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Pattern 14 Holster Question


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I have looked around on this forum and I have found a little info on my pattern 14 holster. I was wondering if somebody could answer a little bit more for me. Mine appears to be dated 1916 and it has a C broad arrow marked cleaning rod. It also has the buckle intact.

I picked this up a week ago and I was wondering what the going rate for one of them is. I bought it here in Canada and I was wondering who mainly used them. I heard that the pattern 14 kit was taken out of service. Would this still have been used after that? If it was still used how would it have been used with 08 webbing?

I also know there is an ammo pouch that would acompany this. Are they easy to find?

Basically any info that could be provided would be greatly apprieciated.



Here are the pictures:




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Cam, Nice holster! I think they are selling in the $100US range for a nice complete example. These were worn on the p14 leather belt and came with a matching ammo pouch with the same extended buckle assembly. Unaltered ammo pouches are EXTREMELY RARE so prepare for a long wait before one comes up...and it will be quite expensive - the last (and only) one I've ever seen for sale went on ebay for $350+

Belts are pretty expensive too...

Good Luck, John

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A nice complete example! Mine is identical but with the brace attachment cut off as was common. A nice aquisition.

There was quite a long thread on this site not so lond ago concerning P14 holsters...did you manage to find it?


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