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Last Man to die

Conor Dodd

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Conor - To start you off:

2nd Lt Edward Henry Hare, KIA (where?) 23/7/19 attached to Yorks Regt.

Lt-Col Henry Roscoe Beddoes, 4th Bn, Drowned 15/01/19 attached to 9th Bn.

13693 Sgt William Newman MM, Died at 'home' 12/12/18.

These are from the SDGW cd, so there might be mistakes or omissions.

Hope it helps. :D

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According to CWGC Hare died out in India sorry to ask you again but do you know who the last officer to either D.O.W. or be K.I.A. in France & Flanders was.

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Lt E Greaves 7th Batt DOW 21.11.18

Lt HCL Perrier 5th Batt. KIA 8.11.18

Sgt CA Bass 2nd Batt. DOW 11.11.18

Sgt J Gregory 2nd Batt. KIA 8.11.18

LSgt E Dimond 2nd Batt. DOW 19.11.18

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Conor... absolutley nothing to do with your question, but thought you may be interested..

The earliest Royal Dublin Fusilier to die in Sittingbourne was:

Reginald E Cusack, Died 15/04/15 2nd Lieut Reginald E Cusack of

the 4th Royal Dublin Fusiliers, was the first officer to die and be buried locally since the

war began. Because of this, his funeral attracted great interest among the local

population. He had succumbed to a bout of acute Pneumonia and died aged 24. There

was a large crowd at the Cemetery that sunny Saturday afternoon on the 17th April

1915, when Reginald was laid to rest.


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Many thanks for the information it was very usefull. Putting together a database of Dublin Fusiliers and I am posting a topic in the Sales Want Swaps section of the forum.

Many Thanks


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Hello Connor,

Just as an aside, my great uncle, John Emerson was in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers and his brother Pat was in the 5th Royal Irish Lancers. Both served during WWI, Pat serving for the entire duration.

I have researched Pat's records from the P.R.O. in Kew and came up with a mountain of stuff and am going to (at some point) research John's records.

Incidently, the last solider to die in World War One was a private in the 5th Royal Irish Lancers.

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Just for your records, I checked Green Howards in the Great War re Lt E H Hare.

Attached to 1st Battalion Yorkshire Regt in India.

Died during the third Afghan war in an action in the Dakka Hills.

"In the 3rd attempt to occupy the hill, Lt Hare RDF attd, Segt Westcott and a subadar of the 2/1st Gurkhas were killed when practically on the summit of the hill and when leading their respective platoons."

This was just before 11-00am on July 23rd 1919.


"Our casualties in addition to Hare came to 4 killed and 9 wounded. We were able to collect and bring in all dead and wounded without molestation."


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