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I understand that HMS ARROGANT was converted to a submarine Depot Ship about 1911. But, does any one know where this ship served during the period 30 August 1916- 6 July 1917? Which submarine Flotilla would have been attached at this time?

I believe that the normal complement of an Arrogant Class Cruiser would have been 480. Would a Depot Ship have had a lower complement?

What duties would an AB have had on board? If he served on a submarine would the individulal submarine's number be listed in brackets after the ship's name ( like I have seen before for destroyers) ?

Many thanks,


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A quick surf brings up :

HMS Arrogant 2nd Class Cruiser

HMS Arrogant was built at Devonport Dock yard and laid down in 1895, launched 26th May 1896 and completed in 1898. HMS Arrogant was built as part of the 1895 Naval programme and were intended to be used with the fleet and to use "ramming tactics during action. Their ram was heavier and more pronounced than other second rate cruisers. The arrogant Class were the first second rate cruisers to be fitted with water tube boilers, with six Belleville boilers mounted in each of the three Boiler rooms. In 1903 to 1904 the class were re armed with ten 6 -inch Guns. She joined the Channel squadron on completion. and in June 1911 she became a depot ship and eventually sold for scrapping on 13th November 1923

Displacement: 5750 tons, Speed: 19 Knots. Compliment 480 Armament: Four 6 inch Guns, Six 4.7-inch QF guns , Eight 12 pdr and Three 3 pdr QF, 5 machine Guns. Three 18-inch Torpedo Tubes

World War 1 Service:


Used as a Submarine depot ship at Dover.

1915 Base flagship for Dover Patrol.

1923 Sold for scrap.

GIBSON Charles

Able Seaman 177479, Royal Navy. HMS Arrogant. Died 15/01/1918. Age 40. Son of the late Charles and Betsey Gibson, of Alderton. Buried at Alderton (St Andrew) Churchyard. HMS Arrogant was an old medium cruiser that had been converted to be a submarine depot ship at Dover and became the Base Flagship for the Dover Patrol. Able Seaman Gibson’s death was recorded at Eastry, nr Sandwich, Kent. Eastry New Hospital was part of the Shorncliffe Royal Military Hospital command


(RN) NOT entirely convinced that is the correct man – Stoker 1st Class 299156 Alexander BENNETT. H M S “ARROGANT”. Royal Navy (RN). Died 26th December 1914 aged 37 years. Buried in the Dover (St James) Cemetery, Dover, Kent. Grave reference Q.K.34.

Frederick Knight served in HMS RUSSELL until 23rd May 1915 when he was drafted to HMS DOLPHIN at Gosport ‘for Submarine Training’. A draft to the Submarine Depot Ship HMS VULCAN ‘for Submarines’ followed on 27th May 1915.

On 22nd Jun 1916 he was drafted to the Submarine Depot Ship HMS ARROGANT (4th Submarine Flotilla) at Dover ‘for Submarines’. Frederick Knight passed his ‘Professional Examination for Torpedo Gunners Mate’ on 24th Jan 1917 and he was then drafted to HMS MAIDSTONE (9th Submarine Flotilla) at Harwich ‘for Submarines’ on 11th Feb 1917.

Unsure as the rest of your questions.

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Hi all, my grt uncle served on this ship from January 1918 onwards,  he was in the Royal Marines light infantry.  His name was William Edward dixon from Walworth, London.   How do I find out what his role would have been on the ship during this time?  Fingers crossed

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the first post in this thread was 12 yrs ago, The op has not been on for 5yrs.

Maybe start a  new tread giving your mans name and RMLI 

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William Edward Dixon RMLI has service papers downloadable from the National Archives for £3.50 here http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D7807673


It may be that his attestation papers (clearer, and different information if I understand correctly) are at the Fleet Air Arm Museum whose archive contact details you can find by googling.

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I was looking at a Zeebrugge DSM and Croix de Gurre to a sailor who took part in the Zeebrugge raid. His service papers show his ship as HMS Arrogant (Motor launch. ML) from 1/4/1918 - 4/3/1919. I would suspect anyone with the Arrogant as its depot ship during April 1918 would be a Zeebrugge man. 

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