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Anyone help with a SDGW lookup?


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Hi all,

Can anyone help me with a lookup for 2 brothers who died during the great war.

William and James Lambert were from Lower Hartshay near to Pentrich in Derbyshire. I have little other detail and looking on the CWGC site has been unsucessful.

It's a long shot but worth a try.

Neil Matthews

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Nothing obvious on SDGW. Any further clues? Such as: Medals, Pictures, Regiment, Newspaper Clippings, or Regimental Number. These may help.

Hope this helps


Tom McC

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Likewise, nothing found on SDGW

From 1901 census the family were;

Ada Lambert 1

Elizabeth Lambert 32

George Lambert 6

James Lambert 4

Thomas Lambert 31

William Lambert 7

All were born in L Hartshay, Derbyshire, apart from Elizabeth. Thomas was a coal miner



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200 of one and 100 of the other on mic's!! maybe RN or Air Force??

only other option is to wade thru 30 and 10 on sdgw and see if there are a matching pair of locations.

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Thanks everyone!

Unfortunately I have very little information regarding these 2 brothers. I have a photograph of one of them wearing an Army uniform but with no visible markings or insignia.

I have a project on at the moment to try and identify all those from the parish who died during the Great War and I know these 2 did but I can find nothing to corroborate this

I will try a little more "digging" and see if I can turn anything up!


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