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You have found a longstanding glitch in the CWGC website.

CWGC cares for tens of thousands of Foreign National graves by agreement with overseas governments and tens of thousands of Non-World War graves by agreement with other authorities (mostly the MoD and Dominion governments).

All these names are in the database but you should not be able to see them as they are not Commonwealth War Graves - or WW2 Civilian War Dead. These are the only two categories of name which SHOULD be viewable. However, a slight bug allows a tiny number of the non-viewable category to be included.

CWGC categorises all names as follows.

Category 0 = Commonwealth War Dead

Category 1 = WW2 Civilian War Dead

Category 2 = Foreign National in CWGC Care

Category 3 = Non-World War Dead in CWGC Care

Category 4 = No longer used

Category 5 = Non-World War Dead (Incidental & Conducive)

Category 6 = Non-World War Dead (Staff)

Category 5 is a very small group of names and they are the graves which occur in CWGC cemeteries or plots for which they have no legal obligation or contractual agreement to maintain. However, not to maintain them would detract from the appearance or maintenance of the cemetery - so they do. Most of these graves were in situ when CWGC took over the location.

Your name is one of this small group and appears in error. CWGC is aware of this bug but it is of small consequence and, so, is way down the list of things to be corrected.

If you ever need to know any of these Foreign or Non-War grave details, let me know as I have access to all of them.

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Looking at your example, I see that he is buried with a relative who is entitled to War Grave Status.

As they are in the same grave, CWGC has to care for the Non-World War Grave as it is one and the same as the War Grave. Therefore it is classed as a Category 5 - a grave they have no choice but to maintain!

I have seen this quite often in UK cemeteries.

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