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Field Punishments


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Does anybody have information on field punishments?

I have read that Field Punishment No. 1 may have involved tying a soldier to a fixed post for a certain period for a specific number of days? Also that it may have involved hard labour.

Also curious to know what were the typical offences that would warrant FPNo.1 and what kind of offences warranted FPNo. 2?

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This has been covered many many times, If you go to below your post enter Field Punisment and the press search Topic I think that you will find that your question will be answered.


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thanks for that John - thought I had searched before - however, got some information this time.


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Field Punishment No 1 or 'Crucifixion' where a prisoner was tied to a fixed object for a period of time. This punishment was often carried out Regimentally.

Unshined boots = three days on company orders.

Blowing a raspberry = four days company orders

More serious matters were brought before the Colonel, who could reduce in rank, stop pay or award filed punishment number two. This meant an note in the soldier's pay book, forfiet of pay, slleping under guard and the performance of as many fatiques and as much pack drill that could be crammed in to a day. The soldier would be reduced to a diet of water and biscuit.. He would not be permitted to smoke during any othe 28 days of punishment.

Robert Graves' batman was given 28 days Field punishment No1 for drunkeness.

Field punishment No 1 involved being handcuffed to a wagon wheel and spread-eagled for two hours daily.

Even more serious offences where refered to a court martail.

The Rules of Field Punishment, which were approved in 1907, applied to both the Army and the Royal Marines.

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