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The list of students etc. in "Breuddwyd Cymro ..." (p.4-7) differs slightly to the one published in "Y Cymro" (16 Feb. 1916, p.7)

of which there is an original copy at Bangor University Archives (Bangor MS 31103) to which someone (RRW?) has added a couple of names and made some corrections, and I believe that it is this corrected list, with further amendments, which appears in the book.

The original Cymro article ends with (in Welsh):

"A free copy of this weeks' CYMRO will be sent to each one mentioned in the above list, and the Editor would be grateful for any amendments to complete and correct the list. It would also be good to have the home address of each man"

- I wonder whether the editor of the Cymro had any replies, and whether a record of the responses/corrected list still exist somewhere?

I have located the diaries and other records for a few of the men at local archives and the NLW and some in England, but I haven't had a chance to read through many of them yet - one of the men seems to have been extensively researched and the work published!.

As regards the casualties, RRW said there were 10, nine of which are listed above, only 8 are on the CWGC database. David Ellis went missing so desn't appear on the CWGC list.

Through my local library service which has access to the Ancestry databases, I have downloaded a copy of every available MIC record (and other records) for the number range outlined above and compared it with the National Archive database (they DO differ slightly!) and the Cymro list - and I think I may have found a possible candidate for the 10th casualty - a theological student who was invalided out due to diabetes but died shortly after the war, possibly because of it (to be confirmed!) - in which case I doubt whether he would appear on the CWGC list either.

I've also been trawling through various denominational papers and magazines for articles and obituaries relating to the unit:

For instance, I found a very interesting obituary (with photo) in "Yr Eurgrawn Wesleaidd" Oct 1919 vol 111 no10 p.361-365

about the Rev'd John Edward Evans [RAMC No. 81875], b. 22/2/1892 Cefnbraich, Llansilin, nr. Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant (was in Denbighshire, now Powys) (rough translation/abstract):-

Having passed his exams he entered the ministry and went as a preacher to Anglesey, a year later he began his studies at Handsworth [Wesleyan] College from Sept.,1914 until he joined the RAMC at Rhyl in January 1916. Whilst training in Llandrindod he was promoted to Corporal. He was well liked. In Sept., 1916 he sailed for Salonica but became ill there and it was decided that he should be sent home. He reached Malta around about August 1917 and stayed there, not being able to get a ship home. In January 1918 his health deteriorated, and at the behest of his colleages he was admitted to hospital. He appeared to recover for a while but died on Wednesday night, 3rd April 1918. He was buried at Pieta Cemetery with a military funeral, officiated by the Rev HP Dodd, attended by the hospital doctor and a couple of his colleages.


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That Bangor MSS one is the one I have.

You most certainly have gone in depth on these men!!

I think it's astonishing that such a well known man as David Ellis is not on CWGC. He should be. His Death Certificate is on the Overseas index (1918 S.1 607). This Forum is running an In from the Cold Project and he may have been picked up on that. I'll pm Terry Denham the organiser now and let you know


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Terry tells me that his file is currently at the MOD awaiting adjucation. I can't see that there will be much of a problem getting him official acknowledged as a War Casualty. I'll let you know when he has been accepted.

If you want to give the details of the the outstanding one then maybe we can work something out. I have recently had one acknowledged in similar circumstances i.e discharged due to diabetes (caused/aggravated by war service) and subsequently died of it.


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I would like more details on David Ellis's Death Cert. - was he declared "missing, presumed dead" or did they actually find his body? (has been the subject of much debate /discussion over the years - (Rev'd) JH Griffith (Trafodion Hanes Sir Ddinbych Vol 17), Cynan's "Ffarwel Weledig", Y Bardd a Gollwyd (Alan Llwyd & Elwyn Edwards) etc. etc.)


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Here are a couple of newspaper articles which I found, relating to the formation of the unit:

The Times, Issue 41075 , Fri.28 Jan 1916 p.5 col.g

News in Brief (paragraph18):

"At Rhyl yesterday the first parade was held of the "Welsh Ministers" company of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Some 240 theological students from all parts came forward to be attested for the new company.

Every denomination, including Roman Catholics and Jews, was represented and every theological college."

Rhyl Record and Advertiser Vol 1 No. 1615 : Sat., Feb 5th, 1916 pg. 2 (transcribed from microfilm copy)

Divinity Students on Service


On Friday the first parade was held of the divinity students from various Colleges who

had responded to the call of duty and joined the Welsh Ministers' Corps of the R.A.M.C.

All day the officials were busily engaged attesting the men, and very few were found to

be medically unfit. At 3 p.m. there was a parade, when the recruits had their first insight

into the mystery of "forming fours," and responding with alertness to the familiar cry of "'Shun!".

After numbering off, the men marched to the Promenade under the drill sergeant, and were

given half-an-hour's drill.

They then returned to the Town Hall, outside which building they were inspected by

Brigadier General Owen Thomas.

A meeting followed in the hall, presided over by General Owen Thomas. It was an unique

and historical gathering. On the platform were Brigadier General Owen Thomas of the Welsh

Army Corps, who presided; and he was supported by Sir Herbert Roberts, M.P., Colonel

Wynne Edwards, Revs. John Williams, Ll. R.Hughes, and C. Davies (chaplains), Ellis James

Jones, H. G. Havard. "Llifon," Councillor R.Frank Jones, Capt. Hardern, Mr. Fred Ll.

Jones, etc.

The Chairman was received with prolonged cheering upon rising to address the men, whom

he was proud to call "Soldiers of the King." He much regretted the absence of the Bishop

of St. Asaph, who had wired from London to express his best wishes for the success of the

cause. He went on to say that the idea of the present movement originated with Mr.

Fred Llewelyn Jones, who, finding that many Welsh theological students were unable to gain

admission to the R.A.M.C., thought that it would be an excellent thing if a corps could

be established for Wales. Lord Derby, who never failed to do a good turn when he could,

lent his support, as did General Sir Henry Mackinnon, who had made a closer study of

Welsh character and sentiment than any general he had ever known. (Cheers.) He (the

Chairman) had been associated with the raising of ten battalions of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers

--(cheers)— but such a task would have been impossible were it not for the assistance of such

men as Colonel Wynne Edwards. (Hear, hear.)

Two battalions raised by the latter were now at the front, and another had 200 or 300 men

in it, with every prospect of its being a full battalion in a very short time. Likewise, he

was proud to be associated with the formation of the R.A.M.C., and to find that his appeal

had been so well responded to. They were embarking upon work which was very risky, but,

nevertheless, perhaps the most honourable that could be accomplished by any section of the

Welsh Army. He knew that they would perform their duties with the tenderness of their

noble cause. (Cheers.) He was beginning to feel that the soul of Wales was now with them,

that the nation felt that if there was a duty to perform everyone would be prepared to do

it. ; (Cheers.) He was not in favour of compulsory service, though if he found it necessary he

would support it in every possible way, and he greatly hoped that as far as the young men

of Wales were concerned the present Bill would be a dead letter. (Cheers.) He trusted that

five weeks hence not a single man in Wales would have to be branded as a conscript. We

had to conquer the enemy. He was tottering already, as his honour and credit had dis-

appeared. (Hear, hear.) He had come in the night, but he would be buried in daylight

(Cheers.) Shortly there would be a funeral, and he invited those members of the R.A.M.C.

who were accustomed to compose sermons to be ready with an appropriate sermon for the

enemy's funeral. (Laughter and cheers.) Gen.Owen Thomas concluded with a fervant exhor-

tation in Welsh to the members of the Corps to remain true to their language and nationality;

for to be a Welshman was nowadays no disability. (Cheers.)


The Rev. John Williams, speaking in Welsh, said he was proud to see so many taking

the important step which had brought them together that day. It was an act calculated to

carry a great influence upon their whole life, for the experience they would gain would

be of inestimable value to them. Many of them were preparing for the work of the ministry

and it would be difficult to conceive of any service which would qualify them better for

that noble calling than the duties upon which they were about to embark. (Hear, hear.)

Sympathy with men in their anguish and distress was an essential element in the character

of a minister of the Gospel. As members of the R.A.M.C. they would have a two-fold advantage.

They would not only witness great suffering, but would be able to render suitable aid

to the sufferers. To some extent they would be in a position to soothe the pain and ease the

affliction of many, and in so doing follow the footsteps of the Great Master. Their corps was

quite unique; let them as members of the corps be as unique in their assiduity and application

to their work. (Cheers.)


Mr Fred Llewelyn Jones gave details of the formation of the Corps, prefacing his remarks

by stating that Sir Harry Reichel, principal of the Bangor University College, had written

to wish the Corps good luck. The Corps embraced men of all creeds and denominations.

Many of them were theological students who had no objection to run any personal risk, but

who did not think it profitable to take the lives of others. They need offer no apology for

interrupting their studies. He expressed the hope that the University Colleges to which

the men belonged would recognise that the service which they were thus rendering their

country qualified them for their degrees, and that when the time came for the theological

students among them to be called to churches, preference would, and very rightly so, be given

to them. (Cheers.) Personally he could not understand the mental attitude of men who

were content to remain with their studies at a time when the exigencies of the country called

for the service of every man. (Cheers.)

Sir J. Herbert Roberts, M.P. regarded the occasion as one which showed Wales, that her

sons who were consecrating their lives to the highest things, were prepared to leave their studies,

their homes, and their prospects, in order to take their share in alleviating distress and

suffering on the battlefields of Europe, and thereby taking perhaps a greater risk than

anybody else. It also showed that if the Church of Christ was to be the power it ought to be

in the uplifting of humanity it must ever be in living touch with the misery and pain of the

world. (Cheers.) Wales was by tradition and by its religious belief adverse from the very

idea of war, but when everything that was of good report came to tremble in the balance the

sons of Wales responded without hesitation, and he had no doubt that the members of the

R.A.M.C. would, like their fellow-countrymen do their duty nobly.

The Rev. H. Llewelyn Hughes congratulated the Corps upon being one of the noblest bands

of human beings.

Colonel Wynne Edwards followed with a short address, and referred to the gathering as an

historic one in the annals of the Principality, and predicted that when the members of the

R.A.M.C. returned to civil life they would be a purifying influence on the life of the country.

Amidst cheers, Colonel Wynne Edwards announced that he had been informed during the

day of an order issued by one of the officers at the front complimenting the second of the

battalions he (the speaker) had organised. (Hear, hear.)

A vote of thanks was proposed to General Owen Thomas for presiding; by Mr. Fred Llew.

Jones, and seconded by the Rev. Father Paul (Pantasaph), who had brought several Catholic <------ * (see below)

brethren to the Corps.

General Owen Thomas announced that the Corps would go to Sheffield for equipment and

afterwards to Llandrindod Wells for training, and he hoped in a short time to inspect them

at that town.

The proceedings closed with the singing of the Welsh and English National Anthems, and

the attesting was then proceeded with in the ante-rooms, the students remaining in the Town

Hall during the evening, and spending the time in singing well-known Welsh tunes.

On Saturday morning they paraded on the Promenade at 8 a.m., and after the first roll-call

marched to the railway station, accompanied by the Rev. Ceitho Davies, who travelled

as far as Manchester with them.


(~mid page, adjoining above article: photograph showing a group of men, mostly in military uniform), with accompanying text:-


The accompanying photograph was taken on Friday at the first official inspection at Rhyl of

the newly-formed Welsh Ministers' Corps of the R.A.M.C. which is composed of divinity

students of all sects who have responded to the call of duty and who are prepared to assist

in the struggle, although not as combatants.

The group is an interesting one, as the Corps is unique in the world's history, and Wales is

justly proud of it.

Reading from left to right:- Rev. John Williams (the well-known Calvinistic Methodist

preacher, who was the first Nonconformist Minister in Wales to join Kitchener's new

Army, and who is Nonconformist Chaplain to the Welsh Army Corps); Rev. Llew. R. Hughes

(Rector of Llandudno, Senior Chaplain of the Welsh Army Corps, and who will preach the

St. David's Eve sermon at St. Paul's this year); Colonel Wynne Edwards (who has raised three

battalions of Royal Welsh Fusiliers, and is now engaged in raising a fourth); Brigadier General

Owen Thomas (who has done so much for recruiting in Wales); Mr. Fred Llew. Jones (of

Mold, who originated, and, with General Owen Thomas, formed the Welsh Ministers' Corps);

Councillor R. Frank Jones (of Rhyl, who has done an immense amount of voluntary recruiting

work in Wales); Rev. J. Owen, "Llifon," (a well-known Bard and Baptist Minister,

Abergele); and Sir Herbert Roberts, Bart., M.P.

[same photo, with different caption and description is reproduced in "Y Bardd a Gollwyd" p.62]

* = Does anyone have any idea who these "Catholic bretheren" were?

- even in "Breuddwyd Cymro... "(page 6) they're not named, - just listed as "5 Roman Catholic Students" !.

[EDIT (20/8/2010): - the identity of four of the five Catholic students from Pantasaph now known; a fifth still to be confirmed, - & may possibly have been others from the same place also !]

[EDIT (15/8/2017) - fifth student now possibly identified - awaiting further info]


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it may be that they were students from St.Beuno's, Tremeirchion (built 1848 for the Jesuits) which is still a Catholic retreat centre -see http://www.beunos.com/ Perhaps they have records there?



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LST _164:

Thanks for the suggestion, I had already tried Pantasaph Friary many years ago but to no avail, maybe St.Beuno's might be a better bet.

In addition to the above article from the Rhyl Record & Advertiser, there is another account of the days' proceedings (probably by the same correspondent given it's similarity) in the Flintshire County Herald Fri. 4th Feb, 1916 p.3. under the heading: "RHYL; The Welsh R.A.M.C.; Theological Students' fine example."

(transcript available here: FCH 04Feb1916p3.txt).

Also, there is a photo of the men marching in their "civvies" in the [Manchester] Guardian (Wed. Feb.2nd, 1916 p.6) under the caption: "A Company of Welsh Ministers for the R.A.M.C." (available from the Guardian/Observer Digital Archive online).

(I haven't yet been able to find a copy of the "Daily Sketch" referred to by RR Williams (BCMDB p.9) showing another photo of the men walking through the streets of Manchester en route to the railway station to take the train to Sheffield (opp.p. xvi) under the caption "Welsh Ministers join the R.A.M.C." )

Does anyone out there know whether RR Williams's 1964 book "Breuddwyd Cymro...(etc)" was based on a competition entry 16 years previously, at the 1948 National Eisteddfod? (Penybont ar Ogwr/Bridgend).

Although the entry was did not win, in the official adjudication records, "Cynan" (Albert Evans Jones), himself a former member of the unit, said he would like to see the publication of a more polished selection of what appears to have been a very detailed account.:

(Extracts, with apologies to non Welsh speakers):

Cyfansoddiadau a Beirniadaethau Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru, Penybont-ar-Ogwr, [Awst 2-7] 1948: (t.110-111):

[Rhif y Gystadleuaeth: 12 (yn ol y Rhestr Testunau) ]

Gwobr Goffa Cymry'r Dwyrain Canol.

Ysgrif: "Fy Mhrofiadau yn y Dwyrain Canol." Gwobr: £5.

Beirniad: Cynan. ......

"Ymgeisiodd pedwar. Cefais fwynhad wrth ddarllen profiadau pob un ohonynt a galwasant yn ôl lawer profiad yn fy hanes innau. .....


...Bodgansi. - Profiadau pregethwr o Gymro a fu, fel finnau, yn aelod o Gwmni'r Myfyrwyr Cymreig yn yr R.A.M.C., yn y rhyfel o'r blaen, ac a dreuliodd flynyddoedd rai yn y Dwyrain Canol. Sgrifenna am fordaith yr "Essequibo" - y llong-ysbyty a'n cludodd allan i Salonica, am y gwahanu mawr wedi cyrraedd y porthladd, am yr ysbyty lle bu'n gweini ar y cleifion ac am ei argraffiadau o'r Serbiaid a'r Groegiaid, ac yn ddiweddarach o Wlad y Twrc. Fe gynnwys y gwaith lawer o ddefnyddiau difyr, ond rhaid i Bodgansi ddiwygio llawer ar y cyflead, .........


.....................Yr oedd rhai aelodau o'r Cwmni hwn yn basiffistiaid yn yr R.A.M.C., ac y mae'n bwysig er mwyn Cymru cofnodi'r hanes a ddyry Bodgansi am yr ymgais filwrol a wnaed i roi gorfod arnynt i ddwyn arfau ar faes y gad yn groes i'r cyfamod pendant a wnaed gan y Swyddfa Ryfel wrth iddynt ymuno, - cyfamod a gynhwyswyd mewn cylchlythyr o apêl at fyfyrwyr diwinyddol Cymru tan law y Cadfridog Owen Thomas, y Doctor John Williams, Brynsiencyn, a Mr. Llewelyn Jones, yr Wyddgrug, - y triwyr a fu'n gyfrifol am ffurfio'r Cwmni R.A.M.C. enwog hwn. Dymunaf ddiolch i Bodgansi am y fraint o gael darllen defnydd o ddiddordeb personol i mi fel un o aelodau'r Cwmni, a gobeithiaf y bydd iddo gyhoeddi detholiad o'r nodiadau hyn wedi caboli llawer arnynt. ........"

I suspect that the author (pseudonym: "Bodgansi") was the Rev'd RR Williams. (anybody know?).

("Bodgansi" was probably a pun on an actual place-name "Bogdansi" (or Bogdanci) near the Vardar valley, NNE of Salonica, approx. 8 miles E of Lake Doiran; - many places in Wales having the prefix "Bod-" e.g. Bodffordd, Bodedern, Bodelwyddan, Bodfari etc.).

I have searched through the 1948 Eisteddfod material on the NLW website [especially the "Brinli" (Brinley Richards) collection] but unfortunately records for this particular competition seem to be absent!.

If anyone has access to, or knows the location of, any more material relating to this particular RAMC unit, please let me know.


[NB supplemental information added: 15/8/2010]

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Shwmae Sion

Dwi ddim yn gwybod dim am y Myfyrwyr Cymreig, ond... I know nothing of the Welsh Students but...

If your grandfather was in the 32nd Field Ambulance in 1917, do you know when he left them? It seems it must have been before September 12th 1917.

I have the personal papers of Pte Benjamin Noot, another Welsh RAMC man, who joined the 32nd F.A. in Salonika, transferring from the 27th Casualty Clearing Station (where he was bored stiff working as a clerical orderly in the Dental Unit). It is interesting to note that he joined B Company of the 32nd F.A. only a matter of weeks before they left Salonika for Egypt, sailing to Alexandria in early September.

Ben's diary notes the following key dates between joining the 32nd and leaving Salonika, which will give you some idea where they were in August 1917.

Aug 6 Left Mirova. Arrived Paprat. & joined 32nd F Amb

Aug 7 Went to B section Fountain Hill

Aug 25 Left Fountain Hill

Aug 26 Arrived Paprat 3am

Aug 26 Left Paprat arr Mirova

Aug 27 Left Mirova arr 54 Kilo

Aug 28 Went 27CCS

Aug 29 Left 54 Kilo arr Uchante

Sept 12 Left Uchante. Boarded HMT Huntspill

Pob hwyl!


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After many years of work (but still far from finished!) here is a provisional list of the men that I could find - and I shall be adding to the list when information comes to hand (and when I have time!) - if anyone has anything to add, or wishes me to remove information from here or make corrections, or spots any discrepancies, - then please contact me via email or PM and I will edit the posting as appropriate.
NB: The information below has been gleaned from a variety of sources which may themselves contain inaccuracies!

" --> Lab.Corps..(men transferred from RAMC). . . "(R&F)" = on Rank & File Roll
MiD = Mentioned in dispatches; MM= Military Medal; CdG=Croix de Guerre; emb=emblems; MSM= Meritorious Service Medal; MC=Military Cross; SWB List = Silver War Badge list;
(TBC!) = To Be Confirmed!; (JRUL:..d..) = John Rylands Univ Lib Methodist Minister Index ;

BlwA = Blwyddiadur yr Annibynwyr (/Welsh Ind./Congr. Yearbook); BlwMC = Blwyddiadur y MC (Calv Meth/Presb.Ch. of Wales) Yearbook, Gol.= Y Goleuad (CM/Presb. Ch. of Wales weekly newspaper)
CYB = Congregational Year Book; (later URCYB = United Reformed Church Yr Bk) : EurgW = Eurgrawn Wesleaidd, BCMDB = Breuddwyd Cymro Mewn Dillad Benthyg; YBAG = Y Bardd a Gollwyd (cofiant David Ellis); DMGE = Dyddiadur Milwr a Gweithiau Eraill, DFDB = John a James Dau Frawd Dau Broffwyd; LDP(W) = Liverpool Daily Post (Wales edn.); CDH = Caernarvon and Denbigh Herald; BMOI Baptist Minister Obituary Index (to entries in the Baptist Union Handbook (BUH)); WWIM = Who’s Who in Methodism 1933; SDC Lamp = St.Davids College Lampeter; UoW = University of Wales; RoH= Roll of Honour; RoS= Roll of Service; CofE = Church of England; Crockf= Crockford’s Clerical Directory (+year/edn); WCYB = Welsh Church Year Book 1929 (available online); AVL= Absent Voter’s List (+county prefix); SWBC = South Wales Baptist College (formerly Cardiff Bapt. Coll); CWGC = Commonwealth War Graves Commission; SDGW = Soldiers Died in the Great War; FA=Field Ambulance (prefixed with number)

" ---- n/f" = not found - there are currently 21 (+3) gaps in the sequence where no record could be found - presumably the man either didn't go abroad, or was discharged, or was re-assigned e.g. to the RAChD [ACD] as a Chaplain. - Please get in touch if you have information that can can help to fill in the gaps, & there are still some names for which RAMC numbers are yet to be identified!
There are 3 sets of numbers: 81820, 81932 and 81875 (denoted *) where the same number has been used twice, leaving 3 gaps elsewhere in the sequence (81820 (81821 gap), 81875 (81857) and 81932 (81923) -q.v.) - in the case of 81875 , there is an added complication in that the MIC record does not match the CWGC record and details may have been confused with 81876 also?)
There may also be a problem with 81736/81737 – exactly same name/same person ?
Those numbers marked 81...-D are those that are known to have Died (CWGC records found)
The numbering sequence seems to run continuously from 81724 to 81944 then there is a sequence that doesn't belong (indicated by bracketed numbers) then re-starts at 81965 for a short run - from what I can gather from the records I've seen, the main tranche joined on 27th/28th January 1916 at Rhyl, and the rest were either late-comers - joining at Sheffield or Llandrindod, or transferred-in from other RAMC units/Regiments etc, There are also some towards the end of the run who don't seem to belong either - but I haven't been able to find enough information to rule them either in or out of this particular RAMC unit.
The last number of the Welsh Students RAMC sequence would seem to be around 81983 i.e. Idris Vaughan Williams, whose letters are referred to in Alan Llwyd and Elwyn Edwards' "Y Bardd a Gollwyd", but I haven't ruled out the possibility of one or two later numbers being included in the run. (NEW!- 81990 Richard Llewellyn Hughes - transferred into the Welsh Coy RAMC)

latest EDIT 11Oct2013 - due to increasing amount of information gathered and limited space per posting, - expanded entries moved to postings 42-44 - see below:

(Index of names to follow...)

RAMC 81723 - 81799 - see posting #42 (below)

RAMC 81800 - 81899 : see posting #43 (below)

RAMC 81900 - 82000 : see posting #44 (below)

if anyone has further information on any of these men - please get in touch via Personal Message - thanks.

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Clearly a labour of love. Very well done and best wishes for your future researches!


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Is this one of your n/fs?

81730 William Robert DAVIES, 16 Segontium Terrace, Carnarvon. Attested 10/12/15, to Army Reserve 11/12/15, mobilised 28/1/16, posted Welsh Coy RAMC 30/1/16. Father Morris Davies of same address. Discharged having been appointed to HM Commission 5/11/16.

(from Ancestry service records)


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Many thanks for your kind remarks;

- according to some members of my family; for "labour of love" - substitute "obsession"!!


Great find! - many thanks - WR Davies is one of the names I couldn't match up with a number - he is described as a Pharmacy student, and has the qualifications LDS [Licentiate in Dental Surgery?] and RGS [=? (surgery)?] after his name.

I'm usually very thorough with my Ancestry searches - I don't know how I missed that one! - maybe I should double-check all my other "n/f"'s in case I've overlooked anybody else.


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  • 1 year later...


Re 81965 Jones William G,I can confirm he is William Jones of 16 Caradoc Place, Deiniolen.

I may be able to resolve a few of the North Wales ones over the coming weeks.


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Hi Hywyn,

Many thanks, I'll be in touch via PM to get the details from you.

Any information, however small, - about these men, - always greatly appreciated! - it's a far bigger job than I'd anticipated

- I've been down many blind alleys, and had to correct several entries!,

My sincere thanks to all who have helped with the effort so far.



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(1/3) RAMC sequence 81723 to 81799 [latest update/edit: 30May2017]

81723 ---- n/f ------------------------ START OF WELSH STUDENTS RAMC SEQUENCE ?------------

81724 pte ROBERTS Thomas John : b.6May1894; Bl.Ffestiniog, family moved to Aberfan, Glam. (1901/1911 Census: 4 Noel Tce.); of Glanffrydlas, Bethesda, Caerns., s/o Rd John Roberts; educ: Pontypridd Grammar Schl (see

81768 pte THOMAS David Hugh : b.2Sept1896 Tregarth, Bethesda nr. Bangor; of 13 Gray St., Bethesda (living with his grandparents, his father (a collier) and rest of family living in Ashon-in-Makerfield); student at UCNW; with RAMC for 3y 1m -Salonica, 37GH (Caern.AVL*); BCMDB opp. p.48 photo of DHT and others on board the “Essequibo”; B.A.(Bangor 1921); then Didsbury Coll. from 1921; Wesl. Minister at Pwllheli, Dolgellau & Barmouth, Caernarfon, Lampeter, Llanrwst, Newtown, Pontarddulais, Cefn Mawr, Machynlleth and Liverpool circuits. d.1May1960 L’pool; Obit: EurgW.1960 p.174-5 (see also EurgW 1956 p.1-2: DHT elected as Pres. of Wesl.Assembly - mentions his time at Salonica) [see also WWIM p.226; Minutes of Conf. 1960 p.201; Probate 1960 p.130; JRUL (W. 1918, 1960); UoW RoS p.27, UCNW Calendar 1920/21 p.277; Didsbury Coll. Centenary bk p.154]

81769 pte LEWIS William Edwards : (TBC!): Listed in Cymro/BCMDB as Theol.Student(Bapt.)@Cardiff - mentioned in DMGE p.7 but not on SWBC register or DFDB list or BMOI ! (poss Cardiff Univ graduate BA.1919 Wm Edwards Lewis?? UoW RoS: ent.1913- Lewis, Wm Edwards (Ferryside [Carms.]) RAMC; 1911 Census: – Arts student (missionary) b.ca.1888 Ferryside, Carms.- at Doric Lodge 28 Bow Rd, Poplar (“the Regions Beyond Missionary Union” [RBMU] see wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Grattan_Guinness); – Welsh Baptist newspaper “Seren” mentions a WE Lewis of Ferryside as a prospective missionary at Salem Baptist Chapel in 1906; studying at the Collegiate School Pontypridd and preaching in 1907, and being accepted to Harley College (RBMU – see above ) in 1908, Served with RAMC in Macedonia which left him unfit for missionary work so became a teacher; Article - with verses composed by him whilst serving with 143FA British Salonika Forces – published Oct 1918 in “Seren Cymru” (see: http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4113575/2/ART8.) show his home address as Tripenhad ( other refs. show Tirpenhad [Farm], Ferryside); RI/scripture teacher at King Edward VI School Retford Notts. from 1920 until 1951 (see: http://www.eyemead.com/GW-5.htm and other pages at same website – incl. photos); d.12Aug1951; obit/tribute in “The Retfordian” (Retford GS magazine) vol 35 (3) Dec 1951 p.1-3; Transcripts from Western Mail re his marriage in 1926 confirm home address and occupation etc: (see: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/GLAMORGAN/2009-10/1256765530 and http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/MONMOUTHSHIRE/2009-10/1256842463) (other sources incl. “Seren Cymru, Census, Probate 1951 etc)

81770 pte HUGHES Griffith Owen : Cymro/BCMDB list: Pharmacy student; Caern.AVL*: of 23 Ffrydlas Rd., Bethesda, 39FA Mesopotamia; b.ca. 1894 Llanllechid; appears to have served post-war as Dispenser on board Merchant Marine vessel “City of Oxford” (disch Apr 1922 no 1077902); poss. Pharmacist in Dover (m. Sarah A Redfern 1927 at Dover) d.19Jly1965 (Probate Calendar 1965 p.807) bur. Coetmor Cmy., Bethesda

81771 pte JONES William George : b.29Sep1891 Bersham; of 2 Brynhyfryd, Nant Rd., Coedpoeth, ; - at same address in 1911; - educ. Clynnog; Headingley Coll. (1915); War Svce 1916-19: Sec.A 32FA (Wxm AVL*) -at Salonica/Macedonia in same FA unit as JLlH [81879], also in Egypt and Palestine – appears to have been hospitalised several times; post-war: Didsbury Coll.1919-20; Richmond Coll. 1920-21; Wesl. minister from 1918: Cowbridge; North-Roe; Llanelli & Carmarthen; Bridgend; Severn Valley; Welshpool, Ludlow; Haverfordwest and Milford Haven, Caerphilly, Merthyr, Swaffam, Swindon, and Kimberley. ret’d 1958 but cont’d to preach on London Harrow circuit.; d.8Feb1978 Spilsby district (Alford?), Lincs. (sources incl.: Headingley Coll. Register; WWIM p.128; Mins. of Conf. 1978 p.83)

81772 pte JONES Arthur Langford : b. ca.1891 Didsbury. M’cr; CofE; M'cr Univ Roll of Service (1922): p.178 - [entered?] 1910; M.A.; Teach.Dipl.; O.T.C.; 3FA., Gds.Div. RAMC; cpl. [MIC: Pte!]; BA (1913); MA (1914); Curate of Guiseley 1921-24; Org.Sec CESS Inst. 1924-25; Chap. & Master of Methd Bede Coll. Durham 1926-27; lecturer at St.Christophers Coll. Blackheath 1927-? ; Vicar of Holy Trinity, Bingley, d.29 Oct1937 at Bradford, bur. at Christ Church, Woodford, Cheshire? [sources incl: Crockf 1932 p.703; Probate Calendar 1937 p.561; LdnGaz notice 1938]; collection of letters re: his war service and RAMC at M’cr Univ Archives (TFT/1/609)

81773 pte MORGAN David Thomas : b ca.1891? Llangurig, family moved to Abercynon (fr. was a collier). Studied at Trevecca and Bala. Served with Welsh Coy RAMC in France until the end of the war. Resumed his studies at Bala; Ord.1920 at Bala; CM minister at Tan y Groes nr. Cardigan 1920-30; (see: “Hanes yr Achos Methodistaidd yn Nhanygroes, Sir Aberteifi”, Wyn Jones (1954) p.26-7 (incl. photo)), then Salem, Pencoed, nr.Bridgend, Glam.; ret’d 1954/5. d.19Mar1956, bur. Llangurig [sources incl.: BlwMC 1957 p.284, Gol. 25Apr1956 p.4; Probate 1956 p.925]

81774 pte DODD Idwal Caswallon Morlais : (1896-1964); b.Coedpoeth, Wrexham; Student at UCW Aberystwyth (B.A. 1920); address:19 High St., Coedpoeth; served with 34FA (Wxm AVL*); teacher at Holyhead Grammar School then Deputy. Dir. of Educ. of Anglesey (1942), & later of Denbighshire (ca.1947-1961 (retired)). Obit.: Denbs. Free Press 25April1964 p.4; see also Denbs.Hist.Soc.Trans. 13 (1964) p.6 (helped establish Denbs.Hist.Soc. & was Hon.Asst.Sec during its early years)

81775 pte ELDER James : b.1894 Gwespyr (Bodifor, Ffynnongroyw/Llanasa), Flints.; worked at local coal mine; educ.: Clynnog; war svce with RAMC in Salonica - invalided out 4 April 1918 suffering shell-shock (SWB list RAMC/518: Badge no. 400546); Wesl.Meth. minister at Lampeter, Llanelli; Ystumtuen; Llanfaircaereinion; Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant; Pwllheli; Machynlleth; Pontarddulais/Swansea; London (1939-1952 : City Rd. (chapel destroyed by enemy action during WW2 shortly after he had been preaching there!), & Chiltern St,); Bagillt; ret’d 1953; d.5Nov1963; (sources incl.: EurgW. 1964 p.13-16; Rhyl Jnl. 14Nov1963 p.5; Mins. of Conf. 1964 p195-6; Flints. R.O.: D/DM/181 Ffynnongroyw L12; WWIM p.68; Probate 1964 p.88; pers. corresp.)

81776 ---- n/f

81777 sgt SMITH Cyril Laurence (TBC!) : (not listed in Cymro/BCMDB); poss (TBC!): b.10Aug1893 Medway, Kent; student at St.Peter’s Coll.,, Radley, Abingdon in 1911; Theol student at Cuddeston Coll, BA (1915); MA (1919) Christ Church Oxford –Oxfd RoS (1920) p.383: ”1912 SMITH, C.L., M.A. (Jan. 27 1916) Sergt. RAMC, France 1916-18”; Curate (later Vicar) at E.Dulwich 1919-22, Holborn 1922-23; Victoria Park 1923-26; Beckenham 1926-35; Vicar of St.Michaels Beckenham 1935-62, Chaplain to Benedictine Community StMary’s Abbey W.Malling 1962-66; Permission to Officiate in Guildford Diocese from 1966. d.22Nov1984 at Woking, bur.Rochester (sources incl. Crockf (var editions up to 1982), Church Times 10Oct1919 (Deaconised at St.Pauls), also 21May1971p.15 (Golden Anniv of his Priesthood 22May1921)); Times d.notice 24Nov1984 p.34, also Times 5Jan1985 p.10).[Probate1984p8612]. BWM sold eBay May2017 .

81778 pte WILLIAMS William Lewis : b.26Mar1894 Llangefni (s/o AJ Williams, “Bee Hive”, Llangefni – 1901 & 1911 Census) later of Plas Menai, North Rd.,Caernarfon; Draper [of Pierce and Williams, Drapers, “Yr Afr Aur”, Caernarfon], mentioned at Wharncliffe War Hosp Sheffield in Jul1916 (see: http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4025523/7/ART98/afr-aur%20AND%20lewis ); 38GH Mikra Bay, fell ill with Malaria, evacuated to Malta ca.Nov1917 (see: http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/3460794/4/ART3 - piece also mentions IVW [81983] – also large advert for “yr Afr Aur” on same page!); then back to Britain soon afterwards (http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4016000/3/ART28), (provided RRW [81787] with the "Cymro" list and other information, together with his war-time diary and that of IVW [81983]) d.7Nov.1981 bur Llanbeblig) (sources incl. BCMDB, : Caern AVL*, HC 28Nov1917p5; LDP(W) 9Nov1981p10)

81779 pte PARRY-WILLIAMS John Oscar : (1892-1971) b. Ty'r Ysgol (School House), Rhyd-ddu ( Caern AVL*)(bro. of Welsh poet Sir TH Parry-Williams); Clerk at UCW Aberystwyth; MID -see LdnGaz 10Jly1919p8778; Sec. Welsh Plant Breeding Station Aberystwyth; MBE: see LdnGazSuppl 10Jun1954p3277 & Times 10Jun1954 p.5 col.5

81780-D pte KERSHAW Richard Edward : (1885-1916) b.Bolton? ordained Congr. minister Haydon Bridge, Northumberland - see Surman index. 86FA bur. Lembet Rd. Cemy, Salonika - see prev.posting & CWGC data. Mentioned in "James a John - dau frawd, dau broffwyd" (1976) p.18,21,22 (rec'd news of Kershaw's death) :- "[Rhagfyr 12 (1916)]: Dyma'r dydd tywyllaf yn ein hanes er pan ffurfiwyd Cwmni Cymreig o'r R.A.M.C. Ni chawsom ddiwrnod tywyllach na hwn er pan ddaethom allan yma; oblegid heddiw tua hanner dydd daeth y newydd trist fod ein cyfaill hoff Mr Kershaw wedi marw ddoe yn y 29th General Hospital. Daeth y newydd fel taranfollt i ni. Tybiem ei fod wedi mynd i Malta a'i fod yn gwella. Gwr duwiol, didwyll, a llawn o weithredoedd da. Yr oedd yn gyfaill ffyddlon ac yn frawd diymhongar...(etc).". - He was the first of the unit to die. (see also Probate Calendar 1917 – says he was attached to 8th FA).

81781 pte DAVIES Thomas : (poss CofE student at Lampeter? - no matching Crockfords entry)

81782 pte GRIFFITHS Howel(l) Idris : Theol.Student(Congr.)@Carmarthen; [b.A.@Cardiff 1922 ?]

81783 pte ROBERTS Robert (Cybi) : (no roll number) : b.1Apr1893 (TBC!) Holyhead; of 18 Baker St./Maeshyfryd Stores (sources vary!), Holyhead, Bala-Bangor Theol. College and UCNW ; B.A.(Bangor 1916), B.D., enlisted 27/1/16; poss with 38GH (TBC) in Salonica; discharged 15/6/18 (sickness) SWB List: RAMC/691, badge no. B/7532; Congr. Minister at Narberth; Llandaff North, Cardiff; emigrated to NZ (as minister and Principal of Mount Eden Coll., Auckland from 1928) then Australia –minister of Welsh Presb.Church, LaTrobe St., Melbourne. d.6Jan.1936, bur. Burwood Cmy, Melbourne. [sources incl.: BCMDB: RR listed under “Degree Students (theological)”, also in group photo on “Essequibo” opp. p 48; DMGE p.24: "Robert ('Bob') Roberts, Caergybi (gweinidog gyda'r Annibynwyr a fu'n athro Coleg Diwinyddol yn Awstralia [sic], a marw yno, mi goeliaf"); Bangor Univ. Student Register; Y Tyst 13Feb1936 p.12 (3 items); Dyddiadur yr Annibynwyr 1937 p.204-5; SWB record on Ancestry; Census data; Surman Index; CYB 1928 p.421; Melbourne Argus 7Jan1936 p.1 & 8 (available online NLA Trove website); The Age (Melbourne) 7Jan1936p8 (via Google News); headstone at Burwood (searchable database) - PB.078]

81784 pte DAVIES William Henry : Student at Bangor (Normal Coll?) (poss. b.31Dec1894 of 55 Rheola St., Penrhiwceiber, Glam.; Asst Teacher at Ynysboeth Mxd Schl, Penrhiwceiber, Mtn. Ash. (TBC!))

81785 pte EVANS William (b.1887?) -  (entry temp. removed pending verification)

81786 P+ JONES David Morris MC : RAChD (Rev) (1887-1957) from Maenan, Llanrwst; Posted to Salonica, via Mudros on board "HMHS Britannia" and "Grantilly Castle". Served at 33SH nr Sorovitch. Rec'd commission to Chaplaincy ca. Nov 1916 & returned to UK via France on "Ivernia". Sent to France ca.March 1917 – served as Chaplain to 14th and 15th Bn RWF. Received MC for Gallantry during the attack on Gouzeaucourt 18 Sep 1918 for attending to injured men in no-man's land (see:http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/31158/supplements/1670 ). For a comprehensive account of his RAMC service see: Cylchgrawn Hanes (Hist.Soc. of the Presb. Church of Wales) vol.22. (1998) p.35-54: "Professor David Morris Jones MC MA BD (1887-1957) War Diaries" by (Rev.) J.E. Wynne-Davies BA BD,: p.44- "following the Battle of Pilkem Ridge he conducted numerous funeral services including [unknowingly] that of the poet "Hedd Wyn"". see also: "The Story of Hedd Wyn" Alan Llwyd, Barddas (2009), p.140-141; see also : http://wbo.llgc.org.uk/en/s2-JONE-MOR-1887.html; d.8 Oct 1957; obits: Gol.16 Oct 1957 p.1-2 (photo on p.1); BlwMC 1959, p.266-7

81787 pte WILLIAMS Robert Richard : b. 6Jun1887 (Minffordd?) Penrhyndeudraeth, author of "Breuddwyd Cymro mewn dillad benthyg" (1964), His RAMC number clearly shown on p.13, 82 & 83 Educ: Emlyn Grammar Schl, Newcastle Emlyn; Aberystwyth Univ; Served with RAMC in Salonica 38GH (Mikra Bay) then 78FA; MiD (LonGaz 11Jun1918 p.6925); resumed studies at Aberystwyth Univ (B.A., 1920); and Oxford (theol) BA, MA, (Oxon 1926) STD [Doctorate in Sacred Theology] (Temple, Philadelphia); CM minister at Cardigan (Tabernacle); Colwyn Bay (Bethlehem, 1925-31) Utica (Moriah, ca.1931-47)) and Philadelphia (Patterson Presb. Ch); ret’d Llandudno; d.7May1971; bur. Mochdre; author of several books and published articles/sermons and hymns (e.g. “Dywysog hedd, hoff Feddyg dynol ryw…” (Caneuon Ffydd #853), won several major prizes at the National Eisteddfod (sources incl. BCMDB (several biographical references and photos); “Cydymaith Caneuon Ffydd”, Delyth G Morgans (2006) p.716 (& 268-9); family tree on Ancestry; booklet on history of Tabernacle church, Cardigan (by CCH [81891] incl. photo of RRW; Cardigan and Tivy-side Advertiser 16Feb1923 (incl. photo), 27Jun1924 (marr.); pers. corresp.; Gol.19May1971; LDP(W) 10May1971 p10; etc );

81788 pte RICH Arthur T(homas?): - Not on Cymro/BCMDB list - More info required! - from London; appears to have initially been a Wesleyan/Methodist minister, then a Congregationalist minister in Scotland, later a CofE priest (from ca.1939/40) in the Devon/Exeter area, author of detective novels.

81789 pte BENNETT David Price (or Pryce) : comm. Welsh R 25/9/17 (b.Q2/1890 Rhayader; Commission – see LdnGaz 23Oct1917p.10885)(surname prob. wrongly interpreted as "Sennitt, D.P" (a Congr.Student at Carmarthen) in the original Cymro list, further mis-transcribed as"Sennith" in "Breuddwyd Cymro..") - but doesn't appear in Surman Index or Congr.Yr.Bk.1928 - so maybe didn't return to his studies after the war?

81790 pte LLOYD Thomas Rees : (1889-15 March 1944); b.Llwynwermod, Maenygroes (nr.New Quay), Cards.; enlis 28/1/16 disch 28/5/19 (KR392xvi) LIST RAMC/1195 (two cards); student@Cardiff Univ. (B.A., 1920) & Brecon (Congr); Congr.Minister -see Surman Index and CYB 1945 p.450; photo of headstone in "T Eurig Davies –portead mewn llun a gair", Alun Eurig Davies (2008) p.194 [303] (incl. englynion in memoriam by TED)

81791 pte JONES Hugh Morley : b.12Mar1894 Llanfaircaereinion, Montg.; s/o Wesl. Minister Edward Jones; - living at Cadvan Villa, Trevor Isa, Llangollen in 1901 and a student at Aberystwyth in 1911 Census (boarder at 7 Queen St.); later lived at “Dinas”, 5 The Square, Blaenau Ffestiniog; Theol.Student(Wesl.)@Headingley (ent.1914); served with 32FA (source: Mer.AVL*, of 4 Wynne Rd., Bl. Ffest ), in Macedonia, Egypt & Palestine (“Yr Ymchwil” (1949) p.54 – Tom Nefyn Williams saw him leading a church service in Alexandria, Egypt); post WW1: resumed at Richmond and Didsbury; Wesl. Minister at Brynmawr 1921, Tiverton 1922, Peterborough 1923, Northampton 1926, Lincoln 1929, Keighley 1932, B’ham 1937, Bournemouth 1942, Sutton 1946, Morecambe 1951, Sale 1955; ret’d 1958; d.18Jun1962 Ferring-by-Sea, Worthing Sussex; (sources incl. Minutes of Conf. (1962) p.218-9; WWIM p.126; BCMDB p.5, 14, 20; pers. comm.; Probate1962 p.318 etc) (JRUL: started 1917 d.1962)

81792 pte DAVIES Benjamin : (1887-1963); B.A.; Theol.Student(Congr.)@Carmarthen Coll. - see Surman Index

81793 pte HUGHES Evan Wheldon : b.18Jul1893 of Bryn Peris,'Rallt Goch, Llanberis; student teacher @Bangor Normal Coll. 25 Mobile Lab Hygiene (Caern AVL*) Cl Scl Llandudno; (later poss. Headmaster of Ysgol Troed yr Allt, Pwllheli ? (TBC!))

81794 pte LEWIS Lewis Maurice : (incorrectly listed in Cymro/BCMDB as WM Lewis) - b.10Mar1889 Llwynywern, Pontsaeson, Cards., former school teacher, began preaching in 1912, educ. Newcastle Emlyn school, and Trevecca; studies interrupted by WW1. served for a few months with YMCA before joining Welsh Student’s Coy RAMC – saw service in Salonica from 1916 to 1919; Ord.1921; CM minister at Llandebie; Ogmore Vale; Porth (Rhondda) and Creunant (Neath); d.5May1950; (sources incl. family trees on Ancestry (incl photos and obit); pers. comm.; BlwMC1951 p.265-6; news articles in Cambrian News and Y Cymro newspapers mentioning his RAMC service e.g. http://papuraunewyddcymru.llgc.org.uk/cy/page/view/3447273/ART14/lewis%20maurice%20lewis ; http://welshnewspapers.llgc.org.uk/en/page/view/3448929/ART29/jenkyn%20lewis ;

His brother Jenkyn (1892-1975) was with a different RAMC unit (also student at Trefecca and later a CM minister at Glanaman; RAMC no. poss 336418 TBC!)

David Jones [81974] mentions returning after demobilisation with 2 or 3 others including LM Lewis (“Rhai o brofiadau pedair blynedd” – Y Ffordd 6 (3) 1956 p.14) : "... Daethom i Lanbedr. Yr oedd tri neu bedwar ohonom. Yng gofal un yr oedd Beibl bachgen o ardal y tu allan in Lanbedr. ... L.M. Lewis oedd yn gofalu am y Llyfr. .... Chwith yw meddwl fod L.M. ei hun wedi ein gadael erbyn hyn hefyd...." );

81795 pte/capt/rev BROWELL Henry Patterson : emb , Comm T/Chapn 24/7/17 RAChD T Capt+ Rev etc : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list): b.17Dec1891, Horwich, nr.Bolton, Lancs.; s/o Wesl. minister Rev Rt Browell; educ.: Mercers’ Schl., Holborn, and Dunheved Coll. Launceston; Lay pastor at New Tredegar before enrolling as Theol. Student at Handsworth Coll.; War Svce with Welsh RAMC in Mesopotamia (from 25Sep1916) – working on medical barge on River Tigris; Ord./Wesl. minister from 1917;. transf. to RAChD (24Jly1917) (rank.T/Capt) (Methodist Chaplain at Basra then Garrison Chaplain at Kut-el-Amara for 2 years); resumed studies at Handsworth (BA, B’ham Univ); minister at Mid-Glos. Mission; Horncastle; Sheffield, Newport, Colwyn Bay & Llandudno (ca.1930’s); Bacup; Sheffield; Halifax (ca.1940’s?); Maidstone; Wellington (Somerset); ret’d 1957 to Bournemouth; d.9Feb1978 Poole, Dorset (sources incl: Minutes of Conf. 1978 p.72; WWIM p.29)

81796 a/sgt WHITEHEAD Arthur Stansfield : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list); b.20Feb1895 Bacup Lancs, bro of 81731 (James Kay Whitehead), s/o Wesleyan minister Rev Joseph Whitehead; 1911 Census – at Kingswood Schl, Bath, Glos. (with AD Philipson [81939 ](q.v) enlist 28/1/16; disch 5/9/18 (sickness) - SWB List: RAMC/663 (served overseas), badge no. 446076 (sickness); (poss bank cashier in Sheffield/Rotherham ca. 1925, later bank manager? TBC), Retired to Rhos on Sea, d.10Jly1973, see: North Wales Weekly News 12Jly1973 p.2)

81797 pte WHITEHEAD Herbert : b.28May1887 of Tottington, Lancs, s/o John Whitehead (butcher); CofE degree student L.D. (=Licence in Divinity) 1916; ex-St.Davids, Lampeter (entered 1913, LD 1915); Curate of Llanishen (w/ Lisvane) 1919-22; Pontypridd 1922-23; Hartland 1923-24; Rector of Washford Pyne (Crediton Devon) (w/ Puddington from 1927) 1924-33; Hatton w/Sotby (nr Wragby, Lincs.) from 1933; see Crockf 1936 p.1424 (Probate 1944 p.311: d.28Mar1944 - address: Hatton Rectory, Wragby, Lincs)

81798 pte HARRIES Ezer John (MIC incorrectly shows first name as Ezra) ("Jack") : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list); b.15Aug1896 Croes-goch, Llanrhian, (nr. Letterston), Pembs., educ.: St.Davids Co.Schl; theol. student (CofE) at SDC Lampeter (1914-15 and 1919-20); RAMC 30FA in Salonica, contracted Malaria; Jesus Coll. Oxf. (BA 1921); Curate of Denbigh 1924-27; Llandebie 1927-28; Lampeter 1928-29; Vicar of Llangedwyn (nr. Oswestry) from 1929. Married Hilda Victoria Sime, sister of Rev JA Sime [81801] (q.v) Q3/1927 Haverfordwest]; d. 12 Dec 1935 Llangollen/Wxm; Address in 1935: Vicarage, Llangedwyn, Denbs. (sources incl.: WCYB p.517; Crockf.1932 p.567; Lampeter College student records; Probate 1936 p.87, pers. comm.; family tree on Ancestry); author of article in Welsh Outlook 18 (2) Feb.1931 p.48-9

81799 pte OLIVE James : Poss CofE ex-SDCLamp –see Crockf 1932 & 1963/64 Not listed in Cymro/BCMDB; SDC Lampeter BA 1920; Curate at Preston 1920; Rainford 1922-25; Chaplain Salford Univ 1925-28; Vicar at Pendleton 1928-41; Rector of Stoke Lacy 1941-2 Vicar at Whitehaven 1942-61 (address in Morecambe); d.11Sept 1966 (Probate1966)

(RAMC 81800-81899 - see next posting)

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(2/3) RAMC sequence 81800-81899 [latest edit/update: 15Aug2017 - correction to entry 81865]

81800 pte JONES James Hughes/[Hugh?] : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list, but RRW [81787] mentions meeting “Jones 800” in Abergele many years after the war (BCMDB p.13)); b. ca.1877 Denbigh; of 13 New St., Abergele; 38GH Salonica (Denbs.AVL*). [1911 Census: James Hughes Jones (tailor, 34 y.o.) at same address]; later (post-ww1) watch & clock repairer/jeweller; (Welsh Methodist Local Preacher for 44yrs, Deacon at St.Paul’s Ch for 35yrs, also a trustee of the church since abt.1906); d.17Feb1943 at Abergele (bur. Abergele Joint Cmy); obit.: Abergele Visitor 20Feb1943 p.1 (most sources (incl. headstone) give his middle name as Hughes, but shown as Hugh in "Methodist Local Preacher's Who's Who" (1934) p.301)

81801 pte SIME John Alexander --> S.Wales Bord.48302 : Theol Student at St Davids, Lampeter b.6Nov1897, Address: Bryn y Llan, (later: 1 Honddu Villas) St.Davids, Pembs., Enlisted 28Jan1916 at Rhyl, --> Salonica, ... (more to follow: Service record available on Ancestry); Compulsory transf. to S.Wales Bords.2/7/18 ...; B.A.(1920); CofE Vicar - see Crockfords 1932 p.1187. (d.1983 Devon?)

81802 pte NICHOLAS Thomas (P) : TBC!: Listed in Cymro/BCMDB as a Theol.Student (CM) at Bala Coll. - newspaper reports suggest he was a CM student at Aberystwyth Theol Coll. –– b ca.1895 Pembrokeshire; educ. Narberth GS, later at Newcastle Emlyn GS and Aber Theol Coll.; Course interrupted by WW1 – served abroad for 3 yrs w/ RAMC, returned to coll. to complete course. Ord. 1925 – had ministries in Pembs (mostly around the Haverfordwest area), and Glam (incl.Philadelphia Chapel, Morriston). Sec. and Moderator of (Pemb.?) Presbytery; d.16Jun1964 Haverfordwest, bur. City Rd. Cmy, Haverfordwest.TBC! – appears to have adopted middle name/initial ”P” (=?) ca. 1950’s. (sources incl: BlwMC1965 p.282-3; Pembrokeshire online burials database; marr. Emma Blodwen Mathias Q4/1923 (d.1991) etc..)

81803 pte WILLIAMS Edward Roberts : Student at UCW Aberystwyth (CM) [b.A.@Aberystwyth, 1922]; From Ffynnon y Berth, Llanferres/Llanarmon-yn-Ial nr. Ruthin, (Denbighshire?).(Denb.AVL*: 31 Parc St., Denbigh); Prev. studied at Bala & Trevecca colleges.- ord. 1923; CM minister at Pontneathvaughan and Ystradfellte- emigrated to Chubut, Patagonia ca.1930; (see: http://www.archivesw...Roberts&L=0 ) ; also: "Breuddwyd Cymro.." p.58: "Atebodd rhai ohonynt yr alwad i weinidogaethu y tu allan i Gymru, yn yr Unol Daleithiau, India a Phatagonia. Yn naear yr olaf y gorwedd corff E.R. Williams, y cymeriad mwyaf hynaws a diddrwg o'r Cymry i gyd".see also BlwMC 1953 p.233-234; Gol.27Feb1952 p.3:. d.13 Feb1952, Bur.at Dolafon, Chubut.

81804 pte WILLIAMS James ("Jim") Ellis : b.ca.1882. Nantmor, Beddgelert; raised in Abergynolwyn (Pandy Square); worked as collier in Maerdy & Tumble, (Glam.); began training for ministry aged 30 at Newcastle Emlyn School and Aberystwyth Theol.Coll.; Studies interrupted by WW1. Served in Salonica with 85FA (Mer.AVL*) Was great friends with JEE [81875] at 38thGH Mikra Bay; & married JEE’s sister Martha in 1922. Resumed studies at Aber. after war. Ord 1920; asst. minister at Stanley Rd.,Bootle (L’pl); CM minister at Llanrhaeadr YM (1922); Rhostryfan (1929); Llandrillo; nr. Bala (ca.1933-55); retired to Bala; d.21Nov1960. [sources incl: BCMDB p.4 (listed as Aber. Theol (CM) student), 22 (visited JLlH [81879] in hospital); p.58 (married JEE’s sister -as above); Gol.30Nov1960 p.6; Gol.18Jan1961 p.4 (tribute by RRW [81787] – a fellow student at Newcastle Emlyn School and also at 38GH Mikra Bay); BlwMC 1962 p.266; bur. Llandrillo-yn-Edeyrnion (new cemy.) [Clwyd FHS MI ref F.124]]

81805 pte HOWELLS John Archer : b.29Jly1886 at Carmarthen; educ Carmarthen Schl., trained for ministry at Carmarthen Coll.; Congr. Minister; Comm’d Temp.Chaplain 4th Cl.: 6Feb1917 (shown on MIC, see also LdnGaz 16Apr1917p.3576) For details of pastorates see Surman index and CYB 1960 p.431 (NB wrongly listed in BCMDB [Ordained Ministers and Preachers] as Archer, J Howell (Congr.)); d. 31May1959 Long Melford

81806 pte GRIFFITH John H(enry) : b.30Sep1890 Coedrhoslwyd, Rhydymain; later Tyddyn Mawr, Brithdir, nr. Dolgellau; B.A.(Bangor, 1922) B.A.(Oxon,.1928).MA (Oxon 1930); 36GH; (several sources incl Mer.AVL*); C.M. minister at Llangoed, Anglesey, (1926-32) and Capel Mawr, Denbigh (1932-64 (retired)). Moderator of N.Wales Assocn of Presb.Churches in 1964. (see Denbs.Free Press 25Apr1964 p.9 - mentions his RAMC service). Also a poet (see: biog. in "Awen Sir Ddinbych", ed. Emlyn Evans, Llyfrau'r Dryw (1964) p.197) d.9 Feb.1972 @ Denbigh. Author of "Crefydd yng Nghymru" - (Cyfres pobun #12), Gwasg y Brython (1946). Author of article about David Ellis [81871] (q.v.) in Denbs.Hist.Soc.Trans. 17 (1968) 191-207. d. 9Feb1972; Liverpool Daily Post notice 11 (&12) Feb1972 p.8; Obit.: Denbs. Free Press 26Feb1972 p.12 (& 9); BlwMC 1973 p.260-261. See also “Hanes MC Mon 1888-1935” p,121; “Bro a Bywyd Gwilym R.Jones” (Barddas, 2001) p.114-115, 140; “Hanes Henaduriaeth Dyffryn Clwyd” (1986) 139. Several items at Denbs. Archives, incl DD/DM/221/6 (re:JHG retirement 1964). NB middle initial H apparently adopted by him to distingush himself from an uncle of the same name (see BlwMC obit.), but both UoW Calendar 1928-29 and UCNW Admissions Register have his middle name as Henry; BBC Recording of service conducted by Rev JH Griffith at Capel Mawr Denbigh in Feb.1960: http://archive.org/d...rServicecymraeg (with transcription)

81807-D pte JONES Llewellyn Penri : -see: http://www.esclusham...o.uk/37001.html - & prev.posting & CWGC data

81808 pte JONES John Celyn : b.18Jly1887 (1889 according to some sources), Tan y Graig, Abergwyngregyn nr. Bangor, Caerns (confirmed by CaernAVL*); Theol.Student(Wesl.)@Headingley; continued at Didsbury post-WW1; military svce in Salonica; Wesl. minister from 1916: Ystumtuen; London; Dinas Mawddwy; Dolgellau, Barmouth, Machynlleth, Aberystwyth (ca.1930’s); Llanfyllin; Ruthin; L’pool (Oakfield Rd.). Ret’d 1945; d.18Mar1951; bur. Bangor Cmy. (sources incl: EurgW 1951, p.134 & 212-213; Bathafarn (J.Hist.Soc of Meth.Church in Wales) 31(2000) p.31-8: “Trem ar hanes yr achos yn Soar, Abergwyngregyn” (p.35-6 : JCJ) [available online]; Mins. of Conf. 1951 p.143-4; WWIM p.127. (JRUL: started 1916 d.1951); Probate 1951 p.1088; Headingley Coll. Register, Didsbury Centenary Book p.152; headstone)

81809 pte JONES Roger Evans : Not on Cymro/BCMDB list). poss. (TBC!): b.ca.1890 Llandrillo-yn-Rhos, later of "Harland House" Rhiw Rd., Old Colwyn (s/o Thomas Jones, joiner/bldg contractor) (TBC!), served in Middle East during WW1, and as Information Officer (Min. of Home Security) during WW2; joiner/builder, later of “Swiss Cottage” Eilian Rd., Old Colwyn; d.9Nov.1949 (Probate1950p990; Obits: NW Pioneer 17Nov1949p5, NWWN 17Nov1949p9 (d Notice and Ackn p.10); bur. Bronynant, Mochdre)

81810 pte EVANS Mordecai : b.20Mar1895; of Moylegrove House; 3 Station Tce; Dowlais Top, Merthyr Tydfil; student at Bangor Normal Coll.(#504 on Adm.Register);Teaching from 1914 at Dowlais and Gellifaelog Schools, Merthyr Tydfil, (Registered 1920, no.61738); (War Svce 1916-1919 - in Salonica); later Deputy Headmaster of Gellifaelog School. Deacon and treasurer at Bethania Congr. Chapel, Dowlais; life member of Cymd.Hanes Annib. Cymru (address in Soc.Jnl “Y Cofiadur” [1955/56 &1960] ) (sources incl.: 1901 & 1911 Census; pers. comm etc.)

81811 pte JOHN James Howard : (1880-1974 (1975?)) From Bargoed; Theol.Student(Bapt.)@Cardiff (admitted 1914); Was at Monastir, Macedonia (see BCMDB p.24) ; B.A. (Cardiff, 1923); Bapt. Minister at Tonypandy 1921-25; Castleton 1925-36; Mountain Ash 1936-46; Cardiff 1946-57; Builth Wells 1957-64; and Cardiff again 1965-69.

81812 pte EVANS Tom (Thomas?) : Svce Rec on Ancestry: b.ca.1894; Teacher (CofE), of Railway Inn (56 Bridge st.), Troedyrhiw, Nr Merthyr Tydfil; attested Dec 1915 posted 28Jan1916 at Rhyl; St.Johns Amb.Brigade Hospital; posted to Salonica on Essequibo; Contracted Malaria (recurrent) Oct 1917 , in Salonica 18mo, & France 6 mo; NB not to be confused with other Tom Evans [81876], also CofE also Teacher! (exSDC Lamp)

81813-D pte LOCKWOOD Reginald Ughtred (No MIC) : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list); b.Q2/1895 Barnsley; educ. Holmfirth; Theol student at Didsbury from 1914; Wesl.minister of Belmont Meltham, Yorks.; enlisted 27/1/1916 at Rhyl but disch. 4th Feb 1916 at Sheffield "Not Approved" (KR392iiib ) ("Armlet 59708" =?). OTC, appears to have re-enlisted with Indian Ecclesiastical Est.? (Wesl.Chaplain at Secunderabad)- medals issued by Govt of India "with clasps" ref N2684/24 (?) (JRUL : W 1916 d.1919). Apptd 2nd Lieut with Indian Army Officer Reserve [iARO] (Infantry Branch) 25Oct1918 see LdnGaz 8Apr1919 p.4583. Mentioned in "Vision and Venture -a record of 50 years in Hyderabad" by F Colyer Sackett (1929) p.248: (Wesl.Meth.Missionary Soc. missionaries Hyderabad district) Lockwood, R. Ughtred (d.1919) 1917-1918. Died at Trimmulgherry Military Hosp., Secunderabad, India 10Jan1919 of heatstroke (bur. No.12 Cmy, Mornington Rd.) (see CWGC details, also brief biog. details at Brit. Library India Office family history search page: http://indiafamily.bl.uk/UI/Home.aspx, Probate 1920 p.98, other info. supplied by APAC/India Office)

81814 pte JONES Isaac --> Roy.Welsh Fus.93045 : [poss. b.5July1888 of Llandegfan, Anglesey, Student Teacher at Bangor Normal Coll., teacher at Menai Bridge Cl Schl from 1913, War Svce 1916-1919, served in Egypt, Palestine and Salonika; asst. master at Caernarfon Boys’ Schl from 1919 (Reg’d 1921, no.65651); Assoc.Coll. Preceptors; Deacon and Sunday School teacher at Salem Congr. Ch. C’von, also a singer/composer. [Caern.AVL* & obit: 44 Hendre St., C’fon ]; d.12Jun1923; bur. Llanbeblig New Cmy; Probate 1923 p.357; obit: CDH15Jun1923 p.5; (CDH 22Jun1923 p.3 re: funeral)

81815 pte DAVIES Daniel --> Lab.Corps 121499 :

81816 pte GRIFFITHS Robert : b.17Sept1893 Abergynolwyn, Mer.; (1901 & 1911 Census: at 16 Water St. Abergynolwyn); of Nant, Abergynolwyn (source:Mer.AVL*); student teacher at Bangor Normal Coll. prior to enlistment; [Cymro & BCMDB lists show his names reversed i.e Griffith Roberts]; served with RAMC in UK and in Mesopotamia, suffered with Malaria. (sources incl.: Bangor Norm. Coll. 1911-14 Adm. register (entry #506 - from Dyffryn, Mer.); photo and mini biog. – Cambrian News 15Jun1917 p.6 (available online: http://papuraunewydd...ynolwyn soldier ); pers. corresp.)

81817 ---- n/f

81818 pte JONES Gwilym Milo Gwynedd : b.16Jan1895; of “Ash Lea”, 3 (later 55) Park Ave., Flint (see Flints. R.O.: D/DM/181 Flint L412), Wrongly shown as EMG Jones in BCMDB, educ.: Holywell Co. Schl.; Student teacher at Bangor Normal Coll.; Served for 3 1/2 yrs with RAMC in Salonica (stretcher bearer); Supply teacher from 1919, Flint Cl.Schl from 1920, (Reg’d 1921, no.68480); Headmaster of Flint Mountain School from 1928, (see: http://flintmountain...Old_FM_Gal.aspx and http://flintmountain...rememories.aspx ); and later of Merllyn School, Bagillt; d.2 Nov1975 at Flint; Obits: L'pl Daily Post 4Nov1975 p.9 and Chronicle (Mold edn.) 14Nov1975 p.19; (soures incl. Bangor Normal Coll. Adm. Register etc.)

81819 pte WALSH John Shaw : b.26Nov1895 Darwen, Blackburn, Lancs (1911 Census: 142 Olive La., Darwen (fr. was a Local Preacher, see: Meth Local Preachers’ Who’s Who 1934 p.538)); Theol.Student (Wesl.)@Headingley Coll.; war svce from 1916: stretcher-bearer with RAMC; resumed studies 1919 at Handsworth Coll.; BA (B’ham); Wesl. minister from 1918; Missionary in India (Raniganj Mission, Burdwan, Bengal – see Calcutta Gaz. 19Apr1922 p.757, Incoming Passenger list Sept 1927 (Calcutta to London): Rev JSW, c/o 59 Richmond Tce, Darwen, Lancs), returned to UK 1934; Minister at Nelson; Lytham St.Annes; Stockport (ca. 1940’s); Glasgow/Partick (1949-54); N Scotland/Aberdeen; Winchcombe, Gloucs.(ca.1960), Cheddar Valley circuit 1963 ( poss. Wrington, Somerset ca, 1972-77 (TBC!)); d.27Jan1977 Watford, Herts; (poss fr. of historian John Dixon Walsh? (TBC!)); (sources incl: Mins. of Conf 1977 p.84-5; WWIM p.238; Headingley Coll. Register)

81820* pte RAYMANT [RAYMONT] Albert John : [NB shared number! – see 81821]; (not on Cymro/BCMDB list); [surname spelled Raymant on MIC], b.27Dec1894 Budleigh Salterton/St.Thomas, Devon; Handsworth Coll.; Wesl. Miinister from 1915; War Svce 1916-19; resumed studies at Handsworth; minister at Trowbridge; Frome; Redruth; Stourbridge; B’ham; London; Ipswich; L’pool,; Birkenhead; Leeds; Ret’d 1959; d.19Jan1985 Tunbridge Wells. (sources incl.: Mins. of Conf. 1985 p.85-6; WWIM p.186; Surman Index (during WW2, took oversight of Felixstowe Congr. and Methodist Ch’s (Ipswich circuit) united as a war measure)

81820* pte WOODS Peter : [NB shared number! –see 81821]; b.26Jan1891 Warrington; Theol.Student(Wesl.)@Headingley; War Svce – in Salonica; Post-WW1: Didsbury Coll.; Wesl. minister from 1917: Mid-Glos. Mission; Shepton Mallet; New Forest; Brighton & Hove (ca.1930’s) Margate (ca.1935/6) Chislehurst (ca.1938-40?); Oxford (circuit superintendent); Preston; London; ret’d 1956; d.27Jan1975 Weymouth. (sources incl.: Minutes of Conf. 1975 p.193 (gives dob as 28th Jan 1891); WWIM p.254; Headingley Coll. Register etc)

81821 ---- n/f - (gap poss. caused by 81820 duplication error ?)

81822 pte TOWNEND Percy Lawson --> E.Surr.R.36883 : b.24Jun1894 Hull; raised in E Riding Yorks; initially a local Wesl. preacher; Theol.Student (Wesl.)@Headingley and Didsbury (post-WW1); Wesl. minister from 1918: Huddersfield; York; M’cr; various London circuits; Dover 1957-62 (photo at London Rd Meth.Ch. website – see: http://www.londonroa...rcy_townend.htm); ret’d to Worthing 1962; d.15Oct1973 Worthing (sources incl.: Minutes of Conf. 1974 p.158; WWIM p.230; Headingley Coll. Register etc.)

81823 pte BURNETT Wilfred [Wilfrid] Henry, comm. ACD 9/2/1918 : b.17Nov1894 Williton, nr. Minehead, Somerset; educ. Darlington GS; Theol.Student(Wesl.)@Headingley; Wesl.minister from 1915; studies interrupted by War Svce; ordained in Cairio 1917; ACD Temp CF 4thCl: (LdnGaz 5Apr1918 p.4115); Hon.CF 4thCl. (LdnGaz 2Oct1919 p.12219); resumed studies at Handsworth 1919; BA (B’ham); from 1921 missionary in India for 17 years; minister at Shildon, Co.Durham (Superintendent Darlington Circuit, and Sec, later Chmn, of Middlesbrough-Darlington Synod); Salisbury from 1949; ret’d 1960; d.20Jly1964 Salisbury (sources incl WWIM p.34, Minutes of Conf. 1965 p.176; Headingley Coll. Register; Probate 1964 p.996)

81824 pte JONES David John : b.7Oct1887; of Ynysafon, Cwmafon, Port Talbot; Theol.Student(Bapt.)@Bala-Bangor; with RAMC for 3y2m; UCNW Bangor: (ent. 1919; BA 1922,); Bapt. minister at Dolgellau (Capel Judah); 1922-24; Bapt. Minister at Chester, Pennsylvania then Pastor of Nebo First Bapt. Ch. at Nanticoke, Pennsylvania 1929-48 and 1954-57 (see: http://www.pagenweb.org/~luzerne/church/minsterj2.htm ); Moderator of NE Penn. Welsh Bapt. Assocn (82nd Conf.) ca.1936/37; (TBC!); US Fed. Census 1930 – Rev DJ Jones from Wales, Baptist minister, and US–born wife and son living at 75 Prospect St., Nanticoke, Luzerne, Pa.; 1940 Census – same address plus daughter; US WW2 Draft registration (1942): confirms dob and place of birth, current address, employer, and wife’s name; Died in USA? ( DGME p.7: "o Fangor: ...David John Jones, Cwmafon, a fu'n weinidog yn Nolgellau ac a fu farw yn yr UDA") (poss d. Frackville Schuyilkill Pa. ca. Apr.1970 TBC (photo of memorial(s):.BillionGraves.com: Odd Fellows Cmy, West Mahanoy, Schuylkill Co., Pa.).

81825 pte CARTWRIGHT Clarence Hughes --> W.Riding Regt. 2nd Lt. (Comm.? 18/8/1918) : b.21Mar1892 Andover; s/o Rev Joseph Cartwright; educ. Newchurch GS; Civil Svce (Admiralty Divn) in 1911 (see LdnGaz 13Jan1911 p.23); Theol.Student(Wesl.)@Headingley; Wesl. minister from 1917; War svce with RAMC in Salonica and as 2nd Lt.in Infantry (West Riding Regt) 1916-19 (see LdnGaz 30Aug1918 p.10165, also http://www.hut-six.c...Regiment_C.html ); minister at: Ticehurst; N Hereford; Radcliffe; Clayton-le-moors; Cardiff (Canton); Southport; Runcorn; RAChD Chaplain to Forces (4th Cl.) 1941 (in N. Africa – Tobruck & Alexandria/Red Cross) (see: LdnGaz 28Jan1941 p.554, 22Apr1952 p.2226) post-ww2: minister at Upwell; Sleaford; Kendal; Ret’d 1958 to Keswick (still preaching in the local circuits); d.24Jly1975 Keswick, Cumbria (sources incl: Mins of Conf 1976 p65; WWIM p.38; Headingley Coll. register)

81826 pte DAVIES Selwyn : (1892-1959) b.Swansea; Theol.Student @Brecon Coll.; Congr.Minister (see Surman Index). (Son of Congr.Minister, William Dyfodwg Davies (see Surman index))

81827 qms JENKINS Thomas (No MIC) : b.29Sept1886; of Llwynonn, Highfield, Llanelli; Theol Student at Carmarthen; previously with YMCA serving the Troops in France (see: http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/4123016/4 - Letter from him in the Llanelli Star June 1915 ); enl.Rhyl 27/1/1916 appears not to have been posted abroad: With 'S' Coy, Blackpool - A/Cpl then S/Sgt, apptd Coy. accountant then QMS. Posted to 5th Trg Btn then 7th Trg Btn RAMC; B.A. (Aberystwyth, 1922); also studied at Aber. Theol and Bala Colleges; ord.1924; CM minister at Barry (Penuel); Towyn (Bethel); and Llandrindod Wells (Ithon Rd.) from 1938; also worked for Welsh League of Nations; Ret’d to Penarth; d.20Apr1960: (sources: BlwMC 1961 p.305 (immediately follows obit for A.I Jenkins [81766]!); Service Record/Discharge papers on Ancestry; Probate 1960 p.143; Student record courtesy of UW Aberystwyth Archives)

His brother Samuel was a prominent 1904-05 Revivalist preacher (with Evan Roberts) and was nicknamed “the Welsh Sankey”

(NB not to be confused with other T. Jenkins, - CM student at Bala – see end notes)

81828 pte KENNERLEY Albert : b.20Feb1891 Winsford, Cheshire; Theol.student(Meth.)@Hartley; served with RAMC mainly in France; Congr. Minister at Barton and Farndon; Golborne; Newton-le-Willows (& hospital chaplain). Ret'd 1960; d.22Aug 1965 - see Surman index & CYB 1966/67 p.459

81829 pte DAVIES David James : (TBC!); b.1888 (Gelli/Gelly),St.Clears (Sancler), Carms.; 1911 Census – CM ministerial student at Newcastle Emlyn; (referred to as “Davies(/Dafis), St.Clears” by RRW in BCMDB- p.12, 38 (fellow students at NCE),46), Theol.Student (CM) @Aberystwyth... poss. later CM minister at Aberaeron? (TBC!) (d.1958?) (listed in Cymro 1919 as being one of Aber.Univ.’s CM students ready to undertake preaching duties (RRW and others also mentioned)

81830 pte KNOX Joseph Edward : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list); b.23Sep1892 Hapton nr. Burnley, Lancs; educ: Nelson; theol student at Didsbury Coll. from 1914; war svce for 4 years; resumed studies 1919; Wesl. minister from 1914; Thetford (lost his arm in a motorcycle accident); North Hill; N.Cornwall, Accrington; Rochdale; Halifax; Ramsey; and Cumbria (Maryport; Sedburgh (ca.1950); Brampton (ca. 1955)); d.17Jan1957 Brampton (sources incl: Mins. of Conf. 1957 p.202; WWIM p.134; Didsbury Centenary book p152-3; Probate 1957 p.149; family tree on Ancestry; (JRUL: started 1917 d.1959!) )

81831 pte REES Idwal : (25 Sept1895-12 Dec1979) of 8 Avon Villas, Cwmavon, Port Talbot; theol.student at Carmarthen Coll.;Mansfield Coll, BA (Aberystwyth 1923) Congr./URC minister at Mold (1925-62) & Northop, Flints. (1933-59), Retd Carmarthen; (poss. s/o Congr. Minister David Rees, Cwmavon (from-Nantcwnlle)?); (see Surman Index entries for both fr & son)) (not to be confused with other Idwal Rees 81925 (qv) )

81832 pte MORRIS Thomas ("Tom") : b.26Oct1894 Caergwrle, Flints.; educ.; Hawarden GS; formerly a teacher (Prim. Meth.) of Pystill Lane, Caergwrle ; 86FA (Flints AVL*); Flints WW1 Index – D/DM Caergwrle L140: Castle St,Caergwrle – in RAMC Jan1916-Apr1919 – served in Salonika with 86FA; Hartley Coll. (1920); Prim.Meth. minister from 1919 – Canterbury & Whitstable (Kent); Stoke & Longton (Staffs.), Ramsor (Staffs); Blackburn; Oswestry (ca. 1930’s)…Bradford; Bolton; Leicester. d.24Dec1980 Leicester; obit: Minutes of Conf. 1981 p.80-81; (sources incl: WWIM p.159)

81833 pte MILDREN Arthur Henry : b. 6Dec1891 Burnley (47 Bedford St.), lay pastor on Barnard Castle circiut, Durham; Theol.Student(Wesl.)@Headingley from 1915; war svce abroad with the army 1916-19; resumed studies at Didsbury Coll.; Wesl. minister from 1918; missionary in Ghana/GoldCoast from 1921; ret. to UK 1935;.minister at S Petherton; Exeter; Wellington, Devon and Dorset missions; d.14Mar1950 Budleigh Salterton, Devon (sources incl: Mins. of Conf. 1950 p.144-5; WWIM p.156; Headingley Coll. Register; Didsbury Centenary book p.153; Probate 1950 p.861; Passenger lists etc.)

81834 pte OWEN Robert : Tryfan House/Maldwyn House, Deiniolen ([Caern AVL*] bro. of 81883 (q.v)

81835 pte OWEN John : b. ca.1898; of 1 Dinas Terr., Cricieth; Cymro/BCMDB list: Pharmacy student; served with 7FA 3rd Cav.Div (source: Carn AVL*), poss registered as Chemist and Druggist 1924 (may have been pharmacist with Cefn and District Co-op Soc. at Rhosllannerchrugog ca. 1950’s – TBC!) [ NB his father Samuel Owen appears to have enlisted with 1/6 RWF and saw action in the Dardanelles – (photo in Herald Cymraeg 1915)] [Not to be confused with other John Owen(s) [81756] =(teacher)])

81836 a/sgt WHITTAKER Harold : b.15Jly1895 Madeley, Salop; after leaving sec. schl., worked in shoe mfr industry in Stafford; Theol.Student (Wesl.)@Headingley from 1915; with RAMC in Salonica from 1916 for 3 1/2 yrs; resumed studies at Handsworth; Wesl.minister from 1918: W. Bromwich; Runcorn; Burnley; Warrington; Croydon; Luton; Ret’d 1960 Worthing; d.5Aug1986 Sutton, Surrey. (sources incl: Headingley Coll. Register; Mins. of Conf. 1987 p.92-3; WWIM p.247 (says he also studied at Didsbury))

81837 cpl SHAW Arthur --> Roy.Eng.247555, Roy.Eng.WR/266626 : b.Q3/1887 Holyhead; of 21 Plashyfryd Terr., Holyhead; s/o mariner; Railway Clerk at enlistment; a/cpl ROD [Railway Operating Division], 40 BGO Co [broad Gauge Operating Company] RE (sources incl. Agy AVL*) poss d.22Jan1966 at Holyhead (Railway employment records (Holyhead) show his dob as 20Jun1887 and “OHMS 28/1/1916”; 1911 Census; LPD 24&25Jan1966p.8 (refers to him as “Major”); Probate 1966 p.196) (TBC))

81838 pte WATKINS John Henry : b.(6Jun? TBC!) 1893; Blackheath, Staffs.; Theol.student (Prim.Meth.)@Hartley Coll. From 1914; Welsh Students’ RAMC in the Balkans until Feb.1919; resumed studies at Hartley; Prim.Meth. minister from 1916: Bolton, Witney; Burnley; Helmshore; Heckmondwike; Harrow, Northampton; Letchworth; Stoke-on-Trent; Ret’d 1957; continued at Laindon and Letchworth until 1963, (retired fully to Exeter); d.9Jun1966. (sources incl.: Mins. of Conf. 1966 p.218-9; WWIM p.241; Probate1966 p.173)

81839 sgt WILLIAMS James Morris : Teacher (poss .Teachers Reg no 90320?) (TBC!)

81840 pte EAST Thomas Oliver Cromwell : b.19Apr1896 Newcastle upon Tyne; (s/o Wesl. minister Geo. Herbert East); theol.student (Wesl.)@ Headingley Coll.; Didsbury Coll. after WW1, Wesl. Minister from 1918 at Woodhouse Grove (Bradford); Ilkley; Manningham (Bradford); appears to have re-trained for CofE at Chichester Theol. Coll 1933 ord.ca.1934, Curate at Latchford, Warrington (1933-36); Vicar at Upton, nr.Chester (1936-46), Neston (Wirral) (1946-59); Surrogate from 1947; Rural Dean of Wirral S. (1953-59); Rector of Islip, Kettering (1959-66); d.11Jly1972 Ben Rhydding, Wharfdale, W.Yorks (sources incl: Headingley Coll Register; WWIM p.66 (mentions war svce with RAMC); various edns Crockfords (up to 1970) etc.)

81841-D pte LEWIS Herbert --> Lab.Corps 529420 : Theol.Student(Congr.)@Carmarthen; - see prev.posting & CWGC data

81842 pte WILLIAMS Elias --> Roy.Eng. pnr.159548 : b.18Jan1891; of 16 Helen Tce, Port Dinorwic; s/o Gth Wms, Slate counter; educ.: Port Dinorwic Cl. Schl; C’fon Co. Schl.; UCNW Bangor (ent. 1909, B.Sc. (Physics) & Teaching Quals, 1913); Teacher (Reg’d 1920, no.41321) at various schls from 1914: Machynlleth, Llangefni, Ffestiniog, (War Svce Jan1916- 20Feb1918), Rhondda (temp), then Crewe (1918-20); Maths and Physics master at Wallasey Grammar Schl. 1920-52 (ret’d to Menai Bridge, Anglesey - ”The Wallaseyan” (WGS magazine) 22(4) (Sept.1952) p.2: retirement tribute states that he was impaired by an ”.. illness caused by the war…” ); later a teacher at Bangor Grammar Schl for Girls; d.16July1965; bur. Llanfair-is-gaer (Griffiths Crossing) – [sources incl.: UNCW Adm Register; LDP 19Jly1965 p.4; North Wales Chronicle 23Jly1965 p.13; Probate 1965 p.521; Llanfair-is-gaer bur. register p.89/707; 1911 Census; Wallaseyans Club Archive (staff data and photos); UoW RoS [bangor] (listed as RE)]

81843 ---- n/f

81844 P+ DAVIES Thomas Lewis , RAChD:CF 4th Cl., Rev. : Salonica 11/9/16: b.12/2/1888 Burnley,B.A. (M'cr,1914). Ord.1914; Congr.minister at Sheffield Wigan, Liverpool and Rawdon. d.26/4/1966 (2nd son of Congr.Minister Rev. Thomas R Davies (Mold/Blaenau Ffestiniog etc) - (see Surman Index entries for both father and son)

81845 pte WILLIAMS John : b.29Nov1891 Llysfor (later of Ty’n Coed), Edeyrn; from sea-faring family s/o captn.; educ.: Pwllheli GS; and Clynnog (1911 Census –19yo ministerial student from Edern - in lodgings at Camfa’r Bwth, Clynnog); theol student (CM) at Bala Coll.; served with RAMC in Mesopotamia; Ord. 1920; CM minister at Buckley Flints. (1920-25); Bethania and Salem, Ruthin, Denbs. (1925-34?); Bethania, Nant-y-Gamar/Craig y Don, and Saron, Penrhynside, Llandudno from 1934 (or 1931 -sources vary); ret’d to Edeyrn in 1943 on health grounds, later (ca.1952) to Morfa Nefyn. d.28Feb1955; bur. Edeyrn (CM) (Gwynedd FHS MI M.36: U.002). (sources incl.: BlwMC 1956 p.256; Gol.9Mar1955 p.3; Gol 23Mar1955 p.5; Caern.AVL*; BCMDB p.14: “… Deallaf mai yng nghymdogaeth Gardd Eden y bu John Williams, efrydydd o’r Bala, a ddaeth yn weinidog Bethania, Llandudno, ar ol y rhyfel.”; “Yr Ymchwil” Tom Nefyn Williams p.47 “… dyfaled y darllenydd … J.W. wrth benrhyn Gogarth, …”; “Bethania, Craig-y-don, Llandudno – Dathlu Canmlwyddiant 1886-1986” (1987) p.17, (photo: p.22). Poss. cousin of John Edeyrn Williams? [81966] (q.v.) [NB not to be confused with other members of the same unit with same/similar name eg: 81856, 81894 etc.!]

81846 pte THOMAS Robert David : b.ca.1887 Abercrave/Ystradgynlais, (1901 & 1911 Census: living at Brynheulog), Breconshire; Cymro/BCMDB lists him as student at UCW Cardiff (Congr.); UoW Roll of Service:(from Abercrave, w/ RAMC) ent.1915, but doesn’t appear to have graduated there (not in 1928-29 UoW Calendar] – newspaper reports of him being home on sick leave ca.July 1918 with Malaria after 2 years in Salonica, finally returned from RAMC in May 1919; also preaching after the war in Congr. chapels in Abercrave. d.29Jun1961 (Probate 1961 gives old family home address (Brynheulog, Abercrave)). MORE INFO REQ’D!

81847 pte THOMAS James : b.4Aug1891 Crugiau,(Gelli?) nr. Blaenconin, Llandissilio (Narberth), Pembs.; Theol.Student(Bapt.)@Cardiff (SWBC) from ca.1915; (see: "James a John, - Dau frawd, dau broffwyd" - WJ Griffith (1976) p.11-49 – excerpts from JT’s WW1 diaries (poss. served with 85FA nr. Rupel Pass, Barakli (Dzuma?) and elsewhere, until 1919), - mentions several of his colleagues incl. Kershaw [81780} and D Ellis [81871] and the other Baptist students who joined same unit; RAMC No. clearly shown on p.39) resumed studies after war, BA (1922? Cardiff); Ord. 1923, Bapt. minister at Seion (Zion), Maerdy 1923-31 (nicknamed “Thomas Maerdy” during General Strike), Tabernacle, Carmarthen 1931-68 (ret’d). d. Q2 (1st April?)/1972 Carmarthen. His br. John also a Bapt. Minister, another br. (William) served with 1/5 Welsh Regt, (no.1546) and was fatally injured at Dardanelles in 1915 – see CWGC (Helles Mem.) also: Clynderwen & Llandyssilio WM (http://www.pembrokes...o.uk/page17.htm )

81848 pte POWELL John Francis : b.29Sept.1890 Morriston, Swansea; educ. Swansea GS; UCW Aberystwyth (B.A; 1912), Student (CM)@Aberystwyth Theol.Coll., (B.D)., Ord 1922; CM minister on the South Wales Circuit, later qualified in law and appt'd lecturer in Law at Cardiff and Swansea. Stood as Conservative candidate for Rhondda East in 1929 General Election ( see biog. in “Welsh Hustings 1885-2004” Ivor Thomas Rees, Dinefwr Publishers (2005) p.235 (served with FA in Serbia); see also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhondda_East_(UK_Parliament_constituency); d.27Jan1942. Obit: BlwMC 1943 p.130-131 (other sources incl. Census 1891-1911; Aber OSA records, Probate 1944 p.268; newspaper article re his marriage in 1919: http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4110949/2/ART70 )

81849 pte RILEY Arthur Ewart : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list); b.17May1893 Nelson, nr.Burnley, Lancs.; Theol Student at Headingley and post-WW1 at Didsbury; Wesl. minister from 1918: Towcester; Workington; Grantham, Nottingham (ca.1932);…; (sources incl. Headingley Coll. Register; Didsbury Centenary book p.153; WWIM p.190; family tree on Ancestry ) d.Q1/1980 Northampton

81850 pte HUGHES John : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list!); b.1891-1985? Penygroes, Tregarth, Bangor; theol student (Wesl) at Handsworth; Chaplain in Egypt & Palestine; Wesleyan minister, moderator of the Welsh Wesl. Assy 1957 (see EurgW Jan 1957 p.1-3) WWIM p.114,
(his brother Wm Hugh Hughes was also a Wesl. Minister (WWIM p.115), another brother (Griffith) was a Wesl. lay preacher, BA (Bangor, 1919) and was a Lt. with Welsh Regt. (one source gives R. Welsh Fusiliers? ) (awarded MC - poss Ldn Gaz entry TBC) WWIM p.339)

81851 pte WILLIAMS William Henry : to be resolved! - Two Aberystwyth Theol Coll students with same name.! (BCMDB p.4 (list)), - but only one MIC!)
- poss. William Henry Williams (Llangyndeyrn [Kidwelly]) - posted to France (BCMDB p.14);
(BlwMC 1971 p.286-7 :– b. Penygraig, Rhondda; worked at colliery; educ. Trefecca and Aber Theol. Colls., studies interrupted by war service – completed course after war; Ord 1920 at Gorseinon; MC minister at Ponterwyd/Blaenrheidol and surrounding area on N. Cardiganshire circuit; then Llangyndeyrn/Bancycapel/Llandyfaelog from 1924, later lived at Llanfarian, Aberystwyth; d.2Oct1970)
(1911 Census – WHW: b.Pencraig ca.1885 (26yo), CM Student Preacher in lodgings at Talgarth [Trefecca Coll.]) (BMD:- b.24Jun1884 –TBC!)

81852 pte EVANS Emrys : b.26May1896; of 18 (later 4) The Triangle, Mountain Ash, Glam.; student teacher@ Bangor Normal Coll.; Student Teacher at Capcoch Mxd Schl Aberdare; Sent to Salonica, -suffered badly with Malaria, dysentry and blackwater fever & so evacuated to Malta then back to UK. 1919:- 19Coy RAMC as Educ Instructor at a Mil.Hosp. Newport, Mon.; (poss Reg'd Teacher no.96280 – teaching at St.Clement's CE Schl, Salford from 1927 (TBC!))

81853 pte HUWS Gwilym Pari : (1894-1979) Blaenau Ffestiniog, later 2 Idris Terr, Dolgellau; was a student at UCNW Bangor; worked on Hospital Ships (HMAT Warilda source:Mer.AVL*), & was on "H.S. Warilda" when it was torpedoed; studied medicine at L'pl after WW1; GP at Old Colwyn - see obit: BMJ 22Sept1979 p741; also a poet: Biog. in "Awen Sir Ddinbych", ed. Emlyn Evans, Llyfrau'r Dryw (1964) p.199-200; Fuller biography and collection of his poetry: "Awen y Meddyg" Gwasg Gwynedd (1983). Son of well-known Independent minister William Pari Huws, and grandson of poet "Gwilym Prysor". Extracts from his diary : Jnl of the Hon Co. of Master Mariners Vol.23 no 7 (Mar.2014) - p 679-9: http://www.mastermarinersa.co.za/CaptainsLog/HCMM%20VolXXIII_No007_3_2014.pdf

81854 pte/2lt WARREN William Norman --> Lab.Corps (officer?) -> Chinese Lab.Corps (2Lt) : b.1893 Teian, Hupeh, China; (father was a Missionary) see: http://www.library.m...,112156,en.htm; educ: Redcar; returned to China as a teacher and for further study; Theol Student at Cliff (Derbs.); and Didsbury Colleges (from 1915, resumed 1919) War svce 1916-19 : 2Lt with (Chinese) Lab.Corps 28Nov1917 (see:LdnGaz 3Jan1918 p.251); (his name appears in M'cr Univ Roll of Service (p.260) - rank given as Lieut.); Wesl. Minister from 1918: Wesl. Mission, Yungchowfu, Hunan District, China until 1928; Buckingham & Brackley; Dunsable; S.Petherton/Illminster Trowbridge; Abergavenny; Perranporth/St.Agnes; Falmouth; Guernsey and St.Just; wrote a book about his father "Gilbert Warren of Hunan by his son" (1929);.ret’d 1958; d.6Dec1963, Penzance (sources incl: Mins. of Conf. 1964 p.198-9; WWIM p.240; Didsbury Coll. Centenary book p152-3; Passenger lists)

81855 pte MUSCAT Nathan : (1894-1955) Russian Jewish emigre, eldest son of Rev. L.J. Muscat, Sunderland/Newcastle; Theol.Student at Aria College, Portsea, Portsmouth; B.A. (London, 1915) see: http://archives.ulrl...ates.pdf p.496 and http://archives.ulrl...SToptimised.pdf p.157; Jewish Chronicle 10Mar1916 :"Our Honour record of Jews serving (twenty-fourth list)".. p.17,col.1 includes: Pte.Nathan Muscat, RAMC.; possibly later a Solicitor? (TBC!); d.12 Sept1955. Newcastle upon Tyne; Obit: Jewish Chronicle 23 Sept.1955 p.8,col.3; Probate 1955 p.1048 (Naturalisation papers show first name Myer)

81856 pte WILLIAMS John ("Jack") : b.25Jul1887 (GRO data) (24Jly1886 according to Llawlyfr y Bedyddwyr 1981); of 36 Stanley Rd, Rhosllanerchrugog; 85FA (Wxm.AVL*); One of the 11 Theol students at Cardiff Bapt.Coll (now SWBC) who enlisted with this unit; ex-collier in Rhos, ent. 1912; ord and was Bapt. Minister at Garth & Vroncysyllte 1920-25; Salem Newydd, Ferndale 1925-55 (retd), d.26Dec1979 at Barry, bur. Pantmawr Cmy, Cardiff (headstone photo at BillionGraves.com); (sources incl: ”Salem Newydd, Welsh Baptist Church” by Dr.Peter Brooks (2008) p.68-81 incl photos; BCMDB 5 (list), 28, photo opp.p.33, 43; DFDB p11; DMGE p.7; corresp w/SWBC, see also “South Wales Baptist College (1807-1957)” by (Rev) D Mervyn Himbury (1957) p.84, 113)

81857 ---- n/f (poss. last 2 figs transposed? - leading to MIC error at 81875? – q.v.)

81858 pte SMALLEY Charles Henry : b.ca.1894 Brindley Ford/Tunstall Staffs. family living in Rhyl by 1901 Census; 1911 Census: Chemist’s Apprentice; MPS (Pharmacist) at enlistment, of “Sunnyside”/23-25 Abbey St., Rhyl, educ Sywell House School, Rhyl (see: http://papuraunewyddcymru.llgc.org.uk/en/page/view/3630567/ART45/smalley%20%20rhyl ); Registered as qualified Chemist and Druggist 6Jan1916 (see 1919 register p.295: http://archive.org/stream/registersofpharm00pharuoft#page/295/mode/1up); Dispenser in RAMC (see Flints. R.O.: D/DM/181 Rhyl L1088) had a pharmacy at 159 N.Hill St.,[Toxteth] Liverpool between 1930's - 1950's (see 1951 C&D register, Kellys Directory 1938 Lpl & suburbs p.1765) (d.Q1/1971 L'pl? (b.3Mar1893)-TBC)

81859 pte/Rev BARROW Joseph George : b.Q3/1892 Rotherhithe (St.Olave, Southwark), London; educ. Halifax Cl. & Sec. Schl.; Theol student at Didsbury Coll. from 1914 (resumed studies there in 1919 after war svce); Commissioned as Chaplain (RAChD/Rev during WW1 (see MIC and LdnGaz 18Dec1919 p.15734)); Wesl. minister from 1917:– Bahamas (Spanish Wells and Nassau circuits for 10 yrs; Ilfracombe/Combe Martin (Devon) from 1931, Dudley from 1934; …; Amble (Northumberland) ca. mid.1940’s;.. Chaplain to the Forces during WW2 (Ldn Gaz refs); Rhymney Valley and Denby Dale; ret’d 1957; d.2Nov1968 Tavistock (Yelverton?), Devon; (sources incl.: WWIM p.13; Mins of Conf.1969 p.190; Didsbury Coll. Centenary Book p152-3)

81860 pte CLARK William Richard : Catholic student from Pantasaph Monastery; enlisted 28/1/1916, was with 15FA in France, Belgium & Italy until 21/2/1919

81861 pte MACE Raymond Charles --> Roy.Eng.164098 : b.19Nov1893 Ashford, Kent; Theol.Student(Wesl.)@ Richmond (transf. to Didsbury in 1915) resumed post-WW1 at Didsbury; served in Salonica, demob Mar.1919; Wesl. minister from 1918: S’hampton; Shetland; Maryport & Wigton; Ulverston (1929 to 1932 (incl. Dalton-in-Furness – see http://lindal-in-fur...ethodist100.PDF p.13 )); Blackpool; Fleetwood, Leeds; Stoke-on-Trent; Cheadle…d.1Nov1981 Shepway, Kent (sources incl. Mins. of Conf. 1982 p.74; Didsbury Centenary book p.153; WWIM p.147)

81862 pte SMITH George Bernard : Catholic student from Pantasaph Monastery; served 28/1/16 - 17/2/19 with 1FA in France & Belgium

81863 pte DILGER George Patrick : (poss. George Patrick Antony Victor (Westhorne?-)Dilger, b.28Jul1897 West Ham?) Catholic student from Pantasaph Monastery; enlisted 28/1/1916, served with 105FA in France & Belgium (still serving 25 Sept 1919) poss Teacher at Manchester and New Malden – Teachers Regn No. 83297; poss lived in Carshalton/Sutton from ca.1940’s until 1972 (d.22Jun1972 – see Times d.notice 24Jun1972 p.28)

81864 pte KELLY John Owen MM : see: LdnGaz 23Jul1919 p.9393 (Longport [Staffordshire] ) Catholic student from Pantasaph Monastery; enlisted 28/1/1916, served with 75FA in France & Belgium (still serving 25 Sept 1919) (his bro. Daniel was a RC Priest)

81865 pte TEBBUT William Ethelbert - Catholic Student - more details to follow  [NB NOT Wm Edward Tebbut (strict Baptist minister) as previously stated] (see also 81860 Clark, 81862 Smith, 81863 Dilger, and 81864 Kelly) (info kindly supplied by Matthew Kelly)

81866 pte PONTIN Walter : b.17Apr1896, of 6 Bridge St., Robertstown, Aberdare; Student teacher @ Bangor Normal Coll., Registered 1920 (no.62018): Capcoch Schl, Aberdare. Poss d. 1978 Sussex?

81867 pte WILLIS Ernest James --> Lab.Corps 529429 : (1893-1975? TBC!) from North Cheam/Wimbledon, London; Baptist lay-preacher, poss trained at Cardiff (B.D.?); later Bapt. minister at Reading; SWB list LC/4548 poss d .1975 (TBC!)

81868-D pte WILLIAMS Harold : (27Jan1893-1919) from Denbighshire, bur. Mikra Cemy. Greece. see prev.posting & CWGC data

81869 pte THOMAS Dafydd (David) Arafnah : (1895-1990 [surman says 1992]) (David Arafnah Thomas - Congr. Minister - see Surman Index; Dafydd Arafnah Thomas- B.A. (Cardiff 1921) B.D. (Lond. 1926) M.A., M.Th. (Oxon?) - see also http://wbo.llgc.org....E-LEW-1822.html (re:David Lewis Moses-Evans - his grandfather); Address (as minister of Plough Congr.(URC) Church, Brecon from 1926 ): Delfryn, Camden Rd. Brecon see:http://www.powys.gov.../B_NC_1A_bi.pdf

81870 pte JONES William Stephen (jnr) : b.ca.1876 Ruabon; Lay preacher ((Scotch) Baptist) of “Craigfryn”, 94 Johnson St., (Ponkey/Ponciau) Rhosllanerchrugog 87FA (source Wxm AVL*); Several refs to him in BCMDB as “WS Jones y Rhos”: p. xi, (was on board Essequibo->Salonika), 7, 16, 20, 21; 1891 Census: printers apprentice; 1901 Census: Printer Compositor [and journalist/Welsh editor, on the “Rhos Herald” newspaper for 50 yrs, married Jane (Jennie) Ella Mills, daughter of the paper’s owner/founder]; Scotch Bapt. preacher; [poss author of a Hymn? (TBC!)]; d 21Aug1963 (Probate 1963 p.383; Obit.: WxmLdr 30Aug1963 p.13 confirms he was with RAMC in Macedonia (Rev. Lewis Valentine [81908] conducted part of his funeral service at his home at Aberderfyn, Ponciau); His brother Caradoc was a (Scotch) Baptist Minister in Cardiff and Missionary in Paimpol, Brittany (see: “Caradoc Jones – a forgotten Missionary”, Noel Gibbard, Gwasg y Bwthyn (2007) – 1st chapter (and references therein) give family background); North Wales Guardian - Fri Sept.22 1916 p.7 col.5: RHOSLLANERCHRUGOG - (4th para): Military Items: “....Lieut. W Griffiths, Meirion House, Pte. WS Jones, Ponkey, and Pte. John Williams, Church St., are serving with the RAMC in Salonika.......”

81871-D pte ELLIS David 101B115 9071 prefix C101 dated 15/3/22 card stamped 2/11/1983 also; Salonica: 36FA; Is the subject of "David Ellis,- y Bardd a Gollwyd", Alan Llwyd & Elwyn Edwards, Cyhoeddiadau Barddas (1988) etc. - not on CWGC (see prev.posting) (Mer.AVL*: Penyfed, Ty Nant, Llangwm; 20SH)

81872 pte HALL Alfred William : b.1889 Clacton nr. Bourton-on-the Waters, Gloucs; 1911 Census at Newbury Berks., “Primitive Methodist Evangelist”; Theol.student (Prim.Meth.)@Hartley – Prim.Meth. minister from 1915; RAMC 1916-19 in Greece and Palestine; Minister at Pocklington, Stanley Patrington; Wells; Wisbech; Wellingborough/Rushden; E Suffolk; Skegness; Brigg; Sutton & Kirkby; Talke & Malton; ret’d 1955 to Withernsea, Yorks.; d.28Aug1962. (sources incl.: Mins of Conf. 1963 p.180-1; JRUL; WWIM p.94; Probate 1962 p.38)

81873 pte TAYLOR Charles : BCMDB: Lay Preacher (Wesl.) – possible entry in WWIM (Lay officers) p.409 (b. Prestwich, N.M’cr, Wesleyan, Farnworth GS, Victoria Univ., M’cr (BA), Schoolmaster TBC! – very common name – one of several possibilities!)

81874 pte EDWARDS Wilfred Le Cato; commd 20/7/18 RGA : b.29Apr1894 Sandwich, Kent; s/o Wesleyan Minister & missionary Ebenezer Edwards; educ. Dunheved Coll, Launceston; Theol.Student(Wesl.)@Headingley from 1914; BA (B’ham); with RAMC on HMHS Essequibo to Greece & Macedonia (36thGH att. Serbian Army) Commd to RGA (LdnGaz 1918 – Cadet with the RGA Temp 2nd Lieut) (re-trained at Trowbridge);Wesl. minister from 1917; post-WW1:resumed studies at Handsworth. From 1921 was a Missionary in Hyderabad, India for 34 years (knew Mahatma Gandhi); director/curator/warden of Epworth Rectory (home of the Wesleys) from 1955 (supervised restoration of building and wrote book on its history), and District Methodist Superintendent; (sources incl.: Mins. of Conf 1987 p.71-2; Headingley Coll. Register; WWIM p.68; autobiographical account in “Personal Glimpses of Wesleys World Parish”, p.1-3); various American Newspaper reports ca.1960’s etc. & other info. kindly provided by Curator at Epworth Old Rectory); d.7June1986 Surrey; marr. Hilda May Partridge – sister of fellow Headingley student HHP [81747] in 1921)

81875*-D a/cpl? EVANS John Edward (101B6 369 =Thomas Evans on MIC - could be numbering error - see 81857 notes, also 81876 ) CWGC&Pension =JEE, (1892-1918) Cefn-y-braich, Llansilin, nr. Oswestry; Attested 28Jan1916@Rhyl; Theol.student(Wesl)@Handsworth; 38GH Salonica; bur. Pieta Cemy., Malta. obit (incl photo): Eurg. Wesl.1919 p. 361-365; see also prev.posting (JRUL: started 1917 d.1918); His sister Martha married James Ellis (“Jim”) Williams [81804 –q.v.]
See also http://maltaramc.com...ltgar/ramc.html (Regiments of the Malta Garrison : RAMC: 1919): http://maltaramc.com...off/evansje.jpg (photo of headstone inscription)

81876 pte EVANS Thomas : (MIC record poss. confused with 81875/81857? rank poss. a/cpl?) b.23May1896 at Llandysul; educ Newquay Tutorial Schl; Student at SDC Lamp (CofE) (ent.1915) intending to enter Church; RAMC service in Salonika/Monastir/Vertekop, att. 66FA nr. Lake Doiran, opp. Grande Couronne, became seriously ill with malaria; after WW1 changed course: MA (Aberystwyth, 1921?); author of book- “The Background of Modern Welsh Politics 1789-1846” (1936); teacher at QE Hosp School, Bristol; then Headmaster of Cardigan Grammar School 1932-63, Mayor of Cardigan and JP; d.7Jan1965; see obits at Ceredigion Library online newspaper cuttings (see also Probate 1965 p.207); mentioned several times in BCMDB (provided RRW with photos of colleagues graves in Salonica etc - p.viii, 23-24, 56, 71, 73) and “Namyn Bugail” ed.: TJ Davies, Gwasg Gomer (1978) (in chapter on CCH [81891]): p.91, 92, 93; see also “Ysgol Uwchradd Aberteifi Canmlwyddiant 1898-1998” (Cardigan Secondary School Centenary)(1998) references to him throughout book, esp. p.49, 52 (photo), 69-70, 75. NB not to be confused with other Tom Evans [81812]

81877 pte WILLIAMS Rowland : [no trace!]

81878 pte JONES Robert Gwilym : [middle name mis-transcribed as ‘Eurlyn’ in Cymro/BCMDB list]; b.30May1888 Blaenau Ffestiniog; of 12 High St, Llangefni (s/o R. Ffestin Jones (butcher)); Theol.student(CM) at Clynnog; 58GH; (source: Agy.AVL*); 3FA BEF, served in France (see: http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/3495798/6/ART31, http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/3457440/3/ART69 and http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/3495259/1/ART16 (letter from France)); UCNW Bangor (BA, 1924), Ord.1924 at Llangefni; Missionary in India. see: "Vehicles of Grace and Hope.." [ed.: D.Ben Rees (2002)] p.100 [“Llestri Gras a Gobaith” tud.115]; “Y Bannau Pell: Cenhadaeth Mizoram”, J Meirion Lloyd (1989) p,167, 267; “Bryniau’r Glaw: Cenhadaeth Casia”, Ednyfed Thomas (1988) p.175, 243, 254; also "Hanes MC Mon 1880-1936" p.17, 290 & "Braslun o Hanes MC Mon 1936-1970" p.21-22, 95, 97, 98, 121, 253.; BlwMC 1960 p.268; Y Cenhadwr (1959) p.107-8 (incl. photo); d.23 June 1959 at LlanfairPG; bur. St.Mary’s, Llanfair PG (his wife (Jane Ellen) was also a missionary).

81879 pte HUGHES John Llewelyn (Llywelyn) : b.8Mar1894 Rhyd-ddu, Caerns, family moved to Porth/Cymmer, Glam.; Theol.Student(CM) at Clynnog; Prior to joining RAMC, was with YMCA at Blackdown Camp, Aldershot; 32FA in Salonica & 29SH in Cremona, Italy. (Army Svce docs available on Ancestry); returned to Clynnog after demob.; UCNW Bangor ( ent. 1919, BA 1922), then Bala Coll.; Ord.1923; CM minister at Pandy Tudur & Gwytherin, Denbs 1923-29. & Menai Bridge, Anglesey 1929-56; d.18May1956. bur. Menai Bridge. Diary extracts used by RR Williams [81787] to write the history of the unit in BCMDB (1964); Obits: BlwMC1957 p.282; Gol. 30May1956 p.1; and 13Jun1956 p.4; Cloriannydd 30May1956 p.6, NW Chronicle 26May1956 p.8. See also: "Hanes Methodistiaeth yn Nosbarth Llangernyw" (1926) p.11, 128-129; "O'r blychau hyn - hanes yr achos yn y Capel Mawr Porthaethwy 1838-1988", Alwyn I Williams (1988).; “Thomas Charles Williams” Huw Llewelyn Williams (1964) p.184-7; Also a poet –see biog. in “Awen Mon” Llyfrau’r Dryw (1960) p.135; (… etc.) Letter to the Cymro newspaper with poems (reprinted in BCMDB and “Gwaedd y bechgyn” ) : http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/3447904/4/ART9)

81880 pte HUGHES Evan John : b.1890 Ynysybwl (65 Robert St. in 1891, 18 Duffryn St. in 1901); of Tylorstown/Ferndale (21 Brynteg Tce.in 1911 ); worked for a while as a collier, educ: Pontypridd Prep.then Theol.Student(Bapt.)@Cardiff from 1915; 1916-1919 with RAMC – served in Egypt; photo of Bapt Students in RAMC uniform at Llandrindod: BCMDB opp.p.33; BA (UCW Cardiff, 1923); Bapt.minister at Ramoth, Hirwaun from 1923 (and Siloam, Pontbrenlwyd, Penderyn (nr. Hirwaun) from 1938) until 1956 (retired) ; d.22Mar1961 (obit.: Dyddiadur UBC 1962 p.114); website incl. photos of EJH and memorial plaques http://www.cymanfabedyddwyrdm.com/hanes--history.html]

81881 pte WALTERS Hopkin Rees (Rhys?) : b.28Apr1895; Student teacher at Bangor Normal Coll.; 1 Ty'r Heol, Llwyd(y)coed, Aberdare. - 86FA Salonica & Dardanelles - suffered recurrent malaria; teaching asst. at Capcoch Schl, Aberdare

81882 a/cpl MORSE William : b.29Mar1891 Pembrey/Burry Port; Theol.Student(Congr)@Brecon; with RAMC in Salonika 38GH (see BCMDB p.43); B.A. (UCW Cardiff, 1920); Congr. Minister at Bala 1921-28, Ebenezer (Trecynon) and Cana (Penywaun, Aberdare) 1928-59; see: Surman Index; d.3Sept1959; Obit: Aberdare Leader 12Sept1959 p.6; Photo of funeral procession on Rhondda Cynon Taff Digital Archive website (ref: 02/o/039); (sources incl: record card and other material, courtesy of IS Librarian at Aberdare Lib.; Y Tyst 24Sep1959 p.8)

81883 pte OWEN Owen Robert : b.29 Mar.1890 at Deiniolen, Caerns., of Tryfan House, Glasgoed/Deiniolen (source: Caern.AVL*) (bro. of 81834); full member of the Gorsedd of Bards aged 19!; Theol student (Congr.) at Brecon (and Presbyt. College in Brecon); Served in France, Belgium and Ireland; (see:Carm Jnl 21Feb1919p3 http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/3679318/2/ART33 - mentions he was at the Somme, Arras, Ypres, Cambrai and Paschendale, and was hospitalised due to gassing etc.); Congr. minister at Welsh churches in North Pembs. (1920-1937); in business in the S. of England (1937-1939); minister of English Congr. Churches in South Pembs. (1940-1947), Cilycwm & Cynghordy; Carms. from 1947. d,13 Dec 1952. [sources incl Surman Index; CYB 1954 p.524-525 ; BlwA 1954 p.153-4]; bur. Llanbister Radnorshire

81884 pte WILLIAMSON Arthur : b.4Nov1890 Grangetown, nr. Middlesbrough, Yorks.; Theol.Student (Wesl.)@Didsbury Coll from 1914; War svce – over 3 yrs with Ambulance unit in Salonica; Wesl. minister from 1917: Market Harborough, Reeth; Crook, Sunderland; Bingley; Birkenhead (Heswall ca. 1932); Sheffield; Ilford (during WW2) and Southend-on-Sea. d.14Jan1983 Merton, Gtr Ldn (sources incl: Mins of Conf 1983 p.86; Didsbury Centenary book p.152; WWIM p.251)

81885 a/sgt JONES William Alfred Pritchard ("Fred"): b.5Jan1895; of Coch-hir, Penisarwaen, Llanrug; (wrongly shown on Cymro/BCMDB list as Theol.Student(Wesl.) @ Headingley); poss Asst teacher at Menai Bridge CofE Schl before enlisting (see: http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/4243249/6/ART94“Teachers respond to the call”); 106 Amb BEF, (see: http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/4016423/3/ART26); Caern.AVL* (wrongly shows 81886) of Cae Glas Port Dinorwic); B.Sc.(1922); M.Sc (Bangor, 1925); M.Ed. (Durham), Dip.Ed (Oxon), FLS; Teacher at Llandrindod, Dudley, and Llangefni Co. School; Poet (see biog in “Awen Mon”, Llyfrau’r Dryw (1960) p.139 (poems – p,60-61, see also “Awelon Mon” (1945?)(was editor) incl. poetry p.16, 26). d.23Aug1962 (Probate 1962 p.375) bur. Mynwent Menai, Menai Bridge – father of Dr Harri Pritchard-Jones (Psychiatrist, literary critic and author (d.Mar.2015) – semi-autobiographical novel: “Disgyn i’w lle” (2014) see: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/arts-culture-news/liker-father-like-son-new-7409947)); S4C programme “Portreadau: Dr Harri Pritchard Jones” (S4C 1998? re-broadcast Mar 2015 ) includes references to his father in RAMC - incl. photo in uniform); newspaper notice in “Y Cymro” 04May1940 p.3- from WAPJ [81885] and JLLH [81879] asking former members of the unit whether they would be interested in a re-union at Llandrindod.

81886 pte WILLIAMS Daniel Gwyn : from Ravenhill (Swansea?). Theol.Student(Bapt.)@Cardiff (entered 1912); B.A. (Cardiff, 1922);Bapt. Minister at Skewen 1922-25; Blaengarw 1925-30. Appears to then become a CofE priest: at Llandaf ca.1930; Aberaman/Aberdare ca.1931-1936; Gourock 1936-41, Wishaw (with Shotts) 1941-51, then St.Martin in the Fields, London from 1951-?? (was still there in Dec.1962). see Crockfords 1932 p.1422; "Scottish Episcopal Clergy 1689-2000" p.488; and "The History of Gourock 1858-1958" p.9 (available online) NB Medal Rolls (incorrectly?) show middle name as George but all other info points to being the same man

81887 pte LEWIS (Lewis?) Henry : TBC! - MIC 1st name may be incorrect (possibly Henry Lewis (b.02Apr1891) from Llan Cott., Llangyfelach (Morriston); educ: Swansea Municipal Sec. Schl.; UCNW Bangor (BA, 1920), (entered 1913) (with Welsh RAMC 1916-1919 (3y1m)); Jesus Coll Oxf. (Theol) 1926, BA &MA 1929; Ord 1921; Curate of Pentir 1921-22; H/head 1925-30; Vicar of Llangorwen (nr. Aberstwyth) 1930-36; Ton Pentre [Rhondda] 1936-52 (sources – Crockf.1951/52, UoW RoS, UCNW Bangor Adm Register; UCNW Cal. 1921-22; UoW Cal 1928-29; photo on board “Essequibo” in BCMDB (opp.p.48) & mentioned on p.20 BUT probably incorrectly listed in BCMDB as being at Lampeter (not found in SDC Lamp student records TBC); d.11Jun1952 (Probate 1952 p.307)

81888 pte WILLIAMS John Griffith : 25Feb1888-22Apr1952) b.Cwm y Glo, Caerns., of 1 Orwig Terr., Brynrefail (CaernAVL*) former Dinorwic Slate Quarry worker, educ.: Carmarthen Prep. then Theol Student (Congr.) @ Carmarthen; Congr.Minister at Bethania Abertysswg 1923-1952. BCMDB p.41 - was at 38thGH in Mikra Bay suffering with anaemia (“Prinder gwaed oedd yn blino’r trydydd, Williams o Gwm y Glo, ac efrydydd hefo’r Annibynwyr…”) (Sources incl.: CaernAVL*; Surman Index, CYB1928p436; obits.: CYB1953 p.531-2 (photo opp. p.513); Dyddiadur yr Annibynwyr 1953 p.154-5 (precis of longer obit in “Y Tyst ”)

81889 pte/rev SPENCER Frank Woodward MM RAChD/comm. : b.ca.1890 Windle, St.Helens, Lancs., s/o Wesleyan minister Wm W Spencer (d.1895), schooled at IoW; BA (E.London Coll, London Univ).; trained at Westminster Coll.; then theol student (Wesl) at Didsbury (ex-Richmond – see “Didsbury College Centenary 1842-1942,”, WB Brash and CJ Wright, Epworth Press (1942) p.153); stretcher bearer with 21FA at Somme/Flanders, Comm’d as Chaplain 4th Cl. 3Nov1917; (awarded MM -see LdnGaz 17Dec1917p.13195 (from Newport [ioW]) Forces Chaplain) (JRUL: (B.A.), started 1916); In 1919 followed 2 of his brothers as missionary to India.; (Address on reverse of MIC: Wesleyan Mission, Tumkur, Mysore State, S.India); d.31May1948 (58yo) in Nilgri Hills, Mysore, SW India– see Minutes of Conference 1948 p.151-2; WWIM p.215. Medals auctioned 29 March 2012 in London.

81890 pte HOWELLS Eliseus : b.8 Jan 1893 Cwm Rhondda; adopted and raised in Ton Pentre by his aunt and uncle following his fr’s death in a colliery fire; Theol.student(CM)@Trevecca (entered 1912); initially joined YMCA in 1915 serving the Welsh Army; enlisted with Welsh Coy RAMC in 1916, served in France with 44FA, gassed 1Jan1917 & returned to England to recuperate, recovered and returned to France to work in 56th Gen Hosp. until the end of the war. Aberystwyth Theol Coll 1919, ord.1921, CM minister at Blaengarw; Hereford; and Lewisham (was there 15 years, his home and all its contents destroyed during WW2 bombing); Hermon, Penybont (Bridgend), Glam. (1946) (& Soar, Ewenni from 1960). Regular contributor to "y Goleuad" and editor of "y Drysorfa fawr" (1959-63); d.16 Aug 1969; bur. Hermon, Penybont. [sources: BlwMC 1970 p.280-281; Gol.27Aug1969 p.7; Gol.10Sept1969 p.4; and http://wbo.llgc.org....E-ELI-1893.html ]

81891 pte HUGHES Charles Currie : b.21Dec1888 Cemaes, Anglesey; of Ty Croes Farm, Cemaes Bay, Anglesey; Theol.Student(CM)@Clynnog; 33SH@Sorovich (nr Lake Ostrovo); letter published in “Y Cymro” newspaper 17Aug1917 p.5-6 (follows letter from JLlH [81879] p.5); B.A. (Bangor, 1922); Ord 1923; CM minister at Peel Road, Bootle ( L'pool) and Tabernacle, Cardigan. Wrote book on history of Tabernacle church (1960) - includes photo of CCH (and of RRW [81787] who was minister there before CCH); member of Gorsedd of Bards - bardic name “Currie o Fon”; d.10Nov1965; Obit: Cardigan & Tivy-side Advertiser 19Nov1965 p.1 & 4; BlwMC 1967 p.262; Gol. 08Dec1965 p.5 (mentions fellow (Clynnog)/RAMC/UCNW colleagues: JEW [81966], JHG [81806] and JLlH [81879]); see also “Namyn Bugail” ed.: TJ Davies, Gwasg Gomer (1978) p.87-98:“Y Parchedig C Currie Hughes, Aberteifi” by DJ Roberts (also mentions some of his RAMC colleagues)

81892 pte OWEN Hugh (Huw) Derwyn : b.3Jun1888 Bangor (Penrhosgarnedd); initially worked for North Wales Chronicle, then Bangor City Corporation; educ;. Menai Bridge and Clynnog (1911: ministerial student living at Plas Ifan, Llanrug); Western College (Bristol); theol student (Congr) at Bala-Bangor; with RAMC in Struma Valley in 1916/17; also with Cynan [81725] at Monastir; 1917: 32FA Egypt Expl Force; Congr. minister at Abergynolwyn 1919-23; Gwernogle 1923-27; Penybontfawr & Llangynog (Montg.) 1927-35; Penarth, Canaan & Jerusalem (Llanfair Caereinion, Montg) 1935-54 (taught Welsh to priest/poet Rev RS Thomas who was rector at nearby Manafon- see obit in “Y Tyst”, also “The man who went to the west: the life of RS Thomas”, Byron Rogers (2006)); ret.ca.1954 to Penarth, Glam., then (ca.1974) Bath; d.5Sept1976 (name wrongly transcr on GRO index!). [sources incl. Surman Index, CYB 1928; BCMDB p.viii (author acknowledging HDO’s help (was then at Penarth)), p.5 (listed as Owens), 20, 21 (quoting from JLlH’s diary [81879]); detailed obit in “Y Tyst” 7Oct1976 p1.); - one of the unit’s poets mentioned by Cynan [81825] in his 1940 radio broadcast: “ ... Hugh D. Owen, y telynegwr mwyn o Fangor (sy’n nawr yn weinidog gyda’r Annibynwyr ger Llanfaircaereinion).....".

81893 pte REES Evan Ebrard - discharged 14/8/16 (KR392xvi) List RAMC/16 (1895-1942) b. Felin Fach, Cwmllynfell, Theol.Student at Cardiff Bapt. Coll.1914. Ordained 1918, Bapt.Minister at various churches: Abercynon, Poole, Southampton, Merthyr Tydfil, Llanishen (Cardiff) and Waterbarn Bapt. Church, Stacksteads (Lancs). Author of several books, and articles in denominational periodicals, and broadcaster, travelled extensively. Buried at Stacksteads. see: "Hanes Eglwys Cwmllynfell"(1935) p.163.; & "Waterbarn Baptist Church 150th anniversary (reminiscences 1933-1988)", (1988). p.9 -12). obit: Rossendale Free Press 21Nov1942

81894 pte WILLIAMS John (Emlyn?) : Pontypridd? (to be resolved, MIC doesn't show middle initial) - SEE END NOTES!!

81895 pte HENRY Gordon Campbell : (poss. b.ca 1894 Seaham Harbour, Co. Durham); Theol.Student (Wesl.)@Didsbury (transf. from Richmond Coll. In 1915 - source: Didsbury Centenary book p.153); post-WW1 appears to have studied Medicine at Durham (Newcastle?) – graduated as Physician/Surgeon in 1924 –(His bro. Laurence Samuel Henry also a Dr (1923)), GCH –Dr. at Horden, Co.Durham (1924-26) then Ewell, Surrey (1936-51?); d.14Oct1951 (Probate 1952 p.301) (TBC!)

81896 a/cpl HUGHES Hugh (later Hugh Eifion) : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list); b.11Jly1891 “Y Gegin” (Gegin Coedty?), Llandecwyn; later of Ynysgain (Farm/Ucha), Llanystumdwy nr. Cricieth; educ.: Clynnog, war svce with RAMC in Salonica, Egypt and Palestine [Caern. AVL*: Cpl.; 68Brig. FAB 4th Regular Staff]; Theol. student at Didsbury Wesl Coll from 1919 (Didsbury Centenary Book p.153); Wesl. minister from 1921; changed his name by deed poll in 1922 to Hugh Eifion Hughes (LdnGaz notice 18Aug1922 p.6133), (JRUL: H.Eifion Hughes (W) 1921-1950); minister at Llanfair (Meifod); Ystymtuen; Bagillt; Dinas Mawddwy; Corwen; M’cr; Holywell (ca. 1932); Llanidloes; Penygroes (Caerns.); and Holyhead d.13Jan1940, (Probate 1940 p.434); obit: Eurg.Wesl (1940) p.115-7 (incl. photo), p.104 (tribute by OWO [81936], Y Cymro 20Jan1940 p.9, Minutes of Conference 1940 p.140); bur. Cricieth (Gwynedd FHS MI ref: M.100/A112); see also:- WWIM p.114; T Ceiri Griffith “Achau…"(etc.)) (2003 & 2012) scheme [134]:“Parch Hugh Eifion Hughes, Caergybi (m.13.1.1940)”; mentioned in Cynan's 1940 BBC broadcast as "Huw Eifion " ……One of his brothers was Prof ED (Ted) Hughes – renowned Organic Chemist d.1963 (see http://www.bshs.org.uk/travel-guide/prof-edward-d-hughes-and-bangor-university-wales)

Another brother, Richard, died of Wounds in France in Dec.1916 (1st Bn.RWF 37788) – MIC/SDGW/CWGC and Svce Rec (36 pages) available on Ancestry - see also entry in Bangor’s “Heroes Memorial”/“Cofeb y Dewrion” http://www.bangorcivicsociety.org.uk/pages/hisso/cofeb/sc21.htm

81897 pte WILLIAMS Samuel : b.ca.1890 Tanygrisiau, Mer., (Mer.AVL* : of Cancoed Farm, Llandecwyn/Penrhyndeudraeth); worked for a while in slate quarries at Blaenau Ffestiniog before becoming a minister. Trained at Ysgol Clynnog and Bala Prep.; Theol.Student(CM)@Bala; served with RAMC in Mesopotamia (on the banks of the Shatt-el-Arab: - letter to the Cymro newspaper 5Dec1917 gives his address as “Office of the DAG, 3rd Echelon, General Base HQ,, Mesopotamia Ex[p] Forces”) see: http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/3448172/4/ART13 ); Ord.1922, CM minister in Mostyn; Llanrwst; then Llanuwchllyn. d.15Feb1941 (51y); bur. Maentwrog. Obit.: BlwMC 1942 p.122; Probate Calendar 1941 p.362 (d 14th Feb)

81898 pte JAMES Thomas : 81898 pte JAMES Thomas : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list):- b.20Feb1893;  of Corner Shop, Aberdyfi (Aberdovey); River Sect. Convoy RAMC (Mer.AVL*); 1911 Census: Assistant Chemist in Hoole Cheshire; see Cambrian News  articles (incl photo): http://papuraunewyddcymru.llgc.org.uk/cy/page/view/3413669/ART52/thomas james and r.a.m.c., http://papuraunewyddcymru.llgc.org.uk/cy/page/view/3413147/ART55/aberdovey thomas james ; registered Chemist and Druggist 25Sep1922; Pharmacist (FPS) in Aberdyfi, [Central Pharmacy]; Queens Commendation for Brave Conduct (LdnGaz 6Jun1975), d.09Sep1978 (LDPW 11Sep1978p9), bur. Aberdyfi; [Probate1978p4348]


81899 pte FOWLES Walter George : b.16Nov1892 B’ham; educ. B’ham; apprentice with Wolsey Motor Co.; Theol. Student(Wesl.)@Didsbury from 1915; war svce with RAMC in Salonica; (B’ham (Yardley) AVL: 38 Bowyer Rd., Saltley: RAMC 36GH); resumed studies at Didsbury 1919 and Richmond in 1920; Wesl. minister from 1918; Chichester and Bognor; Poole; Selby; M’cr; Gloucster/Hucclecote; Bristol (ca.1938); Cheltenham/Frome (RAF Chaplain during WW2); Devizes; ret’d 1965 to Axminster; d.12Dec1970 Honiton Devon (sources incl.: Mins of Conf. 1971 p.173;  WWIM p. 79; Didsbury Centenary book p.152-3) [Probate1971p325]


(RAMC 81900-81999 - see next posting)


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(3/3) RAMC sequence 81900-81999 [last edited/updated: 15May2015]

81900 pte SMITH Edward Grieves : b.5Mar1893 Willington Quay-on-Tyne/Tynemouth Northumberland; worked in Newcastle shipping office before entering Cliff Coll. In prep for entering Wesl. ministry; Theol.Student(Wesl.)@Didsbury from 1915; War Svce with RAMC in FA and hospitals in Serbia and Macedonia; resumed studies at Didsbury in 1919; Wesl. minister from 1918: Lowestoft; Doncaster; Rotherham (Treeton 1927 –see: http://cymru1914.org/en/view/newspaper/3460925/2/ART23). d.ca. Mar 1977 in Anglesey [GRO BMD: gives dob as 16Jan1896] – see: Eco’r Wyddfa #13 (Mar1977) p.14 ( http://ecorwyddfa.co.uk/downloads/papurau/1977/013_3_1977.pdf )

[His brother Arthur, KIA 24Mar1918 nr. Bapaume – (9th Bn Chesh Rgt #66197) -is commemorated at Arras and on Llanberis WM – Svce Rec (incl copies of letters informing father of his son’s death etc ) on Ancestry [s/o Elias Owen Wms]) see also : http://papuraunewyddcymru.llgc.org.uk/cy/page/view/3461212/ART23/arthur-williams%20%20perthi )

81973 pte THOMAS Ebenezer : enlisted 29/3/16 dischgd 17/6/19 KR392xvi SWB list RAMC/1246 SWB: B/257225 sickness (poss. b.5Nov1894 of 48 Francis St., Dowlais, Glam.; student teacher at Bangor Normal 1913-1915, later a teacher at Abercanaid Mxd Schl, Merthyr Tydfil , later at Holy Trinity Industrial Schl; Lpl then Orrell Boys’ Schl, Bootle; Lpl from 1920 (TBC!)) SWB record indicates he served overseas
NB His enlistment date is same as for 81972 JLlW (immediately above) and 81966 J Edeyrn Wms who enlisted at Abergele!! (presumably these also did at the same place??)

81974 pte EDEN Victor Richard :

81975 pte JONES David : Poss. (TBC! ) from Tynygraig nr. Ystrad Meurig (between Aberystwyth and Tregaron), apprenticed as a stone mason before becoming a CM minister. Enlisted with unit at Abergele (see p.23 of : “Profiad pedair blynedd”, Y Ffordd, 6 (3) Jul.1956 p.20-24),(Ord. ca 1921?) minister at Clydach, Cilfynydd; Treorchy (Bethlehem) and later at Blaenplwyf and Elim (Llanddeiniol) [nr Aberystwyth] - accomplished poet – won National Eisteddfod Crown at Fishguard (Abergwaun) in 1936 – d. 1980; served with RAMC in Salonica incl 37GH (sources incl Bangor MS 14287 (see 81725: Cynan’s 1941 radio script) p.2: “Pwy oedd beirdd eraill y Welsh Students Company?. David Jones (erbyn hyn Bardd y Goron, a gweinidog Bethlehem, Treorchy),….(etc)”, YBAG p.97, 138; Gol. 21 May 1980 (article available online at Ceredigion Library website https://www.ceredigi...6&langtoken=eng ); Official 1936 Eisteddfod publications (adjudications etc); “Blynyddoedd y Locustiaid – Hanes Eist. Gen. Cymru 1919-36” Alan Llwyd p.336-7, also “Rhai o brofiadau pedair mlynedd” (Y Ffordd, 6 (4) Oct 1956 p.10-14 – WW1 recollections continued from article mentioned above – mentions that 18 joined the unit at Abergele (confirmed by service records of adjacent entries) - including “Dafis” (JD Davies – poss. [81971] – q.v), other members also mentioned)
[NB. not to be confused with other David Jones – (schoolmaster) -81982] .

81976 pte PIKE Leonard Edmond :

81977 pte BOWIE Matthew :

81978 n/f

81979 pte REES Enoch :

81980 pte THOMAS David :

81981 pte EDWARDS David Charles : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list); - mentioned as being one of several members of the unit (JEW [81894], RW [81932], RHW [81933], IVW [81983], DE [81871], and others) who left Summerhill Camp for 20SH on 21 Mar 1918 and was with DE (and JEW) on 30th Apr 1918; DCE and JEW were then transf. to a FA on 10th May (See YBAG p.103-104), - poss student at Aberystwyth (BSc 1923) TBC! (middle name given as Charles)

81982 pte JONES David -> Lab.Corps 529430 : (not on Cymro/BCMDB list): b.ca.Q4/1884; Gwarffynnon, Llanfihangel-ar-Arth (Capel Dewi nr. Llandysul), later of 15 St Annes Rd., Hakin, Milford Haven, schoolmaster (enlisted 1Mar1916 at Mlford Haven and placed in Welsh Coy, RAMC, transfd to 201 Lab Coy) Army Pension record on Ancestry– posted to Salonica; suffered with Malaria; (see Carm. Jnl : http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/3690166/7/ART79, also http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/3679318/2/ART33) [not to be confused with other David Jones [81975]]

81983 pte WILLIAMS Idris Vaughan : b.Q4/1888 at Bangor; of Bron Ceris, Town Liberties, later of Menai Bank, C’fon; s/o head postmaster; Articled as pupil surveyor then asst. surveyor with Bangor City Council; Asst. Valuer with HM Land Valuation Dept at C’fon; Road Surveyor; Welsh Coy RAMC at 38GH Micra Bay, nr. Salonica. demob. 1919; Caernarfonshire County Valuation Officer from 1927; ret’d 1953; d.3Sept1956, obit.: CDH 7Sept1956 p.7; bur. Llanbeblig Cmy; (sources incl. Caern.AVL*; Gwynedd Archives: XM/623/547-550; Probate1956 p.576, North Wales Express article 11Feb1910 re: Inst of Surveyors exam sucesss (see: http://papuraunewyddcymru.llgc.org.uk/en/page/view/3572912/ART98/idris%20vaughan%20williams ) ; his diary used by RRW [81787] in writing BCMDB (p. viii, 19, 55, 65); several references to him also in YBAG) [Aug 1916 newspaper report on the death of his grandfather (a descendent of Lewis Vaughan, Cefncamberth, Mer. (Celynin nr. Tywyn)) – IVW w/ RAMC in Sheffield unable to attend (see:.http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4243507/3/ART48.)]

81984 pte MOYES William :

81985 pte LYALL George : enlisted11/12/15 dischgd 25/2/19 KR392xvi SWB list RAMC/977 SWB: B/155740 wounded SWB record indicates he had served overseas

81986 pte MINTO Robert Rutherford :

81987 sgt EVANS Evan Owen North (NORTH_EVANS): b.ca.1879? Llanberis (1901 Census: Dispenser at Dinorwic Quarry Hospital (23y/o=b.ca.1878); 1911 Census: 2 Tymaen Tce., Cwmavon, (Margam?), Neath, Glam., “Medical assistant” (30y/o= b.1881),. Surname shown as North-Evans, promoted to Sgt whilst at Sheffield (congratulated in newspaper articles: http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4015721/4/ART31; http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4243526/5/ART75 (formerly of Castle View, Llanberis, then 39 Chapel St, C’fon)); reported as organising an Eisteddfod on board (hospital?) ship (rank shown as Sgt) : http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4025793/4/ART49; sent letter to the Genedl Gymreig newspaper from Salonica (1917): http://cymru1914.org/cy/view/newspaper/4025838/2/ART41; d.mid March 1930 35y (b.~1877!), (Address at d.: Royal Berks Hosp) Reading St.Giles, Berks, bur 21Mar1930 London Rd Cmy, Reading)... (more info req’d)

81988 n/f
81989 n/f

81990 pte HUGHES Richard Llewellyn : b.Corwen 1895 Bank Clerk, Address: 4 Clifton Villas, Gerald St., Wrexham (confirmed by Wxm.AVL*: - 6th Co. RAMC) appears to have originally enlisted w/ E.Surrey Regt (#G/14454?), then transf. to 21RWF (#29728?) then Welsh Coy RAMC. Rendered permanently deaf? (by shell explosions)

81991 pte DAVIDSON John :

81992 cpl TAYLOR Fred Chadwick :

81993 n/f

81994 pte MCNAMARA Thomas :

81995 n/f
81996 n/f
81997 n/f
81998 n/f

81999 pte WATSON Harry William :

82000 n/f


83044 ---> 1/5 Norfolk Rgt 31633 Pte MEGICKS, Wentworth - mentioned in BCMDB but incorrectly as William Megicks - BA, Teacher - His entry in Norfolk Rgt Medal Roll clearly shows "RAMC (Welsh Unit) 83044 Pte.". Was a student at SDC Lampeter - later Precentor at M'cr Cathedral. Awarded MM

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Guest mattkelly2012


I stumbled across the Great War Forum website and your Post by accident while researching my family history. My paternal grandfather was John Owen Kelly MM, who appears in your list of the Welsh Students Company. He was from Stoke on Trent and his brother Daniel was indeed a Roman Catholic priest and would become a Monsignor. It was fascinating to learn of my grandfathers connection to Pantasaph Monastery. I have tried to obtain his war records but they are amongst those that were destroyed, so also interesting to know that he enlisted on 28th January 1916. Although he survived the great war he unfortunately died of 'Gangrene of the Lung' in 1931, presumably a legacy of the effects of mustard gas. If you have any further information on where my grandfather would have served in the 75FA I would be most interested


Matthew Kelly

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Hi Esclusham,ambrose lloyd was my gt uncle,and i think edward edwards and thomas may have been cousins to my grandmother,but not found any records to prove this.

I am going to trawl through the wrexham leader and hopefully find an obituary for them.

I think they are also on the memorial in the old british legion club in bersham and they are named on the north wales memorial in bangor.

also we have a connection to the roberts family,but yet again can't find any evidence.

Although i am trying to meet ivor roberts a second cousin to my mum,to find out the names who served.

good luck with your research


Hi Julie,

The Newspaper "Wrexham Advertiser" is the local paper to consult. Unfortunately it is not digitised past 1900, but is available at the Wrexham Library archive section on microfiche and contains many references to local servicemen during the conflict. Happy searching.


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- I'll contact you via PM shortly about John O Kelly - need to confirm a couple of things [EDIT: I have sent you a Personal Message with details]

Clive (LST_164) and Aled (Carmania):

- many thanks for your kind comments - glad to hear that the work is appreciated.

At the moment I have no intention of publishing - "not enough meat on the bones" to make a good story - trying to find ANY information about some of these men is challenging enough, but often there is even less mention/record of their war histories! (sometimes feels like I'm grasping at straws for even the smallest piece of information - hence the lists of references in "leaving no stone unturned") - some are proving to be almost impossible to research.

With some of the better-known "personalities" in the list - I've put just the briefest summary - better and more knowledgable people than me have written extensively about them - so I've just deferred to the experts in those cases.

In any case, at the rate at which things are going, I don't think I will have finished the list before the centenary comes around, - it's already taken me longer to research these men than the duration of both world wars combined!.

Will (& Julie):

Another good newspaper to look up at Wrexham Archives is the North Wales Guardian - lots of information on local men, soldiers' letters and battalions , - and from further afield (usually under the heading "War Items"), but be warned - the print size is pretty small!.

While I'm here, I'd just like to put on record my grateful thanks to everyone (countless induviduals and institutions) on whose goodwill and patience I have leant heavily and without whose help I would never have got this far.


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