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Like many people, I am currently thinking towards the start of the new academic year in September and planning new approaches for my teaching. I am especially keen to revamp some aspects of my First World War unit. As part of this, I am desperately seeking two documentaries, both of which were aired on the BBC. However, I am having a torrid time in locating either of them! I draw a blank each time (including approaches to the BBC!) and wonder if any fellow WFA members can offer any assistance? The two documentaries that I am seeking are:

1. 'A Game of Ghosts'. Part of the 'Everyman' series shown on the BBC in 1991. It told the tale of four survivors of the Somme. One was Mr Donald Hodge, another Mr Alf Razzel. The names of the other two escape me.

2. 'Days that Shook the World: The Christmas Truce'. First shown, I believe, in December 2004.

Any assistance with locating copies of these two would be hugely appreciated! Thanks in advance...

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