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Remembered Today:

Pte Christopher Dewis....am I correct?


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I have been trying to find out information about my Grandfathers WW1 record. I have his 3 medals and his medal card. His details are:-

Christopher A Dewis

Corps = Welsh Regiment number = 27137 Rank = private

Corps = Machine Gun Corps Regiment number = 161224

Date = 1914 -1920

Catalogue reference = WO372/6

For the 15 star medal it states MGC/15 C7 page 2148.

Date of entry into theatre of war 6-12-15 in France

The Medal Roll shows he was in the 19TH Battalion of the Welsh Regiment. 19TH (Service) Battalion (Glamorgan Pioneers) formed in Colwyn Bay, attached to 38TH division 1915

His war records cannot be found at Kew

He was born and bred in London where he would have been when he joined up

He was discharged at the end of the war on 14 March 1919 into the reserve (A:R)

After reading through the Long Long Trail web site along with a lot of help from forum members and given the above would I be correct in saying

1. He was in the 38th ( Welsh) Division

2. He was a volunteer when joining up

3. He transferred to the 176th Machine Gun Company (March 1917 formed)

4. He moved to the 38th Machine Gun Battalion (March 1918 formed)

I would like to find out

1. the date he enlisted and where he would have done his training

2. The date he transferred to the MGC

Where can I look for this information?

I have had fantastic help and support from many people on this forum, for which I will be eternally grateful, in obtaining the information I have. Any further help and/or confirmation regarding the above would be gratefully received.

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Whilst it may be "logical" to assume that he went to the Divisional Troops Machine Gun Company of 38th Division when it was formed, it is probably a step too far.

His M.G.C. number would appear to be a lot later - probably Summer 1918. We had a discussion and mulled around some figures without necessarily reaching a conclusion, here:


You would probably need to find a further source for his M.G.C. service. perhaps, an Absent Voters List for 1918 if it still exists for his neighbourhood?


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Hi Steve

Many thanks for your reply. I agree its dangerous to make assumptions especially when this seems the "best fit". Seeing as you say his MGC number was probably summer 1918 and the 176th MGC moved into the 38th Bn MGC in March 1918 its a good guess but where is the proof? As his war records are not at Kew do you know any other way of finding out when he might have enlisted into the Welsh Regiment and where he would have gone for training before arriving in France.

Thanks again


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As regards the Welsh Division the divisional history states:

the 19th Welsh were formed as the divisional pioneer battalion at Colwyn Bay in February 1915, and the nucleus of the battalion was formed from drafts infantry battalions of the division but the majority of the men were recruited direct from Glaomorganshire, hence the title of the Bn 'the Glamorgan Pioneers'. in April drafts were received from the 123rd and 151st Field Company's'

I can add that the Welsh Bns were trained in North Wales before moving to Winchester for further training (Sept 1915) and from there to Sounthampton and transfer over to France (Le Havre, early Dec 1915).

I can't say where he would have joined up from.


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