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Remembered Today:

An other unknown WW1 object


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What is it? How was it used? Any reference?




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It has some optical stuff in it, I think: a lightbulb + mirror + a window on the side.

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Christopher Collins Ltd.

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Christopher Collins Ltd had a factory located at Black Heath in Birmingham during WW1 and I believe they made Lamps of all descriptions and 'Magic Lanterns' , this would appear to be some kind of signalling lamp though given the sighting tube on top. There is an article in the Black Country Bugle dated 7th September,2006 but unfortunately you have to pay to view the article.

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This link from a local paper relates to an article about Christopher Collins Ltd's factory at Hurst Green, Birmingham, but unfortunately the article itself isn't accessible - they want you to buy the edition in which it appears.


A google search also turns up a couple of refs in auctioneers' catalogues to lamps/lanterns made by Christopher Collins Ltd between 1900 and 1914.


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Nice find I am green with envy was it found in the ground?

It is the Lamp Field

Electric Signals


It is upside down in your picture, the screw thread fits onto the heliograph stand.

Is the the removable reading lamp still in the back.

Also is the morse key removable still in the inside on the top?

I will post a drawing of the lamp for you if you want.

It is the early version of the well known,

Daylight Signalling lamp or lucas lamp.



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