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Could anybody provide info on 2350, 275503 Pte - Sgt John Maloney RS or his units? I have his service record and wanted to flesh out the details so any photos, maps or other info would be very welcome. His service was:

12/11/15 Enlisted, joined 6RS

15/9/15 Promoted Cpl

27/11/15 Embarked as part of Western Frontier Force

14/1/16 Prom Sgt

16/5/16 Posted to BEF

10/7/16 Posted to 15 RS

1/8/16 Wounded

19/11/16 Posted to 1/6 RS

10/9/17 Posted to 4 RS

6/12/17 Posted to BEF with 5/6 RS

5/4/18 Wounded 'GSW left leg - due to IP' (whats IP?)

16/7/18 Posted to 4 RS

31/10/18 Court martialled

2/12/18 Disharged to Z res

Grateful for any help


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To start you off with some info. Click on Long Long Trail at top of this page. Select Infantry Regiments and scroll down to Royal Scots. That will give you all the Battalions,Western Frontier Force Egypt etc,so that you can begin to build up what your subject was involved in. For each Battalion there is reference to the Division and Brigade served in and which battles they fought.

In WO372/15 on the National Archives Kew site is the medal card for this soldier.You can pay 3.50 on line for a copy to be downloaded.

This should keep you amused !

If you post any residual questions these boys will find the answer !

Best wishes


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Re the 'IP' I think and I stress think, that this may mean 'incorrect / improper procedure' in relation to his weapon handling, that might explain his court martial when he recovered.

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