Batt, Yorkshire Regiment


18MAR1913 19MAR1913 Lt. Charles B. Wood resigns his commission

5th Batt, Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment)


28MAY1915 28MAY1915 Charles Bertram Wood to be Temp 2nd Lt. in Infantry


21SEP1916 21AUG1916 Temp 2nd Lt. C. B. Wood (attd. M.G.C.) dismissed by sentence of a General Court-Martial


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