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Hi again,

My other Great grandfather, William J Stone from Hammersmith London, I am told served in the Royal Horse Artillery, he is the one sitting down in the middle. Is the badge on his cap something to do with the machine gun corp? I really do not have a clue about all this, as you can probably tell.

Any info would be gratefully received.

Many thanks



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Any chance of a higher resolution scan of the cap badge? Is the chap on the left holding one of those long whip thingy's that make a really loud crack?

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The cap badge is that of the Machine Gun Corps.

This bloke is a very good chance. Rank of Corporal matches your man.


Medal card of Stone, William J

Corps Regiment No Rank

Machine Gun Corps 7164 Corporal

Labour Corps 609943 Corporal

He may well have served with the RHA...but not seen overseas service with them and thus not listed on the Medal Index Card.



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Thanks for that info Tim.

As I have already stated my ignorance can I ask what were the machine gun corp, are they a regiment? Where did they serve etc. I really am useless at this.......now give me someone to research regarding family history and I can have a tree going back 5 generations within 5 mins (well maybe a bit longer! ;))

I apologise profusely for my ignorance. :blink:


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