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10th King's Royal Rifle Corps

Tom A McCluskey

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has any information concerning the 10th King's Royal Rifle Corps at the Battle of Cambrai.

I believe Joseph Lee, was commissioned into this battalion from the 4th Bn The Black Watch (TF). He was taken prisoner at the battle of Cambrai, and I think he was in the 10th KRRC.

In advance, many thanks for taking the time to look into this topic.


Tom McC

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From The Annals of the King's Royal Rifle Corps, Vol.V by Maj. Gen. Sir Steuart Hare:

"Cambrai Nov. 30, 1917

...In the 59th Brigade sector, the 10th KRRC was on the right of the front line, the 11th KRRC on the left.

The German attack was made in echelon from the left, falling first on the 55th Division, then on the 12th

Division and, half an hour later, on the 20th Division. The following is the account of the fate of our 10th Battalion taken from the 'Chronicle' of 1917:

'The night of November 29 was fairly quiet, but at 7:45 a.m. on November 30, the Germans made a strong

attack on the 12th Division, which was on our right, and succeeded in piercing their line. They broke through

Lateau Wood in great numbers, and thus got right behind our four companies, as we were in position north-east of the wood. At this time all was well with us in front, and Battalion Headquarters were in communication with our outpost company. Ten minutes later this line was cut. The events that followed were dramatic. Twice the Germans made desperate frontal attacks, but were splendidly repulsed by rifle and Lewis-gun fire, and many Germans bit the dust. Then we found ourselves attacked on three sides--in front, rear, and right flank. Fierce fighting followed, and the casualties on both sides were very heavy. Very few of the men, and none of the officers, succeeded in getting away.'

The Battalion Headquarters fell back, fighting all the way, till they joined the reserve battalion of the Brigade.

The survivors totalled 4 officers and 16 other ranks. The casualties among the officers were:

Killed: Captain J. Davidson (RAMC), 2nd Lieutenants J. L. R. Bull, H. L. Hall.

Died of wounds: Lieutenant W. A. Horner.

Wounded: Captain and Adjutant V. C. Holdcroft, 2nd Lieutenants A. E. Henderson, A. Mackenzie (prisoner of


Prisoners of War: Captain F. G. Fison MC, 2nd Lieutenants J. J. Lee, P. B. Diplock, J. T. King, W. E. Pristo,

C. M. Penney, E. G. Prior, N. A. McLean, J. Hunter.

The fate of the 11th Battalion, which was in line on the left of the 10th, was much the same. The two companies in the front line found themselves attacked from three sides about 8:15 a.m. One company

was completely surrounded, and was never seen again. The other company fell back on the two in the main line, but the enemy was on top of them, and the remaining two companies were soon overrun. The Battalion Headquarters fell back fighting on to Brigade Headquarters. The combined Headquarters then fell

back on the reserve battalion of the Brigade, where a stand was made, and the enemy's advance was checked. The "War Diary" of the 59th Brigade relates how the Headquarters of these two battalions fell back

together and, collecting as many men as could be gathered, attempted to make a stand in several places,

but the pressure was too heavy, and the retirement had to be continued until the positions taken up by the

Reserve Battalion, about 3,000 yards to the rear, were reached."

Hope this helps (if you want it, there is some additional --officer casualties for the 11th Battalion and paragraph about the 10th Rifle Brigade, which was the Reserve Battalion for the Brigade)


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