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Can anyone tell me if there was more than one camp at Munster and roughly how many POW,s were held there?



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There was 4 POW camps at Munster (Westfalen) the 4 camps were 1,2,3,4. No 1 was some distance from the city. No 2(Rennbahn) was a racecourse. No 4 was reserved for Russian POWs

You also have Munster camp (Hanover) this camp was near Soltau on the Luneberger Heide.

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For some reason Themonsstar missed out no III which was a part completed military barracks and very nice it was as it had all the facilities required.

NB numbers quoted for prisoners are usually those who were registered at the camp. Very few will have actually been there at any one time as they were away at work camps. Kath Sibly has a web site with more details of Munster III including numbers of British in the camp at the time and those out working.



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