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Wilson, R. A SJT


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I found those medals that my great grandfather had of a possible friend during the war.

I do not know why he would have them other than that he was a friend. Or that the medals came to the possession of my grandfather somehow.

Anyways the details on the side of the medals are:

9766 A.SJT R.Wilson A&SH

I am guessing he was an artilery sgt and was in the Argyll's

Can anyone possible find a little bit more about him for me please?



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I have the VM and the BWM. The VM doesnt have an oak leaf on it.

I would love to know more about him and why I have these medals.

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The medals indicate he was in the A&SH first then was transfered to the Kings Afican rifles, the first of the 3 medal cards suggests he was awarded either a Mentions in Despatches, Meritorious Service Medal or a Territorial Force Efficiency Medal. Im guessing but the number may be territorial. Ive had a quick look in the london gazette but not found a MID. But that doesnt mean he didnt have one. If your really interested you can download his MIC there are 6 on a page soyou should get all 3 of his. This costs £3.50 . As for why your grandad had them you can speculate till the cows come home. He may have obtained them to replace his own, it may have been a pal he may have collected medlas, who knows. gareth

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I got the Despatches card but I cannot make sense of it. What does it mean?

Wilson no 9766 Sgt R

A & S Hs

Kings African Rifles

MJD? Lg 6.8.15 or 18 page 9228

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Just went and found this:

Surname WILSON

Firstname Robert

Service Number 9766

Date Death 14/11/1917


Place of birth Loanhead Midlothian

Other 3rd Bn.


Rank Pte

Theatre of death East Africa.

However he is down here on CWGC as a Sgt


Initials: R

Nationality: United Kingdom

Rank: Serjeant

Regiment/Service: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Unit Text: 3rd Bn.

Date of Death: 14/11/1917

Service No: 9766

Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead

Grave/Memorial Reference: 6. C. 12.


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MJD? Lg 6.8.15 or 18 page 9228

MJD? = MID or Mentioned In Despatches.

LG 6.8.15 = London Gazette of 6th August 1915 (although this is really 1918!).

18 Page 9228 = Page 9228 of the London Gazette for the year 1918.

From the London Gazette #30829, dated 6th August 1918

The names of the undermentioned have been brought to the notice of the Secretary of State for War by Lieutenant-General. Sir J. L. van Deventer, K.C.B., Commanding-in-Chief, British Forces East Africa, for distinguished services during the operations from 30th May to December, 1917, described in his despatch of 21st January, 1918:


Wilson, 9766 Sjt. R., A. & S. Highrs. (killed).

Link to the Gazette is Here

Hope this helps.


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  • 7 months later...

It seems we have found a possible painting of Sjt Wilson back at home. This prompted me to download the two MIC, the seconed one which mentiones he is in the Kings African Rifles does not have much except a reference at the bottom: Em/2/174 and a small note of KIA. Attached is his other MIC was contains alot of detail and it seems he is entitled to the 14 Star. Can anyone offer any advice about what is contained on this MIC with the footnote, the 2 A&SH and the * next to the Victory Medal.




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Thats another thing, I have only his BWM and VM and they are inscribed to A Sjt. R. Wilson. I also cannot find the war diary for the 3rd Btn at NA any reason as to why there would be no War Diary?



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The German East African southern border area

Serjeant R. Wilson, Argyle & Sutherland Highlanders,

attached to 1/3 Bn King's African Rifles

probably killed in action at Mwiti GEA 14 Nov 1917


I am researching the deaths of the Europeans who served in the King's African Rifles during World War 1.

I believe that Sjt Robert Wilson was serving in the 1st Bn of the 3rd Regiment of the King's African Rifles when he was killed in action at Mwiti, German East Africa on 14 November 1917.

Mwiti is slightly east of Massassi on the above map.

A company of German troops with two Machine Guns made a stand on an isolated hill in the centre of a valley.

The two leading companies of 1/3 KAR scaled the face of the hill & charged across an open patch of burnt ground driving the Germans off the crest of the hill.

Supporting fire from other German positions then hit the 1/3 KAR troops but more British support arrived & the German troops withdrew.

1/3 KAR had lost two officers & one British NCO killed, & two British NCO's & 27 Askari wounded.

I suggest that you obtain a copy of "The King's African Rifles" by Moyse-Bartlett (now out in paperback) & look at page 386 & the preceeding ones.

You have the makings of a good background account for the medals.


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Wow, thank you for that. So why would an Argyll and Sutherland Highlander be attached to the Kings African Rifles? It has been suggested by a friend of mine that during the war people from Territorial Btns were often moved to the African side of the war. Not sure if this is the case.

When you mention "1/3 KAR had lost two officers & one British NCO killed," would that NCO be Robert Wilson? Also I was wondering if there was an entry in a war diary somewhere for this particular action and if it mentions names of those KIA?

I also belive that I have tracked down his birth and marriage certificate but I am having difficulty in locating a newspaper article. I have been in contact with both Mid-Lothian and West Lothian study centre and they were unable to find a mention of Robert in the papers at that time.

On another note, as I have mentioned I do have a picture and painting back home of Robert but is there any Btn/Platoon photos of the Kings African Rifles around that time?

Many Thanks,


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A Kenya Rifles re-enactment. The Kenya Rifles descended from 3 King's African Rifles


Sejeant R. Wilson

In 1917 the KAR had to be dramatically expanded as white & Indian fighting troops could not stand the pace in East Africa because of disease, monsoon climate, fierce sun, malnutrition caused by appalling administration at the top & exhaustion caused by lack of infrastructure such as roads.

Many British officers & Senior Ranks were sent out to serve in new KAR Bns - read the last 30 pages of "And All For What?" by DWJ Cuddeford, now out in paperback.

I don't know for sure that Robert Wilson was the British NCO killed at Mwiti on 14 November 1917 - we can only evaluate the existing information & interpret it.

With the present information we have I believe that he was the man.

You will undoubtedly find out more information in the unit War Diary for that period:

WO 95/5321 No. 1 Column: 1/3 Battalion Kings African Rifles 1917 Oct. - Nov.

I do not possess a copy but it should be cheap enough to get a photocopy from National Archives, Kew.

(Please let me know what you find out.)

I think it will be well worth your while to buy a copy of the preceeding War Diary:

WO 95/5322 No. 2 Column: 1/3 Battalion Kings African Rifles 1917 Mar. - Sept.

as that will provide much more background information & might mention Robert Wilson.

I don't have any images of 3 KAR at that time but the Imperial War Museum or National Army Museum probably will have.

Good Luck - it's a long trail & it's not free but the rewards are at the end of it.

Please keep me informed.

In due course I will have an image of the grave.


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Thank you again Harry. It seems that the WD's can only be obtained through the catalogue and not through DocsOnline, so it is going to cost around £8. i am currently waiting on a couple of other orders so I do not know when I will get round to viewing the WD for the KAR. But when I do I will let you know if it mentions Robert. It may not be until later next month as I have lot on just now.

You mentioned "The King's African Rifles" by Moyse-Bartlett, does that have much on the action around this time as well as pictures of soldiers?



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YES - Moyse-Bartlett (Naval & Military Press) is necessary.

I quoted the battle scene from him.

Good Luck


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