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Remembered Today:

Boulogne Eastern Cemetery


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This is an interesting cemetery.

I reported on some of the quirks a while back HERE.

What I omitted to mention at that time was that it has a large contingent of French and Portugese graves as well as an impressive Portugese memorial.

Picture below. It has been touched up as the original was badly affected by the bright light at the time and the direction of the sun.



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It's a very interesting one Martin, near the entrance to the right is a WW2 CWGC stone to an American related to aristocracy.

It's also the one where I discovered Patrick Farley Royal Irish Rifles had had 2 stones for 50 years, another man none. With help of Hedley Malloch and Terry Denham I had that corrected.

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I am bringing this forward again because i wonder if we have any Portugese Pals here.

Not only because of Boulogne Eastern but also because I did find a lonely Portugese grave marker (he was a forestry worker) in the depths of Mid Wales up in them thar hills.

Again, any Portugese Pals here?


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