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Royal Fusiliers Numbering

David Carter

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Having read other posts about the R Fus and numbrs I think I know the answer but would like it confirmed. In early recruitment, and I'm looking at 10th Bn (Stockbrokers) the early 1914 numbers are nice, tidy, sequential and sometimes have the prefix Stk which is a bit of help when trawling through lists. By 1916 the numbering becomes rather more random and by 1917 I have noticed that numbers fairly close to each other can be in different units. A random sample from Arras memorial gives

62588 9th

62376 9th

62320 9th

62485 10th

62832 20th

65632 10th

65636 10th

65694 13th

66051 10th

So, did the R Fus stop recruiting to individual Bns and go over to recruitment to the Regiment with allocation by drafts as required? If so, from when?

Comments and advice gratefully received


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All I can offer is that my own Great Grandfather was in 24th RF and numbered 60870. (with a GS prefix sometimes used). This he was given after being transfered from the 12th E Surrey on arrival in France. This happened on 9th November 1916 (having been in France under Surrey's from 26th Oct). I guess he was reallocated from base depot with a number of others as a draft is recorded in the 24th war diary reaching the front line unit on 26th Nov, numbering 269 men (the total number of transfers?).

Hope this helps


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Thanks Mark, another piece in the jigsaw. It seems logical that they would be having a common intake through the depot given the amount of action and necessary speed of replacement. Couldn't have all these bureaucrats just to check the numbers are in sequence.


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