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Female on Local War Memorial

Ken Lees

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On a local war memorial, in Aughton, Lancashire, there is one name that, so far, I haven't been able to find out anything about:

Ellen PREECE. She is listed amongst those who fell in the Great War, not on the additional plaque added after WWII.

CWGC draws a blank.

Any suggestions?


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Only she has a Scottish connection as she is on the Scottish National War Memorial, Edinburgh Castle. Jim Stawbridge is the man who might know.


Surname PREECE

Firstname Ellen

Service Number

Date Death


Place of birth



Rank Unknown

Theatre of death Unknown



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Found this on old thread

Thanks Kieron - I wouldnt imagine there were many munition factories in Kent but I believe there was one in Faversham where women munition workers died in an explosion. Any help with names would be great (unless I have crossed stories somewhere). Thanks in advance.

There is an Ellen Preece on the list. Is it the same one?

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Ken came through to me direct and I have given him what I have. The only Ellen Preece that I have in my records is a munition worker who died in an explosion. As Ken has established a name on his local war memorial I have undertaken a 1901 census search and have updated my records as follows :-

A single woman, Ellen’s name is on a contemporary listing of female munition workers who lost their lives through explosion. This is likely to be the daughter of John Price shown in the 1901 census as living with his family at Cocklade Lane, Hale Widnes, Lancashire. He was aged 34 and worked as a horse teamster on a farm. He was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and was married to Annie Preece (aged 30, born Chorley, Lancashire). Children living at home were Florence (aged 7, born Chorley), Ellen Preece (aged 6, born Chorley), Elizabeth Preece (aged 4, born Chorley), Miriam Preece (aged 2, born Speke) and John Preece (born Hale, aged 1 month). Her name is on the Aughton War Memorial, Ormskirk, Lancashire. I am told that her name is also on the Scottish National War Memorial but we have yet to find a connection with Scotland. YMP11

John, Have you a list of Faversham casualties? If Ellen is listed on it I can't understand why a Lancashire lass should be in Kent. It just may be that we have two Ellen Preeces - one in Kent with a Scottish background and another in Lancashire who made it onto the local war memorial but has escaped being found (yet) as a casualty of the war.

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Hope I have not come up with a red herring!

My information comes from thread - Number of Women Killed/died.

Kieron Hoyle on Apr 30 2003 posted list of Faversham munition workers killed. There are other posts relating to it as well.

Very interesting even if is not your Preece!

Good luck.

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