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bar to 1914 star


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It is possible to have a bar to the 1914 star if one was in the zone of fire between certain dates.

However many dealers talk about an original Bar and a tailor made one or a later issue.

Can anyone enlighten me and tell me the difference, if any, there is between an original and a copy or later copy.



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if you handle a genuine bar you will easily see and feel the difference compared to copies. They are crisper, the corner holes are small and perfectly aligned compared to most copies which have large holes and are the metal is much more bendy. As for tailors copies these are copies period. Also some come with a slider bar rather than the holes for sewing onto the ribbon. Saying that it would appear that the tailors copies are rather better quality than some of the modern ones. gareth

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Guest KevinEndon

There is a huge difference between real and fake bars. Its as easy to spot as an original VC and a copy, its that easy.

The holes as welshdoc points out can hardly take a needle and thread on the original. On the copies you can almost get a kebab skewer through them. On the fake the metal is cheap and usually tonned over the gas ring the originals hold their colour.

The question is paying £35 for a real one or £6 for a fake. Making your medal perfect or ruining it by sticking a fake (sorry tailor made) on it.

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If you search this site "1914 Star Clasp" or "1914 Star Bar" you will find numerous postings discussing this issue & many examples illustrated.

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