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Remembered Today:

Hotel le Gourmet, Rue de la Gare, Bapaume


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A Pal asked me what I thought about Le Gourmet in Bapaume.

This is what I wrote:


Sorry about the delay in replying.

My friends & I stayed there for 3 days during the Somme 90th.

I cannot speak too highly about the place. Apart from the accommodation, the food was really good and reasonably priced. And the wine.....!

One night Le Gourmet hosted what must have been some 60 OAPs. The following day, Sunday lunch, both restaurants were laid for service. Must have been well over 100 covers.

My view is that the French don't eat at a place if the food is not very good.

As for the accommodation, spotless if quirky.

Using another sense of the word 'accommodating', on 1 July, Madame got up very early and we had a full breakfast at 6.15 a.m! Try and get that in a UK hotel!

I usually stay at Avril's. Le Gourmet is a superb alternative.


Hope tihs is helpful


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Don't be put off by the environs.

Rue de la Gare is now an industrial area and the hotel from the outside looks very out of place there.

Indeed, at the head of the street, you could easily mistake it for some of the 'pay by the hour' joints that you used to see on American films.


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