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East Surrey Regiment Cap badge


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I have a East Surrey regiment badge which is an oddity as it has a Victorian coronet which would suggest it dates pre-1901 but a slider on it which genrally come into use 10 years later. I am satisfied it is an original and I have seen several of this design with the slider in WW1 collections including the old soldier belts with other WW1 era badges. Now I know in the rush to make badges old dies were reused in WW1 - the Cameron badge for example was produced again in the old pattern without the scroll, the question is is this an example of this re-use of old dies or was the regiment still wearingt he coronet design beyond 1901?

does any one have any idea or even photographic evidence?

Many thanks



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Whilst perusing through the RACD records at Kew, I noted that the slider or 'vertical shank' came in much earlier than I thought. I found references from as early as 1903, then quite a lot in 1905 / 1906.


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