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I wonder if anyone has a copy and has time to do a look-up? I have a very long thread on 'uniforms,arms insignia etc about trying to find an officer in the KRRC who saved my father's life. It now seems possible that he is 2nd Lieutenant Eric William Bristowe Maggs who died in action 20 August 1918. I have a potograph and have been desperately trying to find another so that I can confirm his identity.

It would be so appreciated if someone could look him up in De Ruvigny's - there just might be a photograph.

Many thanks Anne

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best source is to find where he was from and check the local paper

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Coldstreamer is right - quite likely that the local papers would have reported his death, most likely with a pic of him.

Where did he live? Give the local library a call and ask them if they have newspapers from back then on microfilm. Then go there and have a look in the weeks/months following his death.

No guarantees, but a very good chance you'll find that photo.

P.S. I would look myself if I were you, rather than letting one of the librarians look for you. Just from a personal recent experience where I was told something I was looking for didn't exist.....so I went and hey presto, found it.

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Ive had that happen - best to look yourself - I suppose they have limited time and cant spend the time you would in person

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Thanks very much for looking Terry - its all information isn't it! :( Anne


Eric Maggs was born in Kensington in London in 1895, the son of William and Alice Maggs.

Maggs Senior was a native of Yeovil and born in 1855 there. He was a Physician and Dental Surgeon and operated in Bromley in Kent at the time of the 1901 Census. Eric was 23 when he was killed and is buried in Sucrerie Cemetery near Souchez about 12 km's north of Arras (Grave ref. no. VE6). He was an Officer in the 11th Battalion, KRRC. His parents had retired to Northam in Devon by the 1920's.

Trust this helps your quest.

Peter :D

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